The Top 10 Trending Ideas For Writing A Non-Fiction Book In 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Book Marketing Company

So, you have been deciding to take a dare and publish your debut nonfiction book. You have contemplated hiring a professional book writing agency, or you are all set on doing everything yourself. Both of these alternatives are fantastic!

All you wish is that your book achieve the best-selling title, but, It’s important to select a hot and trendy subject for it, one that will entice a larger audience to purchase, explore and exclaim.

Success, money, relationships, diets, and happiness are the five favorite subjects that always function well in nonfiction literature, according to some reviewers and writing coaches. Indeed, the plea to our subconscious minds encourages us to read and learn from such publications.

Now, you might be wondering if that is anything apart from that to include in your book?

Don’t worry! Let’s start with a simple, tried-and-true procedures that will make the writing process less intimidating while allowing you to create a book that will attract a dedicated readership.

So, here are ten trending ideas for you to think about:


As a specialist in a specific field, you could go deeper into its principles and create an entirely new one to share with your nonfiction book’s readers. A growing number of authors are gravitating toward writing on innovation and technology, and you can join them. You can also enlist the help of a professional book writing agency of your choice to speed up the writing process.

In today’s world of duplication, when it appears that everything has already been conceived and explored, we all adore fresh ideas and want to learn about them. So, writing in this fascinating category can significantly help you enlist your name among the best sellers.


People enjoy learning about famous individuals’ lives. We want to know about their perspectives, successes, and failures along the route to success. So, it’s simple to see why people are so curious.

They want to view the world through those people’s eyes. They also want to obtain some information or insight from them, which will help them in improving our life.

However, please make sure you understand the differences between biography, autobiography, and memoir when picking this topic for your book. While most of us know how to write autobiographies, deciding what to feature in a biography of a specific person or which events or situations from your life to include in memoirs can be difficult. So, if you think you don’t have what it takes to write an inspirational biography, consider hiring a professional book writing agency to handle all the complex tasks for you.


You are more than welcome to craft a nonfiction book about your own business and how to make your venture a success. You can also share your business strategies with the world. But even if you are not a businessman, you can narrate the story of a famous company that how it started from scratch and is among the top 10 companies worldwide!


This is an evergreen topic: while few of us took Economics Basics in high university or school, we wish to learn it today from books. You can produce a nonfiction book on everyday economics outlining how to save your hard-earned money or how to utilize your funds to increase one’s wealth.

However, be sure to write it in a simplified language and offer practical advice that any person can understand.


This category includes anything that has to do with self-help. Write about self-awareness, meditation, psychology, fun, and other topics. We are all looking for ideas, tactics, and strategies on how to be happier and, most importantly, how to achieve it.

Simplifying Complex Issues

Why not create a nonfiction book on complex issues if you are an expert in an area difficult for an average person to realize. It can be anything from Chemistry, Accounting, or Economics, whichever your field of specialization is.

It’s a great way to market your specialization while also helping others learn something new and realizing that economics, physics, and other related fields aren’t as uninteresting as they appeared in school.


What makes travel bloggers and Instagram influencers so popular, in your opinion? People have an innate need for a journey, even if it is buried deep inside them. So, if you have a travel story to narrate. Primarily if it can be written in the form of valuable tips for new travelers, don’t be afraid to write a book about it.

Moreover, you can also hire a professional book writing agency to write an inspirational travel adventure for you as they feature some competent writers familiar with the trends of this genre.

Taking Advantage Of Current Affairs

It may not be as straightforward as that, but you may try to spot a pattern and utilize it as an inspiration for your nonfiction book. For example, you create a storyline based on Game of Thrones by writing about business, happiness, communication, money, etc.

Some reviewers have dubbed this strategy “piggybacking on a star.”

The Pleasures Of Life

Everything about our interests, home comforts, cuisine, beverages, and relationships is discussed here. Because your nonfiction book on any of these themes has a reasonable possibility of becoming viral. Who doesn’t enjoy reading more about their favorite topics?

Defying Convention

You can choose a contentious issue that is troubling you personally or creating a societal debate. Yes, it’s important to stay objective, double-check all the facts, and allow readers to participate in the additional conversation.

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Statistics and the top nonfiction categories on Amazon and Amazon Kindle have included these themes on the list. If you have planned to publish a book on a different topic, don’t rush to be upset or disheartened. Instead of writing about what’s trendy, write about what’s important to you and what you know best. Your work will find its market if it is well-written and solves the unique concerns of its targeted audience.


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