The Three Essential Makeup Brushes That One Must Own!

Makeup Brushes

We all love to apply makeup, but most of us are not familiar with what type or brushes are to be used. If you are confused about which make up brush you should have you are not the only one who is wondering about it. However, one does not realize the value of owning the value of makeup brushes and neither one realizes which makeup brush is essential to be used unless one does not use the brush themselves and get an experience with it, only then one gets to know which brush is an essential brush that need to be there in your vanity box always. These makeup brushes are private makeup brushes that are available with different brand names. However, there are three main types of brushes that are considered to be the most basic an most essential type of brushes that need to be there with every make up lover, these brushes are:

Foundation brushes are considered to be the most common type of brushes that are owned and used by almost all the makeup artists and beauticians. These brushes are often underestimated in various ways but originally these brushes are an amazing option in a lot of ways as they can be used to apply all types of foundations as well as concealers too. They are also considered to be an ideal product that is used for even blending or the foundations over the skin giving a smoother look.

  • Blush Brush

Brushes that are used to apply the blushes are known as the most common type of brushes of only because of the fact that the blushes are the most common type of makeup products that are used but also because of the fact they are highly versatile brushes, they are not only used to apply blushes but they ca also be used to apply highlighters and bronzers as well.

  • Contour Bushes

Although one can use a blush brush to apply the contour as well, but it is always considered better to have a separate brush to apply contour, to avoid the mixing of colors, as one would have to clean the brush every time once used so that the color remains uncontaminated. The use of a contour brush is important as it allows an easy and smooth application of makeup, as it is shaped according to the face cuts.

The main purpose of foundation makeup brushes

Foundation brushes are typically used to apply foundation evenly so that you look flawless. Usually the better your foundation shades, the worse you look if applied unevenly! Foundation brushes are used by makeup artists and celebrities to achieve a dewy glow on their faces. Basically, they kickstart complexion even before doing any other touch up work. Here I have listed some expert tips that will help you get good foundations application in just minutes without wasting much time:

First tip- Best way to apply foundation

Mask it If you’re replacing old foundation brushes, or have been using a foundation that’s past its expiry date; do not use your last remaining brush to apply the product. Instead, wash it with warm water and remove all traces of makeup on it by rubbing vigorously from either side under running water until completely clean before making any other usage.

Second tip

If you’ve just used solid face powder as an alternative for liquid foundations, then you can try now going back to liquids in order for flawless foundation application. Just make sure you don’t go bold and heavy at once since liquid foundations will tend to slip off your brush into the container of powder.

Third tip

Prepare a small container with enough water that fits in one compact-powder area, while collecting any leftover foundation from both containers on another imaginary shelf above the use table. It’s not just good for beauty lovers but also excellent when travelling as it avoids messy cases where they get mixed up with each other.

Fourth tip

To avoid getting foundation all over your face as you apply it:

  1. Use a wide flat section of a sponge dampened with water to assure an even distribution across the natural contour of your skin’s surface (fatty half).
  2. Place that moist cloth on the bottom side whereas coverage is normally taken next after applying any type or combination of cosmetics Still another tip if you’re looking for better foundations application- Do not hurry yourself up to apply your foundation as if you are in a hurry.
  3. Give yourself time and make sure that the color covers exactly what it is supposed than being light or dark, once applied base soaks into skin better giving you coverage that ends up much longer lasting.

Fifth tip

It’s always essential to clean off the old makeup before starting a new one, this is usually more concerning when the foundation is concerned since it will remove any surface incompletions you may have left. Try not to use water prior and dabbing if possible, assuming that all oils are liquid-based who assault much quicker than powder ones which can ultimately lead back up on your face later after towel dried and oily substance in one could get better for your airy feel (giving it away water and oil-based foundation than washing them off quickly comes with an element of risk that cannot be overstated).

Finally, apply a small amount of moisturizer before starting; this helps to uphold the foundation longer on to skin making sure you avoid blotchy spots or bumps. Another tip from one expert: blend all colors in a serrated blender but as slowly as possible while they are still moist , work with your fingers as well and gently pat eyeshadows between your fingertips to avoid breakage, then put a wet wipe finger over any spill (especially the colour of eye shadow application).

Fast-drying powders are perfect for creating seamless blends without having little clumps while they dry like expected. They will also help you speed up blending between colours so that nobody gets missed or mussed. Locate purple vs white: both shades are very good at highlighting and diminishing flaws as they’re basically pure colour however, white is better for concealing imperfections and purple can be used to slim down blemishes or pouty-lips . For example, if you go on a lot of hours outside in the daylight with dresses made from pale colored clothes vs your regular wear this makes roles reversed.


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