The Tarsar Marsar Trek

tarsar marsar


The Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the most soothing and loveliest treks that you would have ever seen, the title itself gives a special gesticulation to our ears, whenever we hear the name. The trek also frames the Kashmir lake trek and it’s said to be the home place of the Tarsar Marsar Trek, which solely displays the extraordinary beauty filled with all the dreamy and pacifying scenarios and highlights the natural glamor of the northern part of the Himalayan ranges. The trek is comprised of three major alpines lakes ie. Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar surprisingly.

It’s one of the largest destinations in India Reportedly but as an excuse, the one part of Kashmir slightly comes under a different part of the other place, during the trek you can experience this and have a great glimpse of the stunning views of Kashmir.

The trail will take you through lush meadows, great altitude pastures, and cozy forests altogether also the trek is situated near the lakeside, which is one of the perk parts of the Tarsar Marsar Trek and the beautiful mysterious lakes of the site will just make you fall in love with them for sure, so let’s have a glance on information about the Great Tarsar Marsar Trek.


Location: Jammu and Kashmir in Anantnag district.

Trek altitude: 12,500ft.

Highest altitude: 13,201ft long.

Trek duration: 7days.

Trek level: Moderate to tough.

Age for trekking: starting from the age of 12 to 55 years old.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit the tarsar marsar trek in August and September.

Trek routes itinerary.

Day1: From Srinagar to Aru(By Driving) with a drive distance of 100kms in 3-4 hours to duration.

Day2: Move towards trek Lidderwat from Aru place with a trek distance of 10kms in 6hours of duration and the altitude gain is from 7,958ft to 9,131ft long.

Day3: Then Trek from Lidderwart to Shekwas with a trek distance of 5.6kms in 5hours of duration and the altitude gain is from 9,131ft to 11,039ft.

Day4: Trek from Shekwas to Tarsar with a trek distance of 5kms in 4hours of duration and the altitude gain is from 11,039ft to 12,449ft.

Day5: Move towards Sundersar from Tarsar with a trek distance of 5kms in 4 to 5 hours of duration and the altitude gain is from 12,449ft to 12,964ft.

Day6: Then trek from Sundersar to Homwas via Marsar with a trek duration of 9kms in 7hours of duration and the altitude loss is from 12,964ft to 11,500ft via 13,021ft long.

Day7: Later trek towards Homwas to Aru and back drive to Srinagar with trek distance of 13kms in 8 to 9 hours of duration and altitude loss is from 11,500ft to 7,958ft.

Important notes.

Travel is the inclusion of many bad kinds of weather too which can make an obstacle while trekking, so it is better to be aware of climatic issues early if you are planning for a trek there.

Identity cards, photocopies, and medical certificates are almost compulsory for access to go for Trek. If in the case you forget to bring the paper documents, you can show the soft copies( PDFs).

As you are going to stay 7days there on the trek, make sure that you have all the accessories and requirements with you for staying.

special note: Twin sharing of tents is not vacant in May, June, July, and August.

But in other months they are vacant also the tents are designed very adequately for trekkers to inhabit during trails.  


(ID cards are mandatory for taking entry allowance from the forest office of the trek).

Bring 2 pairs of t-shirts, 3 pairs of track pants, 2 thick jackets, a balaclava, hand gloves, scarfs, caps goggles, SPF-50+ sunscreen, trekking shoes, and 2 pairs of socks.

Cameras, Mobiles, Chargers,  Extra batteries for emergency occurrences, and plastic bags for wrapping them during winters(snow) and monsoons.

High nutritive healthy lunches, snacks, and water bottles.

Medical kit.

ORS powder, Diamox(6), Avomine(5), Crocin(8), Disprin(5), Omez(6), Norflox(5) antiseptic liquid, cream, and powder, cotton roll, Crepe bandages, Gauze, Volin sprays and knee braces.


Explore more adventures and experience something more realistic and better. Make the cool weekends even more wonderful and escape the ordinary. Visit the Great alpine Tarsar Marsar Trek and view the real beauty of Kashmir. I hope to assist you in what you were looking for and enabled too.



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