The round rug: the art of rounding off the angles

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Having become increasingly popular over the years, the round rug is found in many homes. Its original shape and the atmosphere it brings to a room are probably not unrelated. But how do you use this round rug to round off the corners of your home? We will see some rooms that can accommodate a round rug and the different types of this rug in the original format.


The round carpets would not date from today, because, according to some research, the oldest would come from the 16th century. It would be a Mamluk model from Egypt and a carpet adorned with medallion shapes and geometric patterns. To see round carpets in France, we had to wait until the 19th century. If that seems long, the success of the round carpet has made up for this delay!


The rugs found in a house are generally square or rectangular. Probably because of their ease of being installed in a room. It must be said that round living spaces are less common! However, choosing a round rug to dress a room in your home is no less pleasant.

The round shape has something reassuring and cosy, which does not lack warmth and will make your room more welcoming. In addition, you have a wide choice of round rugs at your disposal that are sure to brighten up your interior.


The round shape of the rug alone brings a lot of character and pep to your interior. But you can accentuate this by playing with contrasts. For example, in terms of shapes, you can put a square or rectangular piece of furniture on a round carpet to soften the angles. Similarly, you can play on the contrasts in terms of colours.

If your coffee table is made of dark, raw wood, opt for a round rug in a lighter shade. And if your table is elementary, your rug can have patterns. Conversely, if the piece of furniture under which your round rug rests is sober, white and refined (Scandinavian style, for example), choose a darker rug which will warm up the atmosphere and create a cosy and cosy atmosphere. It will bring life to your interior!


A long time, round rugs were confined to children’s rooms and in small sizes. If your children’s rooms no longer have the exclusivity of round-shaped carpets, they should not be deprived of them! Whether large or small, the round rugs offered for your children’s rooms are often equipped with bright colours and patterns adapted to the awakening of your toddler.The patterns chosen to adorn these round rugs are adapted to your child’s age, with friendly animals or cartoon characters, warm and reassuring colours, and a soft touch on which your little one can spend hours playing.

Our round kids’ faux sheepskin rugs are high quality, certified safe and free of toxic dyes. In addition, favour round carpets with a non-slip coating, adapted to your child’s safety. Don’t worry about any stains that may arise: felt, spilt drink or snack. Our round rugs for children’s rooms are easy to clean with a damp, clean cloth and machine-washable.

How to use your round rug in a child’s room?

You can place a round rug in your child’s room at the foot of his bed. Depending on its size, it can encompass the bed and offer a reassuring softness to your toddler’s feet as soon as he wakes up. If the rug is oversized, place it in the centre of the room. Your child can play on it in peace without getting cold. If he has a small bookcase, you can place the rug at his feet to balance the square or rectangular shape of this piece of furniture, and it will provide a cosy little reading nook for your child.


As we have seen, a round rug brings warmth and cosiness to a room, and what room needs cosiness more than your living room? For this, a large round rug in the centre of your room will be perfect. It will invite your guests to settle down to chat, while the vision of this round rug bringing a soft harmony to your living room will warm your heart after a day’s work. If your living room has a Scandinavian style, you can opt for a round rug with graphic patterns and light colours. Round rugs with geometric interiors will bring relief to your living room, giving it a very particular style and a lot of elegance. As the living room is a room in which you spend most of your time, choose a graphic rug that is very resistant and easy to maintain.

How to use your round rug in a living room?

The round rug in your living room should be installed under your furniture, such as the sofa, armchair, dining table, and coffee table. Under an armchair or a sofa, the round shape of your rug will bring a very cosy style. Under a round table, your carpet’s shape will harmonise the whole. If your coffee table, or your dining table, is square, prefer a round rug that will encompass more than the surface of your table so that the rendering is harmonious and highlights both your rug and your table.


A carpet in a room, what could be more natural? But a round rug is even better! Its shape will soften your room and give it that cosy and warm atmosphere that befits a bedroom. An extra soft round rug or faux fur round rug is ideal for when your feet will come into contact with it when you wake up. For a bedroom, always choose a cosy rug and very pleasant to the touch. You can walk barefoot without worries with such a carpet. As the bedroom is a room where calm and well-being must reign, it is strongly advised to choose round rugs in soft or pastel colours. Dark colours are to be avoided unless your room has a very present white colour. This will create a nice contrast.

How to use your round rug in your bedroom?

Choose a round rug with the correct dimensions depending on the size of your room. You can install a large rug under your bed, ensuring enough overlap. It will bring an excellent structure to your room. If you have a dressing table, a round rug that protrudes slightly from such a piece of furniture will highlight it. You can use a round rug in the “dressing room” part of your bedroom. Under the cupboard or chest of drawers, let your rug stick out while you get dressed, your feet well protected from the cold thanks to the softness and warmth of the rug.


The office is where you have your connected devices, maybe a bookshelf or two, or even a pull-out couch perfect for entertaining friends. The atmosphere must be intellectual, cosy and friendly. A rug is therefore ideal for bringing all these attractions to your office.

How to use your round rug in an office?

Depending on your office size, you can put your round rug in the centre of the room, in the middle of all your furniture, to bring a little warmth and a cosy atmosphere. You can also choose to place your round rug under a bookcase. If you have an armchair or a removable sofa next to your bookcase, choose a rug large enough to encompass these two pieces of furniture while letting your rug stick out. This will soften the angles and give a cosy side to this reading corner.

You can also slide a round rug under your desk. Will break the “square” side of the furniture and round the corners of your room. If your carpet encompasses the space on which your office chair is located, be careful to choose a material that will not block the wheels of your chair. Round carpets with long hairs are, therefore, to be avoided.


A carpet in a bathroom remains essential. It is helpful to protect your floor from the drops of water you let escape when you get out of the bath or shower, thus preventing you from slipping. Choosing a small round rug is recommended, so your room does not appear smaller or narrower than it is.

How to use your round rug in a bathroom?

Regarding the placement of your round carpet, it must be strategic and adapted to your needs. You can slide it against the sink and next to your tub or shower. Because of the humidity in this room and the water that’s bound to fall on your rug, you need to choose an absorbent material. Round cotton rugs are ideal for this. Hyper-absorbent, they are also very soft and very resistant. Choosing an acrylic mat is also a good option. Another essential aspect of your round bathroom rug: is that it has a non-slip coating. This way, you don’t risk slipping and injuring yourself.


Round rugs are also trendy for your exterior. Whether you have a beautiful terrace or a nice balcony, you can decorate it with a lovely round rug. Because of the weather your outdoor rug will likely be exposed to, not to mention the sun’s heat, it’s a good idea to choose durable and easy-to-clean materials. Polypropylene is the ideal material for this.

How to use your round rug outdoors?

Your round outdoor rug will be perfect under your garden furniture. It can encompass only the table while protruding a little on each side. It will bring a unique character to your garden furniture and look great on your terrace. Same thing if you have a balcony. You can choose a small round rug that will cover the entire surface of your round or square table to maintain harmony. With a round rug, your balcony will be cosy and welcoming.


Different materials are used in making round rugs. From jute rugs to polyester rugs, via polypropylene rugs, let’s take a quick tour of these materials, their advantages, and the best way to maintain them.

Round jute rugs

A very resistant and solid material, jute brings a lot of naturalness and authenticity to your interior, whatever its style. Pleasant to the touch, jute gives your round rug a beautiful simplicity, while being very refined.

A round jute rug is formed by multiple knots meticulously assembled by hand. The rendering is very aesthetic and has the advantage of adapting to each room. Indeed, a round jute rug can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, jute rugs are solid and do not fear ageing, wear or discolouration.

In addition, they are straightforward to maintain. You can vacuum without fear of damaging it, but still, be careful not to go back and forth too much not to destroy the knots that form your jute carpet. The colours of these round jute rugs are often in brown tones, but there are other shades.

Round cotton rugs

Our cotton rugs are mainly intended for children’s rooms. Why? Because cotton is a soft material, which absorbs water, it is easy to clean and machine washable. This is ideal when considering the various stains on a child’s rug. Add to that that our round cotton mats are mostly equipped with a non-slip surface and that cotton is a non-toxic material, which is ideal for your toddlers. The softness and warmth given off by cotton are also excellent assets for a round rug, whether it is intended for a child’s room or not. It is also a good insulator. Coming in all sizes and styles, the round cotton rug is ideal for any room in your home: from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom. A round cotton rug is always a good idea! Regarding maintenance, it is advisable to vacuum your cotton rug gently, without a brush, and at low power while taking care not to go back and forth, which could destroy your round rug.

Polypropylene round rugs

Polypropylene is a leading material for carpets. Our round polypropylene rugs ideally suited to your interior in all seasons. Its fibres are tear-proof and offer you an impressive longevity guarantee. Flexible, waterproof, very resistant, soft and solid, round polypropylene rugs offer a variety of styles, patterns and colours, so you can have them in any room of your interior but also outside. ‘outside. They also bring you warmth in winter.


Your round polypropylene mat can withstand your pet’s claws or be in a corner where there is a lot of traffic: this will not affect its resistance and quality. Moisture and stain resistant, it is elementary to clean your polypropylene round rugs with water. For maintenance, be sure to vacuum the dust present on your carpet gently and always in the direction of the hair.

Polyester round rugs

Polyester is a synthetic material that offers many advantages to round rugs. The fineness of the polyester fibres brings excellent softness to your rug. The round polyester rugs are available in several models and colours, as varied as each other, allowing them to find a place in all the rooms of your interior. Another significant advantage of these round polyester rugs is their durability and high resistance to wear and discolouration. Made of synthetic material, your round polyester rug is very easy to maintain, and you will have no difficulty removing the slightest stain.

Round wool rugs

Material from sheep and wool gives your round rug a natural fibre full of softness, thick and curly. The wool used for our round rugs is of impeccable quality. Delicate and very pleasant to the touch, it also gives your rug a long life.

A round wool rug immediately brings a lot of warmth to a room and a reassuring and cosy appearance. It is also a good insulator for your floor. Wool rugs multi-coloured, fringed, ethnic, modern, or with geometric shapes. They adapt quickly to any interior.

For felted wool rugs, it is advisable to vacuum in the direction of the pile (without brush and back and forth) so as not to destroy fibres and knots. Regarding cleaning, they are machine washable at 30°, for more practicality.

Round acrylic rugs

The round acrylic mats have many colours, patterns, and models. Whether plain or patterned, you can place them anywhere in your home! The round acrylic rug is very soft and brings the cosy touch you want to your interior. Resistant, the acrylic carpet does not deform and can last a very long time if it is well maintained. This maintenance is carried out with soapy water and a sponge if you face an untimely task. If you want to remove dust from your round acrylic mat, you can vacuum it at medium speed in the direction of the hair.



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