The reasons for investing in car storage as a service

car storage
car storage

One of the main reasons you’ll want to invest in car storage is because it provides ideal security. Leaving your car parked in the driveway or on the street can pose some serious security risks. These are risks you can be rid of if you lock your car away. There are no end of car storage facilities in the UK after all. These are services of great convenience. They can also further safeguard just how well you are able to look after your vehicle. For example, if you have a £500,000 Ferrari, it makes no sense to have it parked up on the side of the road in a housing estate. It makes a great deal more sense to have it put into storage.

You can be sure of maximum security

Safety always comes first; whether you need car storage during the week, intermittently (e.g. over vacations), or for many years at a time, you’ll want to know that your car is housed in a highly secured location. Vehicle storage facilities specialising in long-term car care invest in premium security systems and around-the-clock monitoring. This asset will be particularly important if you own a high-end, collectible or show vehicle (although all vehicles stored at car storage facilities will benefit from these security standards). The best auto storage facilities will ensure that only trusted, vetted employees have access to the cars. Many facilities offer separate, locked garages for each vehicle.

Other services such as car detailing

One of the principal benefits of leaving your car with storage experts is having access to the storage facility services they provide to keep your vehicle in top shape. This includes protection and wrap services (including custom wraps, ceramic coatings, and window tinting). Also professional detailing services for the interior and exterior (some storage companies will specialise in high-end cars). Also too for routine hand washing (this includes a wax service). If you were to simply leave your car in a garage for a long period of time, you would risk slow degradation. This is all due to storage conditions, dust, and rust. By leaving your car in a facility that provides washing, detailing, and protection services, you are prolonging the life and vitality of the vehicle.

The added peace of mind you can be sure of too

When you invest in a vehicle – especially if it is a high-end model and need to store it for any length of time, you’ll want to know that you’re leaving your car in trustworthy hands. Facilities specifically designed for cars will have all of the necessary means to do this. This is so that are stored for longer periods of time employ professionals who are trained in long-term car maintenance.

All of this ensures that your car will receive the right kind of specialised care. These employees are also often car experts.  This means they are aware of subtle but important differences between models. All of this can make all the difference in long-term care. This ultimately means that you can relax, knowing that your car is in good hands. One less thing to worry about.

This is the perfect service if you may happen to live or work abroad

Our clients are dotted all over the globe. Typically driven by work, we have clients in all the major continents and many of the worlds busiest capitals. They each share a common peace of mind that their cars are being kept alive and well – in the best possible condition – while they get on with their lives. Needless to say, when they want to come back, their car can be delivered or transported to an airport link of their choice or their home or wherever they need it delivered. These services may be offered and carried out at an extra charge though so it is wise to bear this in mind. Make sure to some degree that you cost this in and take this fully into consideration too.

Also useful too if you may be moving house

Becoming more and more popular is storing your car while you and your family go through the upheaval that is moving house. Those who have been through this recently will understand how utterly and unnecessarily stressful this can be. Therefore you’ll be pleased to learn how invaluable it can also be to put your cherished classic or sports car out of harms way while you transition from old house to new home. You’re welcome.

These services are also idea if your car may be for sale

Getting top dollar for your car can take patience. Putting unnecessary mileage on the car will hardly ever increase the value. Nor will the obligatory wear and tear of leaving the car to the elements, the neighbours cat, or kids bikes or paint tins or whatever else you may have in your garage or on your drive. Adding risk into the equation on the car you’re hoping to sell will only seek to destroy the frayed edges of your nerves. However, giving your car a thorough service, a professional valet – inside and out – and then covering her in a soft car cover whilst her battery is being gently managed might just get you what you want when it comes to showing off the investment to potential new guardians.

A good facility will be likely to offer no end of TLC to your car

When leaving your beloved car in the hands of a storage facility, you want to make sure it is being well maintained. A trusted facility will advertise and make sure to give your vehicle a physical general health check. It is ideal to do this one time per month. A good facility will keep track of doing so for their (and your) records. They should share any concerning factors with you and offer to put them right (or arrange with a local garage to take a look).

From time to time, the facility may start your car and give it a run. This is to ensure all components are working – after all, all cars were made to be driven! A facility should ‘induct’ your car upon drop off / collection for storage, they should look over the car and fill in paperwork which goes over the general T&C’s of its storage as well as what they do / do not do for your vehicle. This should inform you how often your vehicle is checked. If you are happy for them to start the car, this can help. Also, if you are happy for them to carry out any essential works if a problem is found.


Generally, you are able to drop your car off at a facility. This is usually at a pre-arranged appointment. It is so that the service provider is able to prep the area and arrange for the necessary tests. All of this tends to happen on the vehicle to take place upon arrival. Alternatively, many prestige facilities will also be able to collect your car.

Once your car is on-site, it will go through a number of checks. This protects the facility from being accused of causing damages. It also makes you, the customer, of anything that has gone unnoticed. Once the induction has taken place, there will be some signing of paperwork and you’ll be good to go. From here on in you will then be able to get on with everything else going on in your life. This too is how and why these services are of such a great value – and luxury too.


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