The Prestashop One Page Checkout: Everything You Need to Know


Over 60% of cart abandonment, according to data, is caused by challenging and rigid multi-page checkouts. Most users abandon their baskets when pages take longer to load throughout the checkout process. You will lose potential consumers for future sales in addition to lost money. An add-on for Knowband is Prestashop One Page Checkout. Furthermore, that replaces the cumbersome, time-consuming, and rigid multi-step checkout process in your store with a quick and responsive single-page checkout. The Prestashop One Page Checkout Module speeds up the entire checkout procedure. Making it even easier and quicker for customers to enter all necessary information without being interrupted or waiting. In reality, decreasing their manual efforts, helps online shoppers save time and effort. As a result, fewer carts are abandoned as a percentage. Additionally, it improves conversion rates for your internet business.

The Prestashop One Page Supercheckout makes shopping easier for customers. How? by putting all of the checkout processes on a single page. The customer only needs to complete one page after placing the items in their basket, which contains all the necessary information. Their shopping experience on your e-commerce site is enhanced while they also save time. You have total control over the UI and layout thanks to the customizable Prestashop plugin. Installing and configuring the module is easy. The checkout procedure is made even simpler by the availability of social login options.

We’ll talk about a variety of Knowband’s module’s features in this blog. Let’s check them out right now.

One Page Checkout Knowband

Why opt for the One Step Checkout Prestashop Addon?

The checkout process is swift.

When customers visit your store, they are prepared to make a purchase and check out as soon as possible. Because of this, people search for the shortest line and complain when they have to wait. There aren’t many differences in terms of eCommerce. People desire a smooth and quick checkout procedure. If not, they will undoubtedly look elsewhere. The proprietors of websites do not want this to occur. Their worst nightmare is to get a consumer to the checkout just to have them leave and shop somewhere else. Checkout in one step Thank goodness, there is a quick checkout option in Prestashop Module.

The time it takes to view personal data and the time it takes to view it can both be decreased by using the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module. Customers are more likely to finish the transaction when they know that their eCommerce experience can be completed on one page, swiftly, and effectively. Studies on the effectiveness of one-page checkouts on websites are available. As a result, the findings indicate that sales can rise by 50%. That is substantial and can have a big impact on an eCommerce site’s main problem.

Check-out for guests

One of the most alluring aspects of Prestashop’s responsive one-page checkout may be the possibility for guest checkout. Customers must typically access the website as “guests” and make their purchases under the guise of anonymity. Customers find it much simpler to make purchases fast and conveniently without having to log in or create an account when this option is available. They do not need to go through the procedures to log in using Google, Facebook, or any other means; they only need to submit their email address and obtain a password by email.

Having to keep track of their purchases at every website they visit is inconvenient for many customers. Since it aggravates many people to the point where they would prefer to refuse the product than join, let’s be honest. Websites suffer considerable revenue losses as a result. By focusing on what aggravates users, websites may quickly and easily make money using Prestashop One Page Checkout.

The Social Login

Inconvenient and time-consuming at times, the registration and login process. Most people sign up right away on a brand-new eCommerce website. Some people disagree, though. Many internet users leave a website when they have to register to place an order. Social login is useful in this situation. Access to social networking sites like Facebook and Google is necessary for logging in or signing up. The bulk of customers leaves the shop on the checkout page in particular. Having the Prestashop plugin will be beneficial to your online store.

Instead of creating a new account, users can instantly connect to their social profiles on the website by using the Social Login option. Customers can also simply finish their purchases without providing any additional information. By employing social login on the checkout page, customers can save time and effort thanks to the module.

Features of Knowband’s Prestashop One Page Checkout

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

The module offers the option for guest checkout.

The Guest checkout option can be provided to customers. Moreover, many hesitate to register or decline to do so on your website. They are hence more prone to make a hurried purchases.

Signing up is simple when using social login

Customers can sign up for your company using their social network profiles. For instance, PayPal, Google, or Facebook accounts. In actuality, sparing customers from having to fill out protracted forms saves them time. It also makes the checkout process simpler.

Clients have simple access to change the number of goods in their cart on the checkout screen.

The customer finds it annoying to have to return to the product page and modify the quantity. Addon enables users to quickly edit their information on the checkout page directly as a result. The consumer is happy with this as well.

Time is saved by Google’s auto-address fill feature.

When you choose this option, the checkout page’s address boxes are automatically filled in. Additionally, as soon as the user starts typing the address components, the address suggestions appear. Additionally, the address boxes that are relevant to the address the user selects are automatically filled in.

A range of payment options and delivery options are available.

Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon supports all popular payment methods. The plugin also supports a variety of delivery methods. The most recent module version works flawlessly with the Mollie payment system.

There are numerous layouts to choose from to create a unique appearance.

The Single Page Checkout is available in three different formats: one column, two columns, and three columns.

Email connectors with MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo are all supported

If you have configured the API key from the backend for the multiple platforms, account information is taken every time. Additionally, it will instantly sync with your SendinBlue, Klaviyo, or MailChimp accounts.

Eliminate any unnecessary fields from the checkout page.

You may decide which checkout fields to show on the checkout page when using Prestashop One Page Supercheckout. Additionally, you may decide which fields from all of the checkout fields to show and which to hide. Additionally, you may decide whether to make a field required or optional.

Additional capabilities have been added to Prestashop One Page Checkout.


a) Review the statistics for checkout

With the Prestashop One Page Checkout Addon, you can see how many abandoned checkouts your company has experienced. The money generated by those abandoned checkouts as well as the checkout conversion rate is further considered.

b) Observe how users behave on the Checkout page.

Look at which checkout fields are causing users’ engagement to drop off, leading to checkout abandonment. It shows the percentages for every field used during the checkout process. The majority of visitors are having difficulty making those decisions, as evidenced by other fields.

c) Utilizing the free delivery option will allow you to raise the worth of your basket overall.

You can select a minimum order amount while using Prestashop’s One Page Checkout feature. Before the free delivery option is offered, furthermore. A banner detailing how much more must be spent to receive free shipping will show up if a consumer makes the required payment or more.

d) Goods prices should include any applicable taxes.

The merchant has a variety of options for how to display the total cost of the items when using the PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout. Along with the price inclusive of tax, the price exclusive of tax, and the price inclusive and exclusive of tax, the standard PrestaShop pricing may be seen.

e) On invoices, custom fields are visible

Thanks to a recent update of Knowband’s One Step Checkout Prestashop Module, the store owner can now enable the option to show the entered custom field on the invoice of the placed order.

f) On the Checkout Page, select the total price display option.

With Prestashop’s One Page Checkout, the marketer is now able to disclose the whole pricing of the goods. In actuality, he has four options for using the Prestashop responsive one-step checkout extension. He can also choose to exhibit a range of things. Examples include the standard PrestaShop pricing, price included of tax, cost but excluding tax, or cost included and excluding tax.

g) Profile personalization

Customers should be able to complete custom profile type fields on the checkout page. They can sign up using the Company option, for instance, if they have a business profile. Customers can create their profiles. Additionally, the necessary data will automatically fill up the forms when customers select their profile on the checkout page.

One Page Checkout

After all,

So perhaps I was able to clarify the Prestashop One Page checkout by Knowband for you. How do you feel? Do you have any more queries? Please contact us at

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