The Not-So-Secret of the BEE certification process

BEE Certification

If you are an electronics manufacturer, then you are definitely looking for BEE certification in India. It’s a process by which your product can start apart from the rest via an energy-efficiency-indicating star rating. The BEE certificate registration that one like you is required to go through a simple one. However, there are some misconceptions and terminologies behind it that hides a lot of information from you. 

Through this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the process of BEE registration and clearly explain to you what does it take to get that five star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. 

Getting the right tests before applying for get BEE star rating

Most manufacturers are in too rush to get the star rating. They aren’t concerned with the preparation and just want to get a star rating for their equipment, even if that rating is a single star. Such an approach to star rating is a slap on the face of the standard BEE registration process. Thus, before moving even a single step further, you need to the right tests ready. 

But how to do that?

The simple answer is to approach an NABL accredited lab. However, their expensive nature and scarcity makes it impossible to get desired results. Which is why, test the products through in house facilities. 

The more tests you run on your product, the more it’s efficiency will be revealed to you. As such, you’ll know more about shortcomings of your product. Through an iterative method of increasing efficiency, you’d design your product that leads to the right test report. 

After you’ve amassed enough efficiency in your electronic or electrical product that you’re confident about the BEE registration process, you can  contact the NABL accredited lab. Once the lab confirms that your readings are indeed correct, you can move your head high and file the application of BEE registration. 

What is BEE certification

Let’s take a detour and give you an obligatory definition of BEE certification

BEE certification is basically your product receiving a star rating that indicates the electrical efficiency of your product. The higher your star rating, the more efficient your product is.

How to get BEE Certification?

This is the section where the not-so-secret part of the BEE certification process comes in. As you might as well know, there are two levels of the BEE registration process. 

  1. The brand registration level: It’s where the product’s brand is registered. At this stage, a random product of the brand is tested to see if any of the brand’s product is eligible for star rating. It’s a onetime process i.e. one brand has to go through only one BEE brand registration levels. 
  2. The BEE model registration level: it’s where the model of the product finally gets the star rating. Once your brand has been registered to be star rated, you only have to go through this model level registration each time. 

The process of BEE registration at both levels follow the same path and they are as follows:

  1. Get the Radio frequency test rating from an independent lab. 
  2. File the online BEE registration form. 
  3. Upon filing the form and the documents, download the form and after attaching it to the hardcopies of the documents and a sample of the product, send it to the BEE for registration. 
  4. The Bureau will conduct an in house testing to discern whether to grant you the registration or not. 
  5. If the answer is yes, you’ll get the brand registered under BEE. It would act as a testament that your brand works within the parameters of energy efficiency. 

Documents for each level of BEE registration

For the brand level registration, following are the documents that are required:

  1. Trademark certificate of the brand
  2. Details of the manufacturing facility 
  3. SSI certificate
  4. BIS certificate 
  5. Product sample

For model level registration, the documents are as follows:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Declaration Letter
  3. Test report of the product
  4. Sample of the model
  5. Agreement you’ve signed with your service provider. 


These not-so-secrets of BEE registration process have been hiding from your eyes for a very long time. Now you know the process that you need to go through. And now, it’s up to you to get the license on time. If You want more information about other License Read This 


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