The New Generation Marketing Module- YouTube Marketing


Going by numbers, YouTube has far exceeded any form of media in the number of views that it receives every day. Its popularity is on the upward rise and skyrocketing. Stats say that the channel raked in an estimated 4 billion dollars in 2014, which is a whopping figure to go by. It has to its credit 6 billion hours of video watched every month. It has surpassed any channel after Facebook in the history of media.

We are increasingly becoming hooked to digital and social media. Life cannot be imagined without these social media platforms. One day your mobile goes out and, you think that your world has come to a standstill because everything from communications to monetary transactions nowadays happens because of digitization.

It means that social media platforms are the best way of marketing your products today. It has made life so much simpler than you could have imagined. You can achieve everything with just a simple click of the mouse or a tap on the phone.

There are so many media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, but the icing on the cake goes to YouTube. You can see the stats that have already been mentioned above. YouTube definitely is the most popular of the lot. So it is one of the best decisions that you take for your company when you decide to do YouTube Marketing.

You must well be wondering that YouTube is all about funny videos, cooking and recipes and other such videos. But you are wrong for once. Because YouTube has evolved over the years and has become a huge platform for promoting your business, brand, product or service.

Why Should You Choose YouTube To Promote Your Business

For a number of reasons, you could opt to promote your business on YouTube. Read the reasons:

• It is the second most popular social media platform, with 79% of internet users connected to it with an account
• Has almost 2.3 billion active users and hence a good media to place your advert in the form of a video
• It is also the second most favoured search engine after Google
• It generates colossal billions of views with one billion hours of YouTube videos because of its massive user base
• It is available in 80 languages and localized in more than 100 countries
• 62% of business houses prefer the platform of sharing their business videos
• 90% of users have discovered new products on the platform
• Every minute 500 hours of videos are uploaded globally

Is this not reason enough why you should choose the platform to promote your business?

How To Increase Your Views

When you have finally decided to choose the platform as a means of promoting your business it would do well if you learnt how to increase your views. Content creators have benefitted from this platform. They have been able to showcase their talent.

But you might be of the idea that YouTube is all fun, but no, it takes a lot of effort to materialize it into something meaningful. Some ways of increasing your views are as listed:

• Keywords are the key to enhancing your video’s search ranking so use keyword-rich titles
• Ensure a high-quality thumbnail image with very clear and comprehendible fonts and close-ups will help to increase its views
• Generate playlists to burgeon views, but ensure distinctive playlists that are continuous and in sync with the previous and later videos
• Motivate viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and at the end of every video and ask them to switch on their notification bell for updated videos
• Avail of the benefits of cards and end screens to promote other videos that you upload
• Share the links of your videos on your social media profiles to make them more popular and known to boost your company
• Empower your videos with the embedding option so that they can share and paste the link to another platform and more audiences
• Time is the essence as the right time when viewers are online will ensure that your videos are likely viewed by all

Make use of influencer marketing as it increases your video’s views with the influencer’s already built audiences and huge social media follower base that will re-share your videos.

View Counts

It would feel good to see the number of views to your video gradually increasing, but you have to be careful that you do not accumulate false views. Initially, when YouTube started, the view count increased whenever it was reloaded but, that did not mean the number of users increased. People could go on and on reloading the video over and over again. This was done to increase viewer count to come on to YouTube’s front page.

To prevent this from happening, YouTube made certain changes in its system to avoid all this. With less than 300 views, the old system of reloading applied but, the moment it became 301 views the count would be frozen to check on the credibility of the video’s viewing. But this will not make any difference to the numbers of your video. The count is still going on and, your money minting machine is still on.

After the verification process is completed by YouTube officials the change in the number of views will again reflect. Then, a new system of counting begins, with false views being eliminated, and the actual figures being reflected over there. So be aware and never give thought to YouTube view buying through a third party.

Consequences Of Utilizing False Video Viewing

It always pays to be honest because once YouTube officials discover that you have opted for fake and fraudulent methods of view buying, they have the right and authority to remove your video from their platform and this ultimately reflects in negative publicity for your company.

Business Through YouTube
YouTube Marketing Services can enhance your business and go a full circle. Once you have well viewed and properly made videos, you could move up the ranking ladder and occupy the front page. This, in turn, will boost your business and generate the revenue that you spent so much money for.


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