The lifeStyle of army officer after Joining defense forces

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Indian Armed Forces are known to be the second-largest army across the globe with over 1.4 billion active troops and around 1 million reserve troops. Those who are seeking a career in armed will get various types of perquisites, a wonderful workplace and also motivates its men to participate in the field of interest like music, drama and sports. People always offer deferential respect to the army as they show gallant efforts on the battlefield. Most of the aspirants join NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

We often cerebrate the things like what the army does during their break in fighting. We make an opinion that the army must be enjoying a life full of luxuries, they drink a lot and squander their time by playing cards. This is not true, as the army is deployed all along the Himalayan borders with China and LoC in Jammu and Kashmir.

Many borders are uninhabitable having a displeasing climate, even drinking water is not easily available there. This article will shed light on the details of the manner of living as an army officer.

Here we have jotted down some points which will give you hints regarding their lifestyle:

  •  Living in Cantonment

Cantonment is a military garrison in the Indian subcontinent. Here army officials get a separate township under a cantonment board or municipality board. It is composed of some elected civilian members nominated by the station HQ. The cantonment is supposed to run all the civil services like the municipality board. A cantonment enforces rules and regulations very strictly. If you visit any cantonment area across India you will find it the cleanest, having good roads as compared to other civil localities. Civilians are not restricted from entering the cantonment area but they cannot area a unit line without permission from authorities.

A cantonment has several units depending upon the availability of quarters. These units are categorized under brigade or sub-area(static HQ). The station HQ is assigned with the responsibility of allotment of quarters and general administration.

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  • Standard working days

Army officials have a normal working day during peace times but their day starts before sunrise and by sunset they get free. They have to wear a proper uniform before leaving for work.

Army officials are supposed to assemble in rank and file with their sports kit by the time the Reveille bugle rings its sound. They have to report themselves to the PT(physical trainer). A platoon commander has the duty of inspecting that everyone is properly shaved and well turned out.  The PT makes them do tough exercise and running. After PT everyone leaves for having breakfast and are supposed to foregather after 1-hour break.

Training regarding the use of weapons, driving training and education classes are carried out till 12 in the noon. After this everyone is marched off to clean their weapons and submit them back, later then officials get a break for eating lunch. Afterward, they can go to the office for administrative work as required.

By the sunset, officers get free from their daily tasks and can wear civil clothes. After the roll call, the officials can go to the recreation room for watching television and reading the newspaper. Later then a bugle is ringed after dinner time which orders everyone to turn off their lights and go to sleep(generally about 10 pm).

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  • Role of Unit institutes

There are various unit institutes as stated below:

  • Officer’s Mess

Officer’s Mess is like a club that is open to restricted members only. Unmarried officers are offered dinner here and they are accustomed to come by wearing a proper uniform twice a week. Every night dinner starts at fix time and they are and every officer is supposed to present there. Thus, army officers have to follow the protocols even while having meals during the day.

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  • Recreation room

For providing a recreational facility a special room or barrack is allotted. Here, officers are provided with newspapers and magazines of various languages for reading and indoor games like table tennis, carrom and chess. Along with this, they are given a television for watching various shows. Here they also display information regarding the army, current affairs and general awareness.

  • Unit canteen

Army officials are provided with the facility of the canteen. There are mainly two canteens, one is called wet canteen which is handled by civilians which supply tea, sweets and other snacks at approved rates. The other one is called the CSD canteen which provides general goods at lower costs as compared to the market.


Talking about the life of army officers we can easily deduce that their life is full of pride, honor, opportunities, perks and service to the nation. There is no doubt in the fact that an army officer’s life is full of challenges and difficult tasks without this service citizens of the nation will not ease themselves with a night of peaceful sleep.

Life seems to be prodigious along with the responsibility of maintaining peace and security in the nation. Those who have set their sight on becoming an officer in the Defence forces can start preparing for CDS or NDA exams with the help of the most prestigious institute for CDS Coaching In Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh.


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