Coronavirus and its impacts

The new novel virus first appeared in China’s city of Wuhan that has shaken everyone around the globe. The virus started its horror from Wuhan then contaminated some neighborhoods of china like South Korea and Japan, now finally has reached the European lands. The disaster caused by a virus can be visibly seen in Italy, Spain, and France although these do not include the top countries hit by the virus severely. You will be shocked knowing that the United States is the country on top that is badly smashed by the virus and surprisingly it’s the same country that was accused as a secret container of the virus by China. Seriously no one really can blame anyone for the virus spread. Honestly speaking! We can’t play politics here in this grave situation where we all have to collaborate to contain this deadly virus.

Let’s now talk about media and its role in these trembling situations of crisis. Is media a vital factor in our fight against the virus which is called SARS-2 VIRUS or COVID-19 due to its emergence from the SARS virus family in December 2019? Yes! It can be. There are certain categories in which media can act as the most effective cohort to win the fight against this confrontation of the virus.

Facts and Updates

Every day we watch news channels to know the exact number of new corona cases reported as well as death caused by disease. We are actually frightened to so much extent that we are just keeping an eye on every country, every area, every town where the virus is making its place and which are safe places. online blog writing is somewhat participating in updating people about Covid-19 effects via different platforms. These types of things are really everyone wants to know just to seek calm or sometimes to be more attentive towards taking necessary precautions.

Journalists and news agencies have real jobs in this regard to provide all up-to-date stuff to the public although it’s the toughest job on the planet right now because of continuously increasing cases every minute of testing. Media broadcasters ought to present the facts without spices to make the public more aware of real danger. I would say that any negligence, in this case, can cause real disaster and the media might be given all accusations of that false reporting.

Half-truths, Fake news, and disgrace

Unfortunately! A few months ago, there were Twitter trends of the Wuhan virus or biological warfare with all racist comments, misinformation, and a series of blames going around on social media as well as on all media platforms. Some news was also about 5 G technology is associated with the spread of the virus. We all know these are just rumors to cause panic among the masses.

The fundamental incentives of media suggest acting in the most appropriate way during the crisis by using apposite language, behaving humanly by showing compassion towards those affected and threatened by the virus. The acknowledged media agents always go up against fake news and show their feeling of resentment against misinformation. All media platforms should take expert, sensible persons in the count and act against all the misleading factors which are a real threat to society.

Honestly speaking this is a virus without any boundaries. Therefore media can extend unity and sympathy among people from all races and can discourage faulty news.

Awareness that is the obvious task of media

Media channels are the greatest companions in this war which can be trusted and can save the life of everyone by just simply running proper campaigns for making masses aware of all necessary measures. People who do not know how to restrain themselves from viruses and how to keep them sanitize how to self isolate in lockdown situations can seek suitable guidelines from media sources.

These are questions that can be beautifully addressed by media persons. Basic safety precautions like washing hands with sanitizer of 95 % alcohol or soap for at least 20 minutes, wearing gloves in the crowd, self-isolation and most prominently staying home during lockdowns can be advertised by every media channels although Govt. channels are bound to televise preventive techniques and tactics of keeping yourself safe from virus.

T.V channels really can help the masses practically by showing the emergency numbers like health care numbers, the center of corona testing, and areas of virus spread as well as safe areas.

Our Social Media Platforms like TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and SNAPCHAT Are Better Platforms for Our Battle? Yes!

You know these days’ people are mostly influenced by their ideals or celebrities like actors, athletes, singers, and live performers. Believe me, these personalities can convince their fans more amazingly than other factors.

For example, if you are Ronaldo’s fan then you must be following his daily routine during the quarantine days. You know what his routine is. Yes! You are right he can be seen in his live video where he is giving his kids sanitizer to wash hands properly and staying home during the quarantine. He has more than 200 million fans on Instagram. They must be wondering by the brilliant example put down by their greatest footballer.

This is one case of just making your followers aware and convinced about ongoing things. There are also some bad sides from which every celebrity should refrain himself like a spasm or fake posting. Although most social media forums have launched a complaint against fake posts like on Facebook when you put off beam post about virus suddenly your post is crashed due to misleading information. So basically being an influencer all these stars ought to be careful and responsible during posting any kind of post because they have millions of fans who trust them as well as follow them in real life.


Hope we can stand firm against this pandemic and the media can perform its duties without any fear and greed. The media needs to be more sensible in this regard. We will plunk compact in this combat as we do not call it a virus of a particular country and showing this attitude we are surely going to overshadow the virus in the future.


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