The health benefits of swimming

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Swimming is a sport that allows young people to develop, both physically and mentally with a lifeguard license. It allows you to stay in good shape and increase your immune system. Currently, the majority of young people greatly prefer swimming over other sports. Indeed, water sports are very diverse, whether you are a good swimmer or not. You can practice aquagym, yoga, but also aquabike. Thanks to swimming, you will stay in shape while having fun.

The different forms of swimming

There are 4 swimming shapes that you can perform during your swimming session. The breaststroke is the simplest and most common. It consists of using your biceps, pecs and calves. The second stroke is the crawl which allows the swimmer to swim faster. It helps to tone all the muscles. Then there is the backstroke which essentially strengthens the back muscles. However, the practice of this type of swimming presents a great difficulty which consists in staying in the same trajectory.’

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The benefits of swimming on physical health

Swimming improves our cardiovascular and respiratory capacities. Indeed, being underwater requires a lot of intervention from our respiratory system. In addition, thanks to the different movements performed, your blood circulation will be improved. Swimming also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by working the heart muscle and the lungs.

The psychological benefits of swimming

Aquatic activity allows everyone to de-stress from work and rest their muscles. Swimming allows you to release your stress and the various muscular tensions. The endorphin that the body secretes, after the practice of this sport, provides well-being and a feeling of comfort with lifeguard license. Studies have even proven that swimming reduces excessive anger and the risk of depression.


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