The growing need for businesses to use couriers

sameday couriers
sameday couriers

Couriers have seen a significant increase in deliveries as a result of people switching to online shopping because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown and the fact more people have been online has made no end of a difference. As people have bought more goods online, they have in turn needed more and more the services of a courier to deliver their goods. Some of those offices and home-based businesses need to sell the goods online. They also rely on the courier and some other logistics services for getting these goods to their customers. To some degree, this is seen as a vital service.

Any business can be of great benefit

When done right, a small to medium-sized business can leverage the associated benefits of using a sameday courier service to take advantage of ease of operations and significant cost savings. This option can save businesses from investing in the set-up, running and managing of an in-house fleet, using an ad-hoc courier service to provide greater flexibility and support. With competitive rates, operational flexibility and even the option to have a same-day courier service deliver goods on the very same day, a courier service can provide great value and has become a lifeline for many small businesses. More and more businesses are now using couriers for this reason.

It can be a great way to cut costs

Contrary to popular belief, taking operations in-house to avoid the expense of outsourcing can sometimes be more costly for an SME, with the costs of setting up and maintaining a fleet of vehicles and drivers to provide a delivery service, proving risky business. As well as minimising costs where possible, a courier service can keep up with increased demand. This is key at short notice. This can be done without the need or rush for recruiting a delivery team as well as additional overheads, providing great value for money. They can also provide an experienced operational team, on hand 24/7. They will get to know your business and can support your individual requirements.

It can be a sure way to help improve overall levels of customer service

Customer experience and brand reliability are the two most important factors when customers continue to use a business for their product or service. With faster operations, consumer demand can be met sooner, and therefore keeping customers happy and satisfied. As SME businesses grow, it’s also important that providers around them are also able to increase resource to the business as it evolves, in order to continue providing a great level of customer service.

The convenience of having a courier service to safely take care of collections and deliveries means that staff can focus their efforts and attention on core activities and provide a more valuable service to customers. Using a courier service also means you can reap the benefits of innovative technology, without footing the set-up costs for your own business. For example, with the use of secure online tracking, customers can be provided with an accurate time of when their goods are expected to arrive, with better insights into when you or your suppliers will receive the goods. You’ll be aware of exactly when to expect the goods and therefore will be able to assure your customers that a product will be provided or service carried out.

How GPS is now a key part of the service and service delivery

Some of the new ideas and innovations for logistic and courier industries are location-based solutions. These are technologies that use real-time location tracking to perform certain functions or services. Location-based solutions are often used with smartphones, but they can also be applied using any device, such as laptops and PCs. A perfect example of location-based solutions in the courier industry would be GPS. Using satellite receivers, GPS trackers help couriers navigate through routes. They identify good driving behaviour and record all the trips of a certain person or vehicle.

Aside from the GPS, the courier industry uses QR codes to scan and log real-time delivery information quickly and correctly. Ultimately, logistic and courier companies use location-based solutions to track and manage individuals in multiple locations. This makes deliveries faster, easier, and more streamlined. Since its introduction in mobile phones, GPS has become indispensable to the whole mobile economy. No end of items can now be tracked via and using a GPS device. You can see these devices being used literally all over the place. In fact, there is a requirement for GPS devices in every possible industry you can think of. Couriers are just one of the many services in this sense.

Even drones are now being used in the courier industry as a means to deliver goods

Technology in the courier industry has stepped it up and is moving the industry forward. One of the most promising technological advancements for the industry is the use of drones for express delivery. Drones offer the potential to provide fast and easy deliveries to congested urban areas that need to reduce road transportation and to rural areas that are difficult to access by foot or vehicle. Many global courier companies and startups are already experimenting on the drone’s possibilities and capabilities to establish themselves as early adopters of this new technology.

For example, UPS has partnered with Zipline, a startup focusing on medical drone delivery, to deliver in Africa. The initiative opens opportunities for more similar ventures for Africa and rural areas. Aside from this, drones are also used to move foods and perishable goods. Drone delivery offers enough potential that Amazon and other tech giants see it as the future of e-commerce fulfilment. You can be sure in time to come that there will be more and more technology coming into the market as a means to make sure the processes and service delivery is to be of a high overall standard. Couriers are likely now to be testing more and more ways to develop their service.

Be careful not to use a reseller service

Resellers do not book space on a courier van – this is a common misconception. They simply hold an account with the courier company, like a broker. So as a conglomerate then ship enough volume of parcels to be given a lower rate. It’s good for the customer who pays less and it’s good for the courier company. This is because the reseller deals with the customer support when it’s needed. This in turn results in a more personal service for customers with fewer parcels. The reseller doesn’t collect your parcels themselves. They’re all booked with the courier company you choose to use. The good thing is, they have a number of couriers for you to choose from should you have a preference.


All major couriers use conveyor belts when processing parcels. That means they use robots to sort parcels to send them on the right track. They then pile them up ready for delivery. Because of this your parcels need protection from being handled by a machine that can’t distinguish between a fragile item and any other item. Fragile items like glass should not be sent via a courier service. Invest in some hardy packaging for your goods and this could save you from an unfortunate incident where damage occurs. Thankfully this is not common. Make sure boxes are tough and individually package contents inside them with bubble wrap. Fill the box with polystyrene balls to prevent anything inside the box from moving around. Tape it up well and make sure there is nothing hanging loose.


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