The Greenlake IT Consumption Model

HPE GreenLake

In recent times, every company wants to switch to the hybrid architecture employing business software resellers. The GSA Professional Services Schedule certified enterprises also successfully provide a positive experience with the public cloud. Studies say that in the next few years, all of the midsize and large businesses will likely adopt a hybrid IT model. The hybrid model is availing the companies a lot of flexibility, choice of applications, workloads, and resources. But companies with the on-premises model are finding various difficulties related to scalability & agility, capacity planning, and reduced dexterity in budgets and innovation. Undoubtedly, the public cloud fulfills various aspects like scalability, rapid deployment time, resource utilization efficiencies, and reduced startup costs. But the critical applications on-premises continue to be disturbed with typical restraints. As per studies, HPE Greenlake cloud services can help with consumption-based IT. Here are the insights.

IT Consumption Model

At the moment, IT leaders need cloud-like experience on-premises. HPE Greenlake cloud services promote an IT consumption model that can possibly eliminate blaring gaps while comparing the on-premises experience to that of the public cloud. The services are highly resilient, scalable, and effectively increase capacity utilization. Moreover, they are secure, compliant, and in control.

The consumption-based model of IT is a provisional service and payment scheme and helps the customers pay as per their resources used. The model is the same as the utility models of water and electricity. By only spending what they have used, the companies can cut huge revenue drains and feel relaxed while committing to their business prospects.

Working Of The Model

Public clouds are excelling every day in every field, balancing the latest equipment and service catalog technology. Experts use best practices, operational techniques, and orchestration to ensure peak performances. The consumption-based IT model also incorporates businesses reselling third-party software like Hadoop, VMware Cloud Foundation, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc., to achieve a cloud-like experience. When experts handle administrative burdens, your company’s IT department can focus on business objectives and value-adding projects.

When you use the consumption-based IT model, the customers only pay what they consume, nothing more, and nothing less. It eventually attracts more customers and preserves a customer’s monetizing ability over time as the consumer receives the value.

HPE GreenLake

Steps To Adopt ITaaS

When you follow the Greenlake supported blueprint, you adopt an IT-as-a-Service experience for your enterprise. Here are the steps.

  • Choose the right blend to remain in control of your overall enterprise, meeting your current business needs
  • Stay a step ahead of the business demand by implementing in-place scalability and on-demand processes and that too by paying only for what you use
  • Offload management of your organization’s hybrid environment by optimizing skillsets
  • Approach the working to simplify IT and offer increased visibility, security, and flexibility simultaneously

Grow Revenue Streams & Cost Affinity

The IT consumption model is safe and a pay-per-use model too. The enterprises, using this model, are currently experiencing an average revenue stream saving of thirty to forty percent by overprovisioning and upfront capital expenditure. The HPE Greenlake cloud services also provide administration and analytics software that helps the customers manifest the actual cost and profitability to every allotted IT service.

The consumption-based IT model is highly profitable for the consumers and the sellers. The pay-per-use model is bringing a lot of budding and medium-sized companies to avail of cloud services. When you outsource IT services from companies like Brytech Inc., you boost your company in every way. Brytech Inc. is a company providing GSA Professional Service Schedule certifiedautomation technology solutions. The professionals can help you change the way you run your enterprise. They can engineer high-performance computing, cognitive computing, microservices, IoT, edge computing, and blockchain. For further details, visit Brytech Inc. online.


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