The fascination of Hiring Online Quran tutors

online quran teacher

Nowadays, people are increasingly attracted to hiring online Quran tutors to learn Quran. The trend has become popular after the COVID 19 scenario. Nevertheless, the pandemic is not the only reason for seeking online guidance from the Quran.

In this article, we have gathered reasons/fascination for hiring an online teacher. It will give the seeker for guidance an idea about the reasons why hiring a Quran tutor online is becoming an ideal way to learn Quran. So let’s get started:

Access for all:

Learning Quran from a qualified tutor is like a blessing, and not everyone can enjoy it. You might find numerous Quran teachers everywhere, but those who can teach according to Quran recitation methods (Tajweed) are not. An excellent online Quran tutor who knows the language and good grip on pronunciation are easily accessible to everyone.

The distance was the major hurdle between competent teachers and students, and with the internet, the distance has become meaningless, and now everyone can learn using technology. Therefore, the online Quran teachers have become quite famous worldwide.

The popularity of online Quran teachers is much higher in western countries with very few Islamic centers, and commuting to a competent Quran teacher or religious scholar is difficult. Therefore, the parents need Quran teachers, and online Quran tutors are the best available option.

Accessibility 24/7:

Among many reasons to get attracted to online Quran teachers is their 24/7 availability. On reliable online Quran institutes, competent Quran tutors are available 24/7. Therefore, anyone can learn the Holy book at their preferred time. In the past, the distance and then the limited time slot was the biggest hurdle for learning Quran. The parents of the student were not able to stay in contact every time and it often cause issues.

Now the Quran tutor is available 24/7 so the parents can stay in the loop with the teacher. The learning session can be fixed according to the ease of the tutor, student, and their parents.

Flexible Timings:

As we said earlier, accessibility to the Quran tutor online is one of the biggest fascinations of learning. Many online Quran institutes run round the clock, and they ensure that tutors are available for sessions any time in the day. Therefore, the teacher is available at the convenience of the student. The student can choose the time according to their work or study schedule. It is not possible with the traditional style of learning.

Better Style of Teaching:

Everyone has their style of doing things in which they are experts. The same goes for teaching Quran as well. Likewise, the students have their own ability to perceive things and learn. It has happened that many students are not comfortable with the most popular teacher and they learn in ways least expected.

Since there are many Quran teachers available at one time, and all of them are qualified and competent, the student can choose the one that suits them. The teachers available in online Quran institutes have an improved teaching style, and they can adopt the most effective teaching methods according to the student’s needs.

Secondly, online teachers teach one student at a time in one session, so the focus is uninterrupted and fully devoted to them. It assures the best results and quick learning of the Quran.

Safe environment:

One of the major attractions of learning the Quran is a safe environment. The student does not have to leave the house to attend the class, and they stay safe. The student will be learning the Quran while sitting in the drawing-room in their comfortable house. It is more reason that is valid for the people living in western countries where Islamic centers are not located at a near distance and commuting becomes a hurdle in learning.

Learn under parental observation:

One another reason for hiring an online Quran tutor is the learning of the Holy Book under the observation of parents. Usually, the students are children under 18 and parents are conscious of their online interaction. Moreover, they can know how well or bad their kid is performing in Quran while observing them during their study hours.

That’s all for now! There are many reasons for hiring Quran teachers. Each of these reasons makes it a fascinating and attractive mode of learning for those who have difficulty learning through traditional methods.



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