The Evolution Of Blockchain Technology Over These Years – A Remarkable Achievement!

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If you’re aware of blockchain technology, then you will know that it is not just a secure payment system. It offers a wide range of benefits to numerous businesses over a short period of time. Specifically, cryptocurrency is one of the booming technologies that use blockchain to create a decentralized ecosystem.

The evolution of blockchain itself is massive. Let us dive in to acquire deeper information about it!


 The Origin

The first version of this distributed ledger technology lacks two main properties such as scalability and interoperability. Blockchain 1.0 is the simplest version of blockchain that enables basic peer-to-peer transactions and stores them. In this method, the network participants were rewarded for performing cryptographic tasks. 


 Entry Of Smart Contracts

The second version has slight changes when compared to the previous one. With the introduction of smart contracts, this version overcomes the cons of Blockchain 1.0. These contracts became the core entity for a blockchain that facilitates instant P2P transactions. It paved the way for various technical-based projects like NFT, DAO, ICO, DeFi, etc. 


Enterprise-Level Adoption

Blockchain 3.0 is the latest version that provides high scalability, security, sustainability, and interoperability. It earned a high-level enterprise adoption in different domains such as healthcare, insurance, finance, ecommerce, and education. This version sparked a flame for the technologies like Metaverse, Multiverse, Dapps, and Web 3.0. 


Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

Dapps are trustless and have a similar interface as regular mobile apps. It utilized the potential of smart contracts to cut off third parties, thereby saving cost and time. Ethereum is one of the popular platforms that allow developers to create dapps. 


The decentralized applications will have fast processes, especially during payments. In some cases when a user borrows money from another, the dapp will act as an escrow between them. 


It is due to the wonder of smart contracts integrated into them, and a leading smart contract development company will assist you in creating one. 


Asset Tokenization

It is yet another impactful application of blockchain technology.  By using this approach, any asset can be converted into an NFT and sold in a marketplace. We can also enable fractional ownership for either physical or virtual assets and sell them accordingly. 


It is absolutely amazing that blockchain has maintained its legacy over the past few years. But, we should not forget where it all started. 


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