The Different Play Equipment You Will Find In the Commercial Playgrounds



Gone are those days when you can see only slides, swings and a see-saw in commercial playgrounds. Modern playgrounds have all those modern equipment that not only keeps the kids busy but keeps them active too. All you will see is the array of different materials, shapes and colours used to attract the kids to this playground.

Nowadays designing a playground as per a kid’s choice is very difficult. A simple two to three pieces of equipment will not gain its popularity as they used to. Kids are creative and they want a place that can get their creativity from within them. So, you need to find some of the top playground maker to design and build your playground that is perfect for the new generation kids. You need someone with years of experience and also who prepares equipment with new technology.

Let us look at the different equipment used in these commercial playgrounds

  • Earlier the Australian playground of play area was made of wood chips or mulch, which would hurt kids in case of falls. Modern playgrounds now are built using soft synthetics like Permalife as a base. These rubber-like materials do not cause any scratches or bruises and are safe for kids to roll on.
  • Next comes the playground equipment that was made of wood or metals. However, again, they were not safe. Now you will see more of a plastic material used, as it is soft and causes fewer injuries in cases of accidents. Also, they come in different colours, which makes them more attractive for kids.
  • Mainly the playground is divided into 5 different types of games or activities for kids. 
  • One is sliding which can be done with slides. They are seen both covered or uncovered, mainly made of plastic or steel.
  • The second is spinning, which is nowadays done by using a spinning toy with a straight pole and the curve at the top. There is a platform to stand where the kids can stand and enjoy the spinning
  • The third is balancing which is done with a help of balance beams, log rolls and stepping stones. This helps kids to improve their balancing sense.
  • Fourth is hanging, for which you got monkey bars, rolling bars and different shapes and twists.
  • Fifth is the climbing activity, for which you got a large flat pane where you got bubble-like things stuck to help climb up. This is the same as climbing walls.
  • Other than this, nowadays we do see many playgrounds with other play structures like climbing cubes, rope bridges, tunnels, ramps, roofs, platform decks, safety railings, towers and many more. 


In Australia, you will now find a wide variety of commercial playground systems which are made for kids of every age, size, and ability. You will also see new innovative activities like the alphabet boards, large mirrors, spinning blocks and many more. Many of the playgrounds are also theme-based as per the community’s history and topography. Psychologists are now bringing in more of these innovative activities that will be new and exciting for the newer generation.


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