The Complete Guide On Dental Implants

The Complete Guide On Dental Implants

When you have one or more missing teeth, you are not doing a world of good to your self-esteem. To make matters worse, your oral health can be compromised if you are persistently overlooking correcting this condition.

So, why do most people don’t get their missing teeth fixed? Well, many have budget constraints and are unable to meet ends. Therefore, going to an orthodontist is certainly not on the top of their lists. Others refrain from visiting a dentist as they are scared of their clinic. Such a population believes that the professional would employ several types of tools that can trouble them.

Whatever the train of thoughts might be running in such individuals’ minds, they are not doing right to their oral health. In fact, ditching an orthodontist visit imperatively means the welcoming of several types of issues that can become serious perils later down the road.

Hence, if you are someone who endures the problem of missing teeth, it is never too late. You are advised to get in touch with an orthodontist right away to get things resolved. Also, the incessant advancements in technology set the seal that there will be a possible solution to your issue irrespective of its stage. You may get in touch with our endodontist Wilmington NC specialist for assistance.

Dental implants have you covered

This is likely to bring a million-dollar smile to your face: dental implants emerge as a possible solution for missing teeth. The dentistry modality virtues are highly extolled and have the potency to deliver exceptional benefits. This is why; more than ever people are embracing this technique. Even dentists are recommending it to many patients. Our Wilmington dentists by employing the hack of dental implants have benefited tons of their patients.

The three components of a Dental Implant

To describe dental implants in their simplest of versions, they resemble screws or cylinders and are fundamentally constructed with the aid of medical-grade titanium. Further, the design of these artificial teeth is crafted in a way to exactly match the natural teeth. Additionally, a dental implant comprises three basic parts including the fixture, the abutment, and the dental prosthesis.

  • Talking about the fixture, it becomes embedded into and fused with a patient’s jawbone. Principally, it is considered the artificial root of the implant.
  • Throwing light on the abutment; it is part of the implant that lies above and at the gum line. Its function is to secure and support a crown, a denture, bridge, or any other genera of dental work that is placed upon it.
  • Last but not least is the dental prosthesis which sits on top of the abutment and functions just like a natural tooth. It is up to the orthodontist to decide whether to cement, screw or clip it.

Benefits of Dental Implants

While there are many benefits of dental implants, below we shall talk about the compelling ones. Keep reading:

  • Prevents teeth shifting

When you lose a tooth, a space is created that needs to be imperatively fixed. If you ditch this situation, the likelihood of encountering bone loss becomes quite probable. Also due to normal stress and oral pressures, the teeth adjacent to the formerly lost tooth begin to shift on their own. Consequently, this leads to your healthy teeth also becoming unstable.

So, the indispensable need of the hour is to fix the problem without wasting any further time. When ignored, it can further lead to the weakening of your bones. Fortunately, dental implants evolve as your savior. It prevents teeth shifting and thereby impeding bone loss.

  • Chew foodstuffs easily

Dental implants are hailed as they allow you to chew food readily. It is paramount that the things you eat are broken down completely, which helps in consummate digestion. You get the feeling that you are almost chewing with your natural teeth. This also means that you are licensed to devour everything that may come your way.

  • Enhances self-confidence

When you have missing teeth, you tend to mask your smile. This stands to reason: you no longer feel good about your appearance. But once you have reaped the myriad perks of dental implants, you are empowered to flaunt your smile openly. This is a great confidence booster that can be readily accomplished with the aid of this impeccable dental technique.

  • Highly efficacious

Dental implants boast about their high efficacy. According to many aficionados, 98% is the success rate. No wonder why this orthodontic procedure is incessantly emerging contemporarily.

  • Superb durability

If you give dental implants the proper care they need, they can last for a lifetime.

To gain the above perks, getting in touch with our dental implants Wilmington NC specialists makes sense. Simply visit the Coastal Smiles Family Dentistry for additional information.


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