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All About Kedarkantha:

Due to its relative peace, Kedarkantha Trek is the delight of the walker and the ritual of a newbie. This walk, surrounded by snow, offers a magnificent panorama of the elevated Himalayas during the winter season.

It also gives walkers the chance to live in isolated towns in the middle of the winter! The Trek Kedarkantia offers a magnificent view of picturesque settlements, paddocks, snow trails, beautiful lakes, mountains and calm rivers and the large Himalayan peaks. Kedarkantia trek offers you unrivalled splendour.

There are 13 Himalayan peaks seen from the Kedarkantha Peak. There are 13 peaks. The inhabitants tell that after a time Lord Shiva had meditated on Kedarkantha there is a lake known as Juda-ka-Talab.

Its name implies that the droplet from the hair of Lord Siva formed this Juda-ka-Talab lake at 2.786 metres above sea level.The Kedarkantha Trek also offers a great possibility to see the amazing beauty of the lives of abandoned Uttarakhand Himalayas villages and experience them.

Reasons To Do Kedarkantha Trek

At an altitude of 3,800 m, the Kedarkantha trek is appropriate for a beginner who is eager for the Himalayan adventure. One of Uttarakhand’s spectacular treks is more than 20 kilometres away over 5 days so that a neophyte walker might feel fairly comfortable at the summit.

Kedarkantha is easily found and is one of India’s attractive trekking trails, because of its increasing popularity, snow-covered streams, bushy Oak & Pine woodlands, incredibly cheerful camping and a glowing sunrise at the top. The Kedarkantha peak climb is quite valuable.

The summit seems big right from the base camp of the trip. The world opens out around you while you begin your walk in the early morning hours and gradually ascend the mountain pit. It is also nimble as you approach the summit. But you are accompanied by the great mountains of the Upper Himalayas until you reach the top.

You feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction and achievement as you extend yourself from the summit and understand the views of the Himalayas. This is linked to extraordinary sentiments. Very few hiking trips offer a journey and fun equivalent, making the beautiful ascent among beginners.

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Other than the top, for its best entrances, the trek is also diverse. On a walk that makes room for certain rest locations and lovely campgrounds, you will find few such amazing openings. This journey is filled with the opening of numerous roads and opening areas at the right places, which provide you with amazing readings for the trek.

The other main reason for this walk is its lovely woods. All three paths feature lovely different woodlands in which you are entirely absorbed. In summer, you will take the tour to the top through the lush wilderness and aromatic pine and oak forests full of birds and wildflowers.

And it’s one of the easiest walks to bring you into deep snow in winter. You can’t resist jumping and playing in a bubbleless blanket of snow that is so thick and pristine. In the night, the cold trip is set by a blazing campfire.

Difficulty Level Of Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha difficulty rating, with modest ascents and descents, is easy to moderate. It can only be a bit difficult to climb up from the base camp Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha is famous for climbing the journey in winter among hikers. However, you have to remember that winters might be a little hard.

A small village called Sankri begins the ascent up to Kedarkantha. Its territory unit consists of 13 mountain peaks visible from the peak of Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha is also a walk flourishing with art, allowing photographers an unparalleled opportunity to capture the snow that falls from pine trees that look like the mist of angel.

At the top Kedarkantha Summit, the ‘I govern the world’ can generate a magnificent show picture and amazing views. Kedarkantha is such a notable winter excursion that the Queen of Winter Treks would be called.

Winter snow distracting, a splitting perspective from the peak and the lovely and simple streams make it known for trekking enthusiasts. The motion of “clean endurance” crosses the Govind National Park’s thick pine trees. The views from the top up to 12,500 metres above sea level are valuable.

Trek Near Kedarkantha Places to see

Osla Village

When you approach the Har ki Dun Trek, starting in the village of Sankri, you will find a pleasant tiny village, Osla. Osla has located on the sloped mountains about 26 Km from Tehsil and has a height around 2590 m.

Taluka Village

Taluka is a picturesque little village 12 kilometres from Sankri on a car or a hike. It is on Har ki Dun’s path.


Mori is a magnificent administrative district in Uttarakhand at the tip of the Tons Stream. It is at an altitude of around 1150 metres. Enclosed in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand district, Mori enjoys a particular place in travellers’ hearts.

Get up and explore the many climatic conditions for this trip on the Kedarkantha paradise trail, as the circumstances are ideal for mountain bikers all year round.

Kedarkantha trek – Best Trek For Youngster

The falling winter snow is a picturesque vision and what is more attractive is the view from the trail right up to the top over the Mighty Himalayas. The distance is not much and there is no difficulty on the walking track which even allows the first hiking tourists to experience the excellence of nature to their best.

This hike includes all the great beauties a walker aspires to enjoy throughout his trip with charming, mesmerising snowy sights applauded the Himalayas, the greenery, rich panoramas, horde variety of plants, frozen lakes, to the sights of sweeping pinnacles.

The Kedarkantha Trek is not only for the experiencing searchers and walkers but also for enjoying exciting difficulties. It is suitable for nature lovers to unwind in untouched nature excellence.

The Kedarkantha Trek is located in Western Garhwal, in the locality of Uttarakashi, and is renowned as one of the basic treks in the country that people with experience can visit and have no information about previous treks.

Even if you have the choice of running for 4 kilometres at any cost, you will need real wellness shortly before you submit your walking tour. With the height increasing the air becomes weak and people also need to transport backpacks that would all be incredibly troubling without proper well-being.

Uttarakhand Trekking

In Uttarakhand trekking is always a joy because of its enchanting splendour and its everyday perspectives that cannot be co-ordinated within the nation with some other objections. However, the Snow Treks of Kedarkantha, which excite each trekker to a tonne, are among all the captivating locations and fascinating trekking places accessible.

It has several reasons to be a stunning excursion, so popular with enthusiastic explorers. The first thing that makes it absolutely clear is the accessibility of snow until the end of April, which makes it among other goals of the winter excursion. More than that, the faultless snows may be seen at the base of the pine trees in a stature of merely 10,000 feet.

Behind its significance are the exquisite campsites, in which each site is exceptional and does not coordinate quality with some other campsites on the excursion. Another wonder of this trek is that it starts from the big woods of pine trees, where the walking trail over the bed of earthy, colourful and dried leaves can begin to create a stunning experience with a brilliant view that is entirely unprecedented.

Finally, the beautiful astonishing perspective on the mountain’s popular snow-applauded highest places is not the least that comes to light as one phase in Kedarkantha is built and each advance towards its conclusion is even more stunning. In all, the trek promise a new life and a delightful heart that constantly appeals to a large number of people.

Although the Kedarkantha Trek may be conducted practically throughout the year, it cannot be contrasted with the hopeful prospects that it offers in cold weather between December to April. The trekking pathways with the snowdrifts and the snow containers at the pine trees are of interest, which can only be appreciated in the cold weather days. The Cold Weather Months is truthful to local people and at this time they appreciated several events. It is always clever to preserve this trail away from the downpour time.

About the trek

Starting from the city of Dehradun, you will visit the magnificent Kedarkantha peak. The walk starts in Sankri the next day towards Jadu Ka Talab which is located at 9100 metres and takes approximately 5 hours to reach the goal. The majesty of the rich glades, the deep pine forests, the drooping streams and the gorgeous maple trees may be found throughout the journey.

Here is the main campsite where the hikers have to stay in tents. The very first moment is from Jadu ka Talab to Kedarkantha base at up to a distance of 11,250 metres, again at a distance of approximately 4.5 km.

Along this trail, the hikers go over luxuriant knolls and unusually receive the view of multiple snow-covered peaks which cover the area. The next aim is the top of Kedarkantha which is 12500 feet tall, and in contrast with others, this road can be rather challenging.

Anyway, with its breathtaking viewpoints, the perspectives on the Himalayas make up for all the tough labour. When the pinnacle is defeated, it is a trip back to Horegaon Camp, which is 8900 metres away and may be reached around the same day. It’s a journey back through thick pine forests to Sankri the following day. It’s a return trip to Dehradun from Sankri and routes on.

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most fascinating and exciting trekking tours that provide all the energy yet in considerably less time and with limited difficulty. This is a visit lasting weeks and is easily accessible from all parts of the country via Dehradun. This visit is one of the most cheap and easy to enjoy walking tours.

Who Can Go:-

– The climber has to be fit for a 5km distance without any pressure, and should have sufficient stamina, should have some interest in hiking and mountaineering –
– A 10-kilo knapsack ought to be a possibility for the climber






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