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WordPress design Vancouver

At WordPress design Vancouver company, we use WordPress to create web pages and online stores with professional and personalized web design (blog, personal website, freelance website, small business website and custom web applications). In the development of our web projects we do not use templates from third parties purchased or downloaded from the internet, but we develop the templates and make the design of each web page tailored and personalized according to the needs of each client, including all the requirements previously approved with the customer.

We make web pages with custom web design Vancouver to respond to the need to have a personalized and unique internet showcase to differentiate yourself from the competition. Nobody wants to have a page with the same design as other existing web pages, so for us it is very important to highlight the particularities of each business, project or idea. We create web pages attending and listening to our clients to capture all their requirements and transmit them through designs and functionalities to the web page, thus we create web pages adapted to the particular needs of each client. 

What do we do with WordPress?

  • Web pages with custom web design
  • Responsive web design for mobiles and tablets
  • Custom development with clean, organized and optimized code for better positioning in Google
  • Website template design from scratch
  • Exclusive and unique web design
  • Development of custom plugins
  • Component development

Why do we make web pages with WordPress?

At WordPress design Vancouver we design web pages in WordPress because it is one of the best platforms that exist today to design web pages and online stores. As it is open-source, it is fully customizable, which means that it helps and allows creating any type of web design, no matter how complex it may be, adapting it to the particular needs of each client.

In Canada, specifically in Vancouver, WordPress has been very successful and its use has increased considerably in recent years due to the great ease of self-managing the web page with a few clicks and for presenting great flexibility when creating attractive web designs.

It is not surprising that 7 out of 10 web pages created in Vancouver are made with this content manager, and its popularity is so great that many young web designers have started to learn how to use it to meet the demand for support creation of web pages and online stores in Vancouver.

How much does a website created with WordPress Design Vancouver cost You?

In the Price promotion, WordPress design Vancouver company have created packages that inform about the features included depending on the type of website you need. We have created these packages for information purposes so that you have an idea about the approximate price that a web page can have fulfilling certain characteristics. As we all know, each web page is unique, so the number of internal pages, functionalities, etc. depends on each client. 

Another advantage we offer is that we make web pages with a certain number of internal pages for a very low price, and if the client requires it, we advise and help him to fully manage the web page that will allow him to create all the content that needs, as well as create articles on your personalized blog included on the website.

Use of content managers in Vancouver 2021

This is not surprising, since creating a web page with WordPress is relatively easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of WordPress. But to achieve visibility on the internet and be successful with our website created. with WordPress we must make less use of web templates downloaded from the internet that are not optimized for natural SEO positioning and that do not adapt to our custom web design requirements. Remember that by making use of a template downloaded or purchased from the internet you are creating a web page with the same design as others, that is why they need to make custom web designs adapted to each client and with the essential elements that allow your web page load fast. 

Features of our WordPress website design service

Our WordPress design Vancouver service has certain characteristics that make it unique. In addition to complying with the latest web design standards, user experience and usability, there are a series of elements that are included in the most basic design service and that will make you differentiate your website from your competition from day one and be much more visible. These are the benefits of hiring our WordPress web design service :

Implementation of a strategic plan

Before starting to design the website, we help you establish the KPIs for your business and we implement a strategic process to enforce the objectives and dates of the project.

Brand image advice

Personalized advice for the creation of the corporate logo and corporate colours, which we then integrate into the website so that your branding follows.

Professional images and texts

Inclusion of professional stock images and personalized texts, unique and optimized to position with which your website will stand out over your competitors.

WordPress installation and configuration

Installation, configuration and optimization of the WordPress core files in a web host to create a solid, clean and optimal base on which to design and develop the web page.

Custom premium WordPress template

Installation, configuration and customization of a premium template that meets your long-term needs ( Astra, Avada, Divi, Flatsome, Hello Elementor, etc).

Installation of the necessary plugins

Installation, configuration and optimization of all the plugins necessary for its correct operation and to make the functionality of the website more complete (SEO, WPO, forms, etc.).

Content layout with page builder

Custom layout of all pages through a page builder that includes the design of headers, content, footers, archive page, search and menus.

Basic SEO and WPO optimization

Basic optimization of the server and the WordPress installation is carried out to improve its indexability, positioning and loading speed in any browser.

Cookie notice and legal texts

Integration of the cookie notice throughout the website and drafting of standard legal texts (legal notice, privacy policy and cookie law) to adapt to the GDPR.

Basic security settings

The website will be fully protected against brute force and spam attacks, especially in those that have to manage a lot of comments and mentions (blogs).

Google Analytics integration

Activation and integration of Google Analytics to be able to analyze how the user behaves within your website and have a web analytics dashboard.

Integration of buttons and social profiles

Installation and configuration of the most important social networks and their official buttons to facilitate sharing your content and make your content more visible.

Setting up a contact form

Installation and configuration of a  contact form to provide your website visitors with a site where they can contact you easily and quickly.

Facebook Pixel integration

Creation, activation, configuration and integration of the Facebook pixel so that you can follow the conversions of the ads that you are making through social platforms.

Adatable website to all devices

Design of a multi-device and responsive WordPress installation, which will adapt perfectly to any computer, tablet or mobile device and will offer a good experience.

Setting up a subscription system

Installation and configuration of subscription pages, forms and popups to grow your mailing list and be able to launch email marketing campaigns.

Register in Google Search Console

Registration and configuration of  Google Search Console to be able to index the web page, register the sitemaps of entries, pages and products and control their visibility in Google.

HTTPS and SSL Certificate Installation

Implementation of the secure HTTPS protocol, which makes your website more secure and friendly, increases your visibility and user trust in your brand.

Website migration from another server

The price includes migration of all the content you have on other websites, in order to take advantage of its potential and incorporate it into the structure of the new website.

Custom sliders design

Design, configuration and optimization of personalized sliders to impact the user as soon as they enter the website and enhance your brand or your products and services.

Custom error page design

Custom design of error pages (404) so ​​that, when there is a broken link or a failure in the web page, you control what the user sees and can continue to see browsing the web.

Quick and personalized training and support

Personalized training so that you can manage the website yourself and fast and effective support by phone, email and SMS to solve all the doubts that may arise.

Evolution of the web project in real-time

You will have access from the first day to the web project to control everything that is done, see the evolution of the web page and propose changes and improvements that improve the result.

Adaptation to the latest SEO standard

Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year, so it is essential to design the web page following its guidelines in terms of structure, navigation and usability.


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