The Best Place in Dubai to Explore the Desert

Dubai desert safari
Dubai desert safari

Dubai is amongst the best and most modern of all the emirates in the UAE. The emirate is bounded by Abu Dhabi in the east, Sharjah in the north, and Oman in the west. Situated in the mighty Dubai desert safari, Dubai has a unique topographical configuration. This combination of mountain, desert and sand has led to the city being named as the most ideal place in which to base a desert safari.

When we talk about the best Dubai desert safari, there are few destinations that can match Dubai. Located between the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) and Jordan, Dubai is a peninsula located at the end of a long coastline. This peninsula is divided into seven cantons by the Dubai border; Bur Dubai, Jumeriah, Satwa, Dhole Patong, Bur Dubai, Saadah, Al Kutobia and Fostor.

If you want to experience an adrenaline packed Dubai desert safari at its best then you must make your way to Al Kharid, located in the southern part of Al Hajar Mountains. Here, you will enjoy the adventure of four wheel drive Jeep tours through the sands of Al Hajar Mountains. You will also get to experience the belly dance, camel safaris, trekking tours, hot air balloon rides, water sports and sand surfing. If you wish to have a taste of adventure, you can join a group of drivers and campers led by a professional guide for overnight camping or vehicle tour.

For those who want to experience the ultimate desert safari, then they must head to the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is the world’s largest coral reef and offers a variety of diving experiences including sea life. The Indian Ocean is home to the Whitsundays, a species of humpback whale that feeds on the surface of the water. When you head to the Indian Ocean for a desert safari, you should plan your trip well in advance to avoid inclement weather conditions.

An adventure trip to the Red Sea would not be complete without a drive to Sharjah. From Sharjah you can enjoy desert safari in two ways; one is by taking a traditional camel Dubai desert safari while the other is doing some wind surfing. A traditional camel safari will allow you to travel along the beaches of the UAE where you can expect to encounter a variety of cultures. On wind surfing, you can enjoy a variety of water sports such as sailing, jet skiing, kayaking and paragliding.

One of the best places in Dubai to enjoy an awesome post sunset experience is Karama. Located on the southern coast of Dubai, Karama is home to a beautiful beach and several cool nightclubs. During night time, there are a number of lighted nightclubs where you can party until the sun sets. It is one of Dubai’s most popular disco destinations.

For an amazing post day desert safari, head to the Naif Al-Gabel, a small town in Abu Dhabi. Naif is home to desert safari tours, which start from dawn and finish at sundown. This tour allows you to witness the different colors of the desert while enjoying the cool desert air. This desert safari is the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a peaceful day on a desert.

After your desert safari in UAE, what could be better than taking a hot air balloon ride over the desert? Whether it is an adventure you are looking forward to or a dream vacation, a balloon flight is the ultimate escapade. The only problem with ballooning is that you have to make your reservations ahead of time to avoid being left out on the desert. A hot air balloon ride gives you the chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape and breathe in fresh air. A belly dance with local women on a late night is another exciting way to relax and feel at home while exploring the Arabian desert.

Desert safaris in Dubai are very popular with tourists. The most preferred tours include camel riding in the Thir Desert. The desert provides for a very authentic experience as camels are able to cover a much larger distance and follow a more natural course than they could do on an ordinary car. Camel riding in the Thir Desert can be very rewarding, as there is nothing like the wind in the Thir Desert. Another popular desert safari in Dubai is to tour the Al Hajar Mountains. The mountains are known for their monsoons and are also home to many animals including lions, zebras, gazelles, ostriches, buffaloes, deer, and antelopes.

The four-wheel drive allows you to drive independently so you don’t have to worry about being pulled over by police. If you wish to take your four-wheel drive tour in the desert, you will have to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle from a tour guide. Rental rates are usually affordable and will allow you to travel to different attractions within Dubai. You can also tour some of the more remote areas in Dubai like the Al Hajar Mountains. Al Hajar Mountains is a very popular destination among four-wheel drive enthusiasts.

Dubai has all the conditions necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable desert safari. The temperature is moderate throughout the year, the roads are well maintained, and you will not run into a lot of tourist traps along the way. There is also a good chance that you will meet native inhabitants of Dubai during your safari. Most desert safari participants return home with wonderful memories of the desert safari.

Dubai offers numerous activities for adventure seekers, tourists, and nature lovers. There’s no shortage of hotels and accommodations for those who wish to camp out for the night or if you just want to relax. For the more adventurous types, Dubai also offers a number of zip-line tours, sand dunes, Jeep safaris, car rallies, and hot air balloon rides. Whether you’re planning an actual desert safari or just visiting the area for its natural beauty, Dubai can provide an endless array of activities and adventures.

Desert Safari Dubai combines desert safari with a cultural tour, a chance to capture the true beauty and essence of the desert in the form of the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. The evening safari to the Neve Tzedeh National Park is particularly spectacular as this is where the Bedouins were born. At the end of the day, you return to your luxurious hotel or guesthouse, where you can enjoy the many amenities and services the city has to offer.

There are several activities to participate in while on an Arabian desert safari in Dubai. Visitors are free to bring their own vehicles but the preferred mode of travel is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a two-wheel drive suspension. The best season to plan an Arabian desert safari in Dubai is between mid April to mid June when the heat is at its peak.

Besides four wheel drives, rickshaws, SUVs, and vans, four-wheel drives are not advisable during the desert safari in Dubai. You should also avoid driving on sand or during the hot weather as this can easily damage your vehicle. When planning the safari, it is best to go during the early morning hours as the temperature in Dubai can be very extreme at this time. A four-wheel drive allows you to cover a greater distance and speed up better than an SUV or a van.


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