The best online simulators games for boys

The best online simulators games

we have dedicated another selection to the best online simulators, which include both full-fledged MMOs and just games with active multiplayer.


Green Hell is a survival simulator in the deadly Amazon jungle , which received a cooperative mode in 2020 , which allows you to explore the world in a story campaign and sandbox . It is easier for four to survive than one, but still you should not expect the adventure to turn into a calm walk: dangerous diseases, bloodthirsty predators and mental disorders can bring down even a close-knit group of characters.


Rust is a very popular multiplayer action game full of possibilities. Here you can do whatever you want: from building fortresses to looting, from mining ore to raiding enemy settlements, from crafting items to slave trading. This game generates hundreds of different situations, which makes it unpredictable – and therefore very exciting.




This game was created by the Gaijin Entertainment studio, known for the still popular single-player flight simulator – IL-2 Sturmovik. The game features both realistic aircraft from the period of the Second World War and the first half of the 20th century, as well as ground vehicles of the corresponding period.

Several game modes, from the simplest arcade to the most hardcore simulation, allow you to choose different levels of difficulty and realism. Peak online at 100,000, high critical acclaim and many game awards make Tundra worthy of leading our top flight simulators .



Sky Knights – although this game does not have very large-scale battles (4 vs 4) and not such a large selection of available aircraft (only 6 modern models), but deep detail and original gameplay make it worthy of a place in the list of the best. Moreover, it is still in early access and will obviously acquire additional content.



Air Brawl – this flying sim can boast neither advanced graphics, nor a variety of aircraft models, nor realism. But unlike most other flight sims, it is very fun and driving, while it does not require the player to have in-depth knowledge of aviation or aerodynamics.



Microsoft Flight Simulator X – games in this series are used in the United States in the training program for novice civil aviation pilots. So, here the players are waiting for the most detailed and reliable reproduction of the cockpits and control systems of most airliners and light aircraft that are widely used in our time.


IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle for Stalingrad is a continuation of the series of flight simulators , significant for the Russian game industry , in the setting of the Second World War. The developers offer to complete tasks and fight against AI in the story campaign and co-op, as well as test your skills in the competitive dogfight mode. Features of the game – realistic gameplay, reliable physics and adaptation to control using a joystick .


Heliborne is a network action game dedicate to helicopter battles . Players are waiting for combat vehicles of the 1950s-2000s, authentic maps based on real conflicts from world history, and a variety of multiplayer modes in which participants have to score frags and complete tasks.



The basis of this simulator is the realism of both crazygames online tracks and car models. To do this, the developers have entered into formal agreements with NASCAR and other racing associations.

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Currently, even professional racers use this best crazygames while preparing for competitions on the tracks present in the game. Realism is manifest even in the interface, because the only available mode is the view from the cockpit. Combined with support for all popular virtual reality systems, this allows iRacing to achieve the ultimate immersion in the world of super speed racing .


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