The Best Alternatives To Siri For Android

siri alternatives for android

Summary: Are you looking, Siri for Android? Well, you are lucky as Android has so many other options for digital voice assistant. In this article, I am going to show you several best alternatives voice assistants to Siri on Android.

Today, voice assistants have become more popular around the world. Voice assistants help a lot in our daily life. They keep a record of all the important tasks. And whenever you want to look for something, you can simply ask verbally and you will get all the records. This makes your life a little easier to manage.

Siri currently leads with its digital voice assistant in the market. Lots of users use Siri because of its integration and efficient voice assistant’s features.

However, Siri is Apple’s built-in voice assistant feature, which helps users to perform different tasks on iPad and iPhone. But if you are an Android user and want to use Siri for Android, don’t worry; here are some of the most popular alternatives of Siri on Android.

Siri is not just a digital voice assistant on the market; there are many similar applications that work the same as Siri. Here, we will review some of the best voice assistants for Android OS that can be a good alternative to Siri for Android phones.

Read the blog till the end, and get your best alternatives to Siri digital voice assistant for Android phones.

Let’s start…

Most popular Applications like Siri for Android:

1: Google Assistant

When it comes to voice assistants, there could be no better option than the Google Assistant. It is one of the best, and the best alternatives of Siri on Android.

siri for android

Google Assistant is always ready to help you whenever you need it. Just start with: “Hey Google”

Google Assistant has a lot of features that include the basics as well as the advance. So, here we listed some of the best features of Google Assistant. Let’s see:

  1. Google Assistant can control your devices as well as your smart home.
  2. In this busy schedule, we forget a lot of things Google Assistant Access our information from the calendar and personal data and inform us.
  3. It also assists you with the direction when you want to go and you can book hotels and restaurants from its voice assistants feature.
  4. Google Assistant provides you online information, weather information, and news.
  5. It can control your music, Make appointments and send messages through an Android device.
  6. Google Assistant is your Real-time spoken translator.
  7. Control your smart home devices

If your Android smartphone has Google Play Services, you already have Google Assistant voice assistants installed on your Android device, just enable it. And enjoy voice assistants like Siri on your Android device.

2: Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a standard digital assistant that helps you to complete your work easily. you can use Alexa the voice assistant as a household assistant and a personal phone assistant. Simply download Alexa for Android and use it as your no-brainer personal assistant.

amazon alexa

Let’s discuss some features of Alexa:

  1. Alexa can explain Kindle Book or other Stories.
  2. It can also order food for you or it can also help you to find nearby restaurants.
  3. Alexa reminds you of the location but you have to Set it, for example, “Alexa, remind me to buy flowers when I get home.”
  4. Using patent applications, Alexa can pay your bill also.
  5. Give daily news updates.
  6. Alexa can read your email for you and also translate.
  7. Suggest you the best movies to watch on weekends and Sports updates.

Alexa is not as complex or smooth as Siri Assistant but it is not at all a bad choice. If you are looking for a Siri for Android, you can use Alexa, the best and simpler that helps you keep track of things.

3: Bixby Voice Assistant

The Bixby voice assistant is one of the amazing alternatives to Siri for Android phones. It provides all the facilities that a virtual assistant should have on Android smartphones. The interface of Bixby Voice Assistant is easy to use, smooth, and creates a delightful app to use.

Let’s see some use full features:

  1. If you are using an S10 / S9 or Samsung Galaxy phone you can Remap your Bixby voice assistant.
  2. You can answer a call and send a message using the Bixby button
  3. You can turn on the flashlight
  4. No annoying ads
  5. You can search any things from the Bixby voice assistant
  6. You can navigate the maps
  7. Bixby voice assistant can Set meetings, recognizes voices, and translates the audio as well.

Currently, the Bixby voice assistant working on the Android Oreo, Pie, and Bixby Voice 1.0 – 2.0.

4: Hound

Hound is one of the best alternatives to Siri, and it has the biggest virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Basically, the Hound is a voice-activated digital assistant that offers users to search for anything they want with their natural voice. The app uses speech recognition and language understanding to improve its speed in a responsive manner. You can search for information in a quick way without typing anything.

Let discuss some of the features of Hound:

  1. It helps you to send a text message without typing.
  2. It helps you to navigate to an address.
  3. Answer a phone call.
  4. You can play music
  5. Voice search
  6. You can set alarms and timers
  7. It provides you information, news, weather forecasting, etc.


In this blog, I mentioned some of the best alternatives to Siri for Android. All the voice assistants applications are available for android which matches Siri.

Apart from that, Google Assistant is the best and works well on any Android device. Amazon Alexa integrates with and controls all your other devices. But if you’re on a Samsung smartphone, you can try the Bixby voice assistant, which is somewhat similar to Samsung’s built-in Google Assistant.

I hope the blog is useful to you, if you like this post, share it with your friends. Or you have any questions related to this topic; please share them with us in the comment section below.

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