The best 09 online racing games

online racing games

Following are the best online racing games of 2022.


Another drift simulator, but not as deep as the games above, which is reflected in the “mixed” rating on Steam. On the other hand, Torque Drift is available for free, which means you have nothing to lose by deciding to play – except, perhaps, your time.


A racing simulator with powerful cars and a variety of tracks in which you will face the champions of the world of motorsports in a single player campaign and other players in online modes. There is an opportunity to drive on one screen, so the project can be great entertainment for local competitions. In addition, SRX: The Game will delight you with good graphics and detailed car models.


The MMO Crossout is based on the battles of armored vehicles hung with weapons in a post-apocalyptic world . But there are also purely racing modes in the online racing games, in which guns are disabled, and victory depends on the personal skills of gamers. Participants will have to drive through the wastelands, passing through gates that serve as checkpoints, and cars can be tuned to increase acceleration, handling and other parameters.


In SpeedRunners you have to change four wheels for two legs: here superheroes compete with each other , who rush to the place of the next villainy. Each of the characters is arm with gadgets and unique abilities, and each seeks to overtake, outwit, or even eliminate rivals. A fun game with local and online multiplayer.

F1 2021

One of the main titles of Codemasters is a series of Formula 1 racing simulators that come out almost with the regularity of real championship seasons. F1 2021 features an improved Story Mode that is a great introduction to the universe of the motorsport queen for beginners.

Traditionally, the unblocked games 66 offers several types of online competitions, suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Users can customize the cars to their liking, watch the races in spectator mode, participate in ranked matches and league championships, or simply race in quick play and weekly events.


Another debutant on the PC (before FM7, the games of the series did not come out on computers, except for the free branch of Apex from Forza Motorsport 6). Unlike the arcade Forza Horizon, the Forza Motorsport line belongs to the category of simulators, which puts forward completely different requirements for the skill of the players, the in unblocked games 76 physical model, the control system and other aspects.

Forza Motorsport 7 turned out to be almost a reference game: with a large selection of modes, a huge fleet of vehicles (more than 700 cars), beautiful graphics , and a streamlined network code. If you are looking for a high-quality, expensive car simulator, you will hardly find better than FM7.


More budget-friendly than Forza Motorsport, but no less realistic car simulator with developers’ fanatical attention to detail: here cars drive and behave exactly like their real prototypes, and when driving, you need to constantly control the road and opponents, take into account the type of track surface, weather and many other factors.

Of course, Project CARS games support competitive multiplayer, otherwise they wouldn’t make it to this TOP. You can drive in matches designed for 32 players, and for the maximum completeness of the experience, it is recommend to use a computer steering wheel and a virtual reality helmet .

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And again autosim is on our list of the best. iRacing is an MMO simulator without bots: only real people will compete with you here. Moreover, in order to compete with real masters of virtual racing, you will have to work hard, showing excellent results of careful driving and a high percentage of victories, as well as obtaining licenses to participate in high-ranking races. All this – with an unswitchable view “from the cockpit”, as in real life.

It is not easy to achieve success in iRacing, but the reward will surely amuse your Ego: professional pilots can compete in the largest and most prestigious disciplines – for example, the 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon.


A racing simulator from the Italian studio Kunos Simulazioni, real fanatics of their business – even the developers’ office is located next to the Vallelunga circuit. Studio employees have the opportunity to watch racing competitions every day, and, if necessary, personally go to the track and take various measurements.

Assetto Corsa boasts a nice picture, a large selection of cars and tracks recreated to the smallest detail, realistic gameplay, and an active online community.


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