The benefits of stainless steel pipelines


Seamless stainless pipes – is it worth using them and where?

Some say we live in the plastic era. Others say that nothing will replace stainless steel pipes. In this article, we take a closer look at this particular class of engineering products. Let’s see if it’s really worth the investment… or not.

What are seamless steel pipes?

These are the pipes made from metal, but not any ordinary alloy. Stainless steel is an alloy with anti-corrosive qualities that allow it to be used outdoors as well as underwater. PVC materials share similar properties. Nevertheless, they lack the strength of stainless tubes. Especially if these are seamless pipes that don’t require additional joints or welding. As a result, seamless stainless steel products offer a tremendous force against pressure from both outside and within the system.

Different types of stainless tubes

Seamless pipes or hollow bars can differ depending on the properties of an alloy. Some can be focused more on acid resistance, for example. But such materials won’t be as strong against abrasive wear as duplex steel tubes. They are made from austenitic-ferritic grades, which also provide high resilience to temperatures up to 250 °C. That means their industrial life can be extremely long, even in unforgiving conditions. But it is still nothing in comparison to austenitic heat-resistant metal bars. Such products can operate in an environment that is 1150 °C hot. With the addition of a seamless form, the power of pipe systems extends to enormous pressures, which makes them undeniably useful.

The industrial use of steel pipes

The water, oil, or gas industry seems to be a perfect match for seamless steel pipelines. All sorts of chemical facilities, however, also require heavy-duty steel tubes with high resistance to acid and temperature. A similar thing can be said about scientific laboratories in the USA and Europe, for example. In other words, everywhere a really tough pipeline is needed – that’s the perfect place for stainless steel tubes.

Are PVC pipes better?

Plastic pipe systems are cheaper, but not better. They break more often, whereas stainless tubes and seamless hollow bars keep on working for years and years. That is important. Especially if the installation is supposed to operate underground or beneath the surface of the sea. In such conditions, maintenance alone can be a nightmare. All in all, the investment in seamless steel pipes is not going to be small, yet it is definitely worth it on a larger timescale.


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