The Art of Deciphering Poker Face Micro Expressions

poker face micro expressions

As subtle as your poker face is, you can tell how you are feeling by the micro-expressions on your face. Robert Phipps, the author of Body Language, explains that a smile is an involuntary wave of emotion on the face that lasts less than a quarter of a second.

Mastering the micro representation of your subconscious is not easy (almost impossible), but you can learn to read and respond to other people’s skills, which can be very helpful in playing situations. There are 7 universally considered micro-expressions: happiness, surprise, contempt, anger, disgust, fear, and sadness. Of course, some people are more likely (or still hopeful) to find out about this while playing online poker.

Shock is one of the most legible micro-expressions that most people can read easily. “The whole face of the frightened person brightens, and the eyes get bigger,” Phipps said. When you see these micro-expressions during an online Poker game, there are things you need to do.  If all goes well, you will get a slightly happy expression.

Both sides of the lips are curved towards the eyes, and the eyes are folded at the corners of the eyes (where the crow’s feet live). This expression will probably be corrected immediately because you are in a game, but when you see that, you are doing more than just playing and talking. You’re anticipating your opponent’s moves.

Practicing Reading Micro-expressions 

Paul Ekman is considered the godfather of micro-expressive reading. So if you are serious about it, you can take one of his courses. Otherwise, according to Stevens, the best way to practice expression reading is to watch a recorded interview. Interviews with politicians and criminals are a good start, and YouTube is abundant here.

Turn off your voice and pay attention to your gestures and facial expressions. We repeat and perceive without thinking until we see change and change. Finally, turn on the sound and observe. What did he say when a subtle expression appeared on his face? Does the phrase match the word itself? “When words say one thing and non-verbal things say another, this is a delusion. The truth lies in non-verbal expression, ”explains Stevens.

Strategies For Playing Video Poker 

With some optimal playing skills and strategies, you can further increase your profit potential. For example, in the Jacks or Better versions of Video Poker, you can look at the payout list to determine all the reasonable ways to play your hand and choose the best paying game on the list. If the game hand is not on the payout table, it should not be played.

Assuming your card gets a potential flush or two pairs, you have to sacrifice the potential flush and hold the lower pair or vice versa. The optimal strategy is to hold a potential flush and discard the bottom pair because the payout for one flush is higher than the payout for two pairs. You can also define strategies for other winning hands concerning your cards and the poker game‘s payout rules.

Poker Sequence Math 

An important first step in learning poker is figuring out which cards have the highest value. Mathematical poker formulas based on probabilities, ratios, and percentages can be used to predict outcomes. We know that the Royal Flush is the best poker hand in the poker hand rankings. There are other poker sequences such as:

  • Royal Flush 
  • Straight Flush 
  • Four of a Kind 
  • Full House 
  • Flush 
  • Straight 
  • Three of a Kind 
  • 2 Pair 
  • Pair 
  • High Card

Developing your Poker Face

The poker face is the invariably neutral expression that the player holds on his face during the game, making it unreadable to the opponent. For example, if you have a card with J and K holes on top, with a board of 5 hearts, 2 clubs, 10 and A of spade, and Q of spade rivers on top, the minute micro-representation of joy and excitement is unavoidable.

There may be information on your face indicating the strength of your hand. The player with the weaker hand will stop contributing and cross their arms. If diamonds appear in the river instead of Q of spades, it means that there are expressions “down in the mouth,” such as rough breathing, swallowing, and covering the face with hands.

You can take advantage of this situation by placing an aggressive bet and making them fold. Light facial expressions (crooked eyebrows, dilated pupils, dilated nostrils, etc.) can reveal your emotions and give the other person an idea of the strength of your hands. When playing online Poker against seasoned opponents with years of experience, it is important to control the expression of your subconscious.

Maintaining a poker face is not all rainbows and butterflies. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of controlling your emotions (irritability, excitement) in a tense and competitive poker room environment. Many players do their best to keep faces blank and not accidentally reveal important information about their cards.

One of the simplest but most effective poker tips is not to rely solely on your physical “signs” for information about your opponent. You are dealing with people, and your understanding of facial expressions and body language cannot be transferred to others. Experienced players know how to confuse others by telling lies about the strength of their hands through planned actions.

Many seasoned players use friendly faces to convey a positive image to their opponents, make them feel good, and lure them into the pot. Some players close their eyes and trick opponents into believing that they are a threat to other players. Although, they have good cards to put in the pot with weak hands, they deliberately make gestures to trick their opponents into expressing surprise and sadness.

Most players want to focus on the game and hide their movements and expressions with well-thought-out gestures. This is where you have to understand what each expression means, and in time, develop your poker face

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