The Art of Choosing Baby Toys and Other Stuff

baby walker best toys

baby walker best toysChoosing toys for babies especially those below one year can be an extremely daunting task primarily. Because it’s extremely hard to assess their likes and dislikes. And choose toys which will keep them. Occupied for a longer time considering their short attention span. And the quest to explore more of their surroundings. In the present world where lockdowns are rampant. Baby toys provide a great opportunity for both fun and learning for your little one. Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the right kind of baby toys for your child.


  1. Cloth Books

Cloth books with different types of textures flaps. And puppets can not only stimulate your baby’s interest in kids books. But can also aid sensory and motor skills development. Reading aloud to your baby will also serve as a bonding activity. Research claims that children whose parents spent a significant time. Reading to them during the first year of their lives are more likely to become avid readers.


  1. Balls

Soft balls in particular that encourage babies to hold drop. And roll serve as sensory stimulus and also help a baby. Understand how to move around objects.


  1. Rattles and Bells

Playing with rattles and bells help in the baby’s. Development of coordination And orientation. Placing bells and rattles around babies. Also encourage them to move around to approach their toys.


  1. Bathing toys

Most children dread bath time. And provide bath time toys that they can dunk float. And pour in not only encourage a child’s cognitive development. But also make bath time a pleasurable activity.


  1. Toys with push buttons, keyboards, and keys

There objects help a baby learn to take action. And encourage the child to be more proactive. If such toys are educational in nature for instance. They narrate alphabets numeric or animal sounds. They serve as better educational aids at a very tender age.


  1. Large and small soft blocks and wooden cubes

These encourage a baby to move around. And encourage the baby to build objects.


  1. Play mats with hanging objects

Laying your baby on his playing mat either on his tummy or his back can both be beneficial. Lying on tummy encourages a child’s. Crawling motion while laying on back encourages reaching out to the hanging objects. And also stimulating social skills by allowing. The babies to communicate with the toys in their own peculiar ways.


All these toys can be used to play together with your baby to stimulate bonding. Allow them to play on their own under your supervision and learn independently. Either ways the toys will serve a meaningful purpose for your baby.


There are plenty of baby carriage available in the market today with varying colors. And designs and all offer a variety of different activities to keep your baby occupied. The more you explore the more options you discover. At the same time it is also advised to not overwhelm. Your baby with too many complex toys at once. This is why choosing the right baby toys is extremely crucial.


Just like clothes, shoes and accessories toys. Have also been highly gender specific since the inception of times. Boys are encouraged to play with more masculine objects like guns.  And cars which help them. Adapt to their future roles as adults in a better manner. And stay away from feminine objects as they serve as emasculating objects. Girls on the other hand are encouraged to choose. And play with more domesticating objects like utensils.


And toy babies in order to foster their domestic aspects. And raise them to be better caretakers in the future. Toy shops and markets also had designated. Sections marked as toys for girls and toys for boys. However the concept of gender specific toys though. Not entirely eliminated yet it is increasingly dwindling. Thanks to the rise of feminist movements. And media outlets raising awareness regarding. The perils of gender-based demarcations in toys.


Toys of the present age are supposed to serve. As a means to encourage children’s physical, cognitive, spatial, academic, musical and artistic skills. However research claims that assigning gender. Roles to toys demolish the learning purpose. And serve to be more counterproductive in the long run. For example toys for girls generally tend to focus on attractiveness. And appearance such as Barbie dolls. And cosmetic sets which have a strong tendency to mislead little girls into thinking. That perhaps the most important thing is to look pretty. As for boys the emphasis on violence. And aggression through weapons and fighting are not desirable characteristics. In the long run due to their adverse psychological impacts.


Over the passage of time as the demarcations of genders for toys. Boys of the digital age enjoy all types of toys ranging from figurines. To cars to guns as well as dolls and kitchen toys. Similarly girls also choose to play with all toys. Regardless of their societal perception of being masculine and feminine.


Promoting more inclusive and all encompassing toys in place of gender. Specific toys can be linked to fostering more diverse. Tolerant and inclusive environments for all genders. Assigning gender roles to simple tasks such as cooking. And changing tires have negatively affected society. And hindered the independence of individuals as well as. Increasing dependence on the other genders to get simple tasks done.


The need of the hour is to eliminate the concept of gender specific toys. And stop the practice of limiting the scope of children’s. Leisure time activities by signposting them under the blue. And pink divide as toys for boys and toys for girls respectively. The toys must be organized by theme and function rather than gender.


It is okay for the boys to play with dolls. And it is also okay for the girls to play with action figures. Similarly it is okay for the boys to play with cooking and domestic toys. And it is also okay for the girls to play with construction and action based toys. With a more inclusive approach and less gender centered divisions during playtime. We might also be able to successfully eradicate the inequalities. And gender based discrepancies prevalent in adult life.


The connection between the children and the toys are centuries old. People love to buy toys for their children. It has become a compulsory thing for the mind growth of a child. Children love to play with toys and it’s a very healthy activity for them. Because they get to learn about many good things while playing with them. And also they get less stressed which is very good for their mind growth.


Poor or rich both understands the importance of toys. For their children so in Pakistan parents make sure that they. Are getting their children a toy. Presently it has become the need of every home in Pakistan. Especially for those who have small babies. God willing the time is not too far. When Pakistan will become the no 1 seller of toys in the world.


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But overtime the demarcation of gender for toys. Is becoming an increasingly alien concept as children are subjected to less. Boys of the digital age enjoy all types of toys ranging. From figurines to cars to gun as well as dolls and kitchen toys. Toys are good.


Similarly girls also choose to play with all toys. Regardless of their societal perception of being masculine and feminine. Educational toys are now considered a vital part of early childhood learning. And such toys aid both in sensory development as well as learning. Toys are no longer reserved for children. but purchasing toys for their leisure time activities such lego, complex puzzles, Rubic’s cube etc. Another type of toys are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Are the soft toys which are not only used for playing. But also for decor and adornment purposes.


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