The advantages of hybrid mink lash extension


The advantages of hybrid mink lash extension

Mink lashes are the most popular eyelash material today because of the excellent quality it brings to eyelash extensions. In particular, mink lashes maximize their use for combined eyelash styles, such as hybrid mink lash extensions. There, we get a set of soft, smooth eyelashes that still have sharpness because of the matte black colour, like natural eyelashes. That’s why many eyelash extension experts always prioritize mink lashes as their favourite material.

In our articles, when it comes to choosing the best material for eyelash extensions in general and hybrid lashes in particular, we often recommend synthetic mink lashes. And many salons, from small to large, from technicians to top eyelash extensions, artists are now loving this material. Especially hybrid mink eyelash extensions always have unique advantages that other materials do not have. So what is the reason for this material to win their trust like that? Follow the article below!

The advantages of hybrid mink lash extensions:

Hybrid is a type of eyelash extension that includes both volume and classic, so choosing the specifications and material of the eyelashes is extremely important. Although there is no shortage of different materials on the market today, hybrid mink eyelash extensions are still the perfect combination between eyelash extensions and mink lashes. It is demonstrated by:

Hybrid mink eyelash extensions give an authentic look: As an ultra-smooth, ultra-lightweight material with almost the same colour as natural eyelashes, when shaping hybrid extensions, whether gentle or dramatic style, it still shows the beauty of naturalness. In addition, the lightness and smoothness of mink lashes will not put much pressure on natural lashes, even large lash fans. It is a wonderful thing that many materials can’t give.

Hybrid mink lashes are durable and reasonably priced: Mink lashes can last from 6 to 8 weeks with proper care and are regularly checked after the eyelash extension. It is a relatively long time, especially since mink lashes still keep in nice shape, so most of the clients enjoy using them for a long time. Besides, the price of hybrid mink lashes is also quite low and suitable for many clients regardless of whether they are first-time or regular clients.

Hybrid mink lashes give the artist the freedom to create extensions thanks to the soft, smooth texture of mink lashes. Therefore, complex eyelash extensions such as hybrid cat eye, hybrid wispy, hybrid doll eyes, etc., will also be made easier, and the highlights or thickness for natural eyelashes are also exploited in the best way.

Hybrid vs volume lashes: You can have more room to play with creativity since hybrid lashes are so versatile; placing classic and volume with different ratios give a totally different look. The result will be even better with the help of synthetic mink lashes.

When it comes to mink lashes, we will have two types:

Real mink lashes and synthetic mink lashes. However, in terms of compatibility with real eyelashes, safety, and environmental protection, we recommend that you prioritize using synthetic mink eyelashes. Why can we state that? This type of eyelash is made from artificial materials and has a variety of thicknesses and curvatures to serve the most difficult requirements of lash artists as well as clients. In addition, using these eyelashes will also help you reduce the rate of eye irritation, the price is lower, and the retention time is also longer compared to real mink lashes. It’s also cruelty-free!

Below is some information on other materials that you can refer to:

Silk eyelashes: Also one of the competitors of mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes are considered to be quite soft, gentle, and have a more flexible application than faux mink eyelashes. However, silk lashes often do not guarantee curvature, or it is uneven. The colour of silk eyelashes is also glossier than natural eyelashes. Silk lashes are recommended for natural eyelash extensions. However, silk eyelashes are somewhat more expensive than faux mink eyelashes in terms of cost.

Synthetic eyelashes: The biggest advantage of this type of eyelash is that its price is quite low. It is quite stiff and curvy, lacking in softness but has good curvature and maintains a good shape longer. However, the quality is not suitable for eyelash styles like hybrid lashes.

The use of a material for eyelash extensions will depend on many factors such as the type of eyelash extension, cost, health of the natural eyelashes, and the durability of the material. It’s necessary to consider the above factors to choose the right products. However, it must be repeated that hybrid mink lashes are still an optimal and perfect choice today because it meets most of the requirements. You also need to choose reputed brands of mink eyelashes to be provided with good quality products, safe and, importantly, create a trust for your clients.

Above are our shares about hybrid mink lashes, if you have any questions about hybrid mink lash extensions, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting below. Don’t forget to follow the next posts!


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