The 5 Benefits Of Digital Printing To Create Convenient And Efficient For Labelling


Digital printing creates vivid, high-quality labels which can be used on almost any item or project. Contrary to custom labels Australia which use the use of polymer plates for transferring ink on materials digital presses utilise dots of ink in order to recreate an image using an image file.

It’s a lot like how your printer on your desktop functions. If you’re not familiar with custom labels or are considering changing from traditional labels using flexographic printing to digital ones, we’ve created this guide to help you comprehend the advantages of using digital printing for customised labels.

Quick Turnaround 

Digital Online labels australia does not require plates, which means you don’t pay for a plate for every colour of the label. Plates are also free, which means less setup time which means the labels print faster and you get the labels quicker.

High Quality

When it comes down to product labels, crisp images and colours attract the most interest. HP Indigo digital presses print at an almost two-fold resolution the resolution of a traditional flexible label. This means that your labels are printed with sharp, clear images and vibrant hues.


A lack of plates and a shorter set-up time means that the prices for digital printing labels are quite inexpensive for short-run labels when compared with flexible labels.

Capability For Short Run Labels

The cost/benefit ratio is increased for small quantities of customised labels, which are also known by the name of “short label runs.” Another benefit of digital printing is that you can only order the quantity of labels you require at this moment instead of ordering labels in bulk to obtain the lowest cost.

Design Flexibility

To stay in the game, you need to be sure to check regularly if your label design is effective in reaching your intended customers. The expense of printing new labels on a flexographic printer can impact your bottom line because of the cost of plates and set-up fees.

If you’re dealing with several different designs for your perforated paper the costs could add quickly. Digital printing means there aren’t any charges for setup or plates and we can begin printing your labels faster.

Utilising digital printing to print customised labels is commonplace in several markets since it is able to create 500 or 5,000 custom labels, with each label featuring distinct details.

This ability – also known as variable data printing provides new and exciting possibilities for designing labels. You can include names from databases and consecutive numbers, or multiple barcodes, or make multiple copies of identical labels!

Many Ways To Use Custom Labels For Your Business

If your company is large and small, having a solid and well-planned marketing strategy is essential. Marketing and advertising costs are a quick way to add up and it’s important to choose strategies that are both efficient and cost-effective.

If you can’t afford to completely customise your product packaging. Other materials for shipping labelling, custom labels are an ideal alternative. Custom-designed labels are an effective method to make the product you sell or package stand out competitors and boost the recognition of your brand.

You can design labels using your logo, brand names, thank-you messages, brand colours and much more. A beautiful, well-designed perforated invoice paper for your product could help in making your business and your products appear professional and keep your customers interested. We’ve compiled the ways that you can apply personalised labels for your packaging and products.

Custom Labels on Your Products

If you’re running an individual company (a coffee shop for instance) it is sometimes difficult to come up with the funds to personalise items such as containers, cups and bags. Customised labels are an easy affordable and cost-effective marketing strategy that will get the same level of recognition.

Simply apply your customised label directly on the products you sell and allow your customers to promote your company for you when they leave your premises. This is a great solution for small-scale business ventures like coffee shops, food trucks, bakeries as well as other direct-to-consumer-based businesses.

Here Are Some Examples Of Ways To Apply Custom Labels To The Items In Your Store:

Place your logo’s brand labels directly onto any items that you offer. This will help customers remember your brand and will draw the attention of potential customers or passersby as the product has left your shop.

Informative Label

An informative label provides customers with details about the product, like the ingredients, the best before date as well as other details about the product’s contents great for fresh sandwich sandwiches, baked goods and other home-cooked food products (labels made by The Packaging Company are writable and recyclable).

Descriptive Label

The label could be used to offer information about the product, along with instructions, as well as other important details.

Custom Labels On Your Packaging

If your company primarily delivers products directly to the doorstep of customers It is crucial to make sure that they get. The best first impression possible and an unforgettable experience when they unbox. If you’re running small-sized businesses it may be challenging to determine a budget for packaging. Custom-designed like boxes, mailers or tissue paper.

But, you need to make your product distinct and easily identifiable to clients. It is easy to achieve this by affixing a label featuring your logo, brand image or any other identifiable design directly to the packaging. This can help improve the recognition of your brand and eventually increase the number of customers you have.

We’ve included a few of the many ways you can apply custom labels on your packaging

To The Shipping Box 

The placement of a customised brand label on the package your product is shipped inside will let your customers immediately identify. Their order and your company. Additionally it could draw the attention of others who come in proximity to the package during the shipping or delivery process.

On Mailers

Similar to the box in the event that your product is packaged in mailers, you may apply labels with your company’s logo directly on the mailer.

On Tissue Paper 

If your business is involved in making a memorable and exciting experience for customers when they open their boxes. And have goods that are wrapp in tissue paper inside your box , you can include the logo of your business on a sticker for an attractive finish.

The Product 

Depending on the kind of product you are selling, dependin. The type of product you sell, you can put your logo directly onto the product to be deliver.

Custom Labels: What Kinds?

Custom-design labels from The Packaging Company come in numerous sizes and shapes. Our custom labels are printed full colour on sturdy vinyl that is scratch, water, scratch, fade and weather-proof.

You don’t have to worry about your brand’s image falling out or becoming damaged, regardless of the item you put it on. Below are a few of the designs we have available with the option of choosing a specific one:

  •         Circle Custom Labels
  •         Oval Custom Labels
  •         Custom Square Labels
  •         Round Square Custom Labels
  •         Rectangle Custom Labels
  •         Customised Rounded Rectangle Labels

When you’re putting your hands to the point of making your business a success and you’ll never stop. If you’re a start-up or a small team of one with big plans. Small or medium company, you are aware of the importance of being able to ensure that your brand is recogniz.



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