The 12 Best Professional Business Plan Writing Companies

business plan writing companies

1. Wise Business Plans

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wise Business Plans provides business plan writing services. The firm creates business plans for companies looking for angel and venture capital funding as well as for companies wishing to apply for SBA loans, E2 visas, and L1 visas.

Since Wise Business Plans specializes in creating high-quality business plans, its information on the market and industry is gathered from a variety of sources. Its turnaround times have a reputation for being faster than normal. Along with UPS, Wise Business Plans works with numerous Fortune 500 firms. To offer its customers a business writing service, it has also teamed up with the well-known business plan software LivePlan.

You can anticipate receiving a complete analysis of your sector, including growth patterns while working with Wise Business Plans. The market for your company will also be examined in the business plan, including demographic information on present and potential clients as well as macro- and micro-segmentation, to give potential investors a comprehensive understanding of the potential of your company.

Their business plan cost projections are based on projections for a brick-and-mortar business plan. The price is only a little more at $1,650 than the national average of $1,500. Once more, the price can vary based on how complicated the plan is. The cost of a business plan for a startup seeking venture financing may be more than for a company seeking an SBA loan.

2. Growthink

One of the top companies in the world for creating business plans is Growthink. Since its founding in 1999, the business has worked with more than 1,600 clients, including entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and non-profit organizations. Growthink clients have raised more than $1 billion in growth capital, which speaks something about the caliber of their work.

For its consultancy job, Growthink does not have pre-established pricing categories. Every Growthink business plan is uniquely tailored to the needs and goals of the client. Growthink consultants often devote 4 to 6 weeks to thoroughly developing and finalizing a business plan as a result of their in-depth consultative business planning methodology.

Dave Lavinsky and Jay Turo, co-founders of Growthink, earned their MBAs from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in 1999. They created Growthink as a result of their enduring passion and business curiosity. Growthink has aided numerous businesses with their business plans as well as various facets of business consultancy.

3. The Plan Writers

The Plan Writers is a business plan company with offices in Beverly Hills, California that furthermore provides a range of consulting services. For companies and entrepreneurs wishing to apply for visas, SBA loans, venture capital, or angel investor financing, their business plans are available. The Plan Writers has experience both with writing feasibility plans and with assisting businesses with going public.

When you hire The Plan Writers, the process will start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation. You and the sales representative will talk about your company and industry during this meeting. You must pay $200 for an additional hour of speaking time if you want to continue. The total cost of your business plan will include this fee.

It typically takes between nine and ten days to get the initial draft of your business plan once you’ve hired The Plan Writers to do it for you. You have two weeks to submit any adjustments after getting your plan. Although this is less time-consuming than other services, The Plan Writers completes modifications rapidly, typically in one to two days.

Like any business plan service, the price varies according to how complicated your plan is. Typically, the plans cost between $1,200 and $1,500. Plans for new businesses or those in need of greater sums of money can cost up to $5,000.

4. Capital West Advisors

A business counseling firm that also offers business plan writing services is called Capital West Advisors. Its goal is to offer top-notch capital introduction and business plan writing services at the most affordable rates in the sector. They have its main office in Los Angeles, California.

Since its founding in 2006, Capital West Advisors has served hundreds of clients in a variety of industries in the United States and abroad by offering business planning and capital introduction services. CWA bases the cost of its business plans on an hourly rate of between $100 and $120 at a very productive pace. Most businesses charge between $125 and $200 per hour at a lower rate.

5. Go Business Plans

Go Business Plans is a Los Angeles, California-based company that creates business plans for a range of client needs, including those for SBA loans, visa applications, and plans for venture capital funding. In terms of the caliber of its business plans and its extensive feature set, Go Business Plans received favorable reviews.

A thorough market and industry study, a full set of financial predictions, marketing plans, and competitive analysis are all said to be included in Go Business Plans. The organization takes great pleasure in the caliber of its plans. Existing business plan reviews are not a separate service provided by the writing service; rather, those are reserved for customers who have already used or have consented to use its other services.

This might cost between $150 and $300, depending on your business plan. The price of Go Company Plans varies depending on the type of business plan you require. However, the price range for their business plan writing service is often $2,000 to $10,000.

6. Deutsch & Thomas

For startups and small businesses, Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is a business plan writing service that provides expert business plan preparation. Your ability to approach investors, lenders and potential clients will be aided by their experience creating business plans, which is registered as Deutsch and Thomas, Inc.

The business can draft management and mission statements, financial predictions, and cost estimates. They also prepare electronic presentations as part of their service. Within 5 to 6 business days after initial contact, they finish all of their business ideas.

Matthew Deutsch started Deutsch & Thomas in 2005. Before its incorporation, the company operated for more than fourteen years as a partnership. Through strategies created by its experts, the organization has assisted small and medium-sized enterprises in raising more than $585,000,000 since its founding.

7. Optimal Thinking

Optimal thinking was founded in 1985 as a marketing and writing business. To assist clients in achieving their business goals, the company’s writing specialists consult with their clients. The business acts as the organization’s reliable writing and editorial department and has 27 years of experience.

The best professional business plan writers have written successful company plans for more than 250 years in total. Your operational plan, feasibility plan, expansion plan, annual plan, internal plan, or new product plan can all be expertly improved with their assistance. But given that they can charge up to $5,000, their fees can be pretty high.

Including Warner Bros., Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Treasury, National Australia Bank, Air New Zealand, Young Presidents’ Organization, and Red Bull, positive thinking works with start-ups, small enterprises, and huge corporations.

8. Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans is a well-known team of people that provides businesses and individuals with advising and writing services for business plans. The staff is motivated by enthusiasm, quality, and knowledge, and they work to develop precise road maps on a variety of subjects to assist clients in achieving attainable goals in the shortest amount of time.

Established in 1999, Pro Business Plans creates attractive business plans, pitch decks, and investment materials for multinational corporations ranging from startups to the Fortune 500 across a wide spectrum of industries. Pro Business Plans offers investment banking-caliber services with the care and consideration of a staff adviser.

The competitive advantage of its clients’ businesses is reflected in its business plan samples, which also demonstrate its painstaking attention to detail. The financials are correct and based on the most reputable market research organizations in the US.

9. OGScapital

OGScapital is a group of knowledgeable professionals who offer other services in addition to assisting business owners in creating a solid business plan. A group of eight experienced business specialists started the company in 2006. Their primary mission as expert business plan writers has been to assist startups and medium-sized businesses as they advance, assisting them in achieving their goals and emerging as market leaders.

Their skilled business plan authors have aided entrepreneurs in obtaining loans and equity finance necessary for operational starting and expansion. Till the client is completely satisfied, the OGScapital team of online business plan writers doesn’t stop working.

Business plans are created by the corporation in a variety of industries, including accounting, marketing, law, IT, design, and other business services. They currently have 60 highly qualified consultants on their staff. OGScapital has offices in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK and can assist business owners all over the world thanks to its business approach.

Within 10 to 15 days of contacting them, you will obtain your business plan. OGScapital did not disclose their fees, however, they did state that the client would make a 50% down payment before work begins and the remaining balance at the end of the project (only when you are 100 percent satisfied).

10. Bargain Business Plans

Over 10,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners have used Bargain Business Plan’s business plan writing services since 2008. The business has gained expertise in almost all markets and industries.

To properly create a unique business plan that will fulfill their needs, Bargain Business Plan writers take the time to get to know their clients. Their team of business plan writers and consultants will work to put you in a position to succeed whether you’re starting a new business or bringing your brand to a new market.

Because of this, they are frequently cited when discussing the top American firms that write business plans.

Their committed team of consultants, financial analysts, and business plan writers collaborate to make sure that their business plans are always of the highest caliber. Writing business plans for the organization can cost anywhere between $1399 and $2499 in total.

11. Master Plans

Based in Portland, Oregon, Masterplans creates business plans for companies looking for venture capital or angel investors as well as for SBA loans and visa applications. In addition to drafting business plans, Masterplans can examine ones you already have and provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements. The plans provided by this provider are of a high caliber and perform well in terms of price and turnaround.

Your business plan will be assisted by a team of specialists from Masterplans, and a manager will organize the project and keep you informed as it moves along. On the market study, financial projections, and company narrative, each specialist works independently. Masterplans can expedite the completion of your plan by segmenting it.

You often have to wait seven to ten days to get the initial draft of your business plan. For an extra cost, you can request a rush project if you need your plan right away. Depending on the type of business plan you require, Masterplans charges anywhere from $1,900 and $7,500 for business plans.

12. Cayenne Consulting

Another excellent company in the United States that offers business plan writing and consulting services is Cayenne, which has been around for a while. They offer a strong senior management group with a wealth of real-world expertise that can benefit all types of startups and growth-stage businesses. Additionally, they can create other investment-related documents including private placements and more.

Akira Hirai, the company’s founder, established Cayenne Consulting in March 2001 after receiving numerous compliments from venture investors regarding the business plans and financial projections he had created for his businesses.

Along with producing business plans, the organization also develops strategies, examines the market and its competitors, prepares business plans, performs financial analysis and forecasting, creates presentation materials, and develops capital creation strategies.


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