The 11 Best 3D Animation Production Companies

3D Animation Production Companies

It’s no hidden fact that people prefer watching videos over reading and listening. A video helps understand complex topics quickly and effectively, saving your time. Nowadays, it has become the most effective method for education, promotion, and training. When it comes to video, a 3D animation video narrates everything even better.

A successful animation video production company focuses on quality illustrations and plots. However, a high level of attention to detail is also required.

Finding the best 3D animation studio to market your product/service can be a daunting task. But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best 3D animation production companies to help you pick your next partner. So, keep reading!


1. webdew

webdew is one of the top-rated video production companies that aim to create videos that meticulously convey your story to those who matter. From designing to scripting, animating, and delivery, everything is done by the professionals of webdew. Not only 3D animated explainer videos, they are also known for creating video ads, 2D explainer videos, testimonial videos, onboarding videos, tutorial videos, social media videos, and product demo videos. High-quality video services that they deliver to their clients help them to win customers’ hearts and build strong customer relationships. So, if you want to join hands with a certified team who can work on a variety of animation styles, then webdew can be the right choice. 

2. Anideos

Anideos is a creative video production company based in New York. They have years of experience to back them up. Whether you want a 3D explainer video or a promotional video for your product/service, they can do it all for you.

They connect you and your clients by expressing your stories engagingly. On top of that, customer satisfaction is their priority and they work hard to prove that. In a nutshell, Anideos is a one-stop video shop for all your video animation needs.

3. Explain Ninja

Based in Warsaw, Poland, they are already working with giants including Google, Zoom, Pipedrive, and many others. Explain Ninja has a team of illustrators and animators who work together to offer unique video production services.

As one of the top animation firms today, they deliver compelling tailor-made animations. Besides, Explain Ninja also has a keen eye for details. If you’re in search of a reliable animation service provider, they can be your best pick.

4. Rip Media Group

The Rip Media Group is best known for its animation and storytelling skills. Hence, they deliver outstanding video content every time. They are located in Los Angeles, California. Even so, they have a team of professionals from all over the globe.

Combining creativity and experimentation, they work on a variety of animation styles. Rip Media has also worked with several known brands such as Ben and Jerry’s, Comcast, and Cisco.

5. VeracityColab

VeracityColab is an animation video production studio based in Newport Beach, California. The company’s animation services focus on increasing marketing as well as sales. They’ve been in the industry for years and serve big brands like Microsoft and Adidas.

They have been ranked on different forums among the top animation companies. In fact, VeracityColab creates 3D content no less than a masterpiece. Their team of storytellers effectively communicates the client’s message to the intended audience.

6. The DVI Group

Located in NW Atlanta, the DVI Group is an award-winning firm serving clients for years. They offer 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, live-action films, and much more. From drafting the structure to the final video, they help clients throughout the process.

Their animation services speak for themselves. This is yet another reason why they are among the list of the top video animation companies. The DVI Group might be an excellent choice if you want your animated film to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

7. Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions is a well-reputed company with a 20-year history. Their creations are both unique and aesthetically pleasing. They can make any type of animated video you need, whether it’s for business or entertainment.

Indigo Production’s portfolio verifies their work and recognition among massive brands. Also, they’ve worked with Samsung, The New York Times, Sony Pictures, and many other big names.

8. Studio B Films

This animation studio from Berkeley, California produces high-quality video content since its start. They can do everything from promotional videos to explainer videos. Studio B Films is well-known for its high-quality work, adaptability, and accessibility.

Studio B Films is a dedicated bunch of people who are enthusiastic about what they do. They aim to link their clients with the audience with their expressive animations.

9. Grumo Media

The next on our list is Grumo Media. This Toronto-based studio has worked with Microsoft, Walmart, and other well-known brands. Besides, they currently have a team of creatives who produce short animated videos for marketing/promotion.

Grumo Media is best for a reason. They place more value on the relationship between the artist and the client. They listen to all your needs and create a masterpiece for your company.

10. Yans Media

Yans Media provides a one-of-a-kind and memorable content. This studio focuses on providing the finest 2D and 3D animation services possible. They are located in Armenia and are well aware of the importance of 3D video content in today’s marketing.

To strengthen the client-audience relationship, they convey complex ideas most efficiently. The Yans Media team listens, works, and generates the best product to increase your sales.

11. Spin Creative

The Seattle-based media production company, Spin Creative is prominent for creating eye-catching videos. Their team handles every step professionally. For instance, gathering information, developing a strategy, designing, and delivering the final product.

Spin Creative is well-versed in video production and brand promotion. Moreover, they’ve collaborated with big names like Amazon, Microsoft, GAP, Treehouse, and others.

12. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is unquestionably at the top of the finest animation firms list. They humanise brands and are based in Chicago, Illinois. Demo Duck’s ducks use video as a technique of winning. They’ve been making videos for a variety of reasons, including product marketing, brand awareness, and other things.

They’re one of the best 2D animation studios. The group has the ability to make you famous. It’s all because to the right combination of imagination and strategy.
When it comes to conveying human emotions, their animators never skip a beat. They can do everything from motion graphics to whiteboard explainers to 2D animation.


Choosing the best animation company can be hard, but a lot easier when you know what you’re looking for. All the animation production firms on this list have something in common. They’re all focused on quality, with skilled teams who make animated videos with passion, bringing the client’s vision to life.

So, deepen your roots in the industry by hiring these top 3D animation production companies.



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