The 10 Steps That Make Up the Korean Hair Care Regime

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The Korean hair-care ritual is now the topic of conversation. Let’s find out how it can do wonders for your hair. Ayurveda in India has been trusted by people for ages due to its amazing results on not only your hair but also the skin and other body parts. Similarly, the Korean hair care routine is also being practised in their country for a long period of time. 

Ever thought why Koreans have such good-looking and gorgeous hair? It’s because they follow a hair care ritual that includes ten steps in total. Following these 10 steps boost their hair health and make them long and shiny. Moreover, to boost your hair quality and growth, the consumption of biotin gummies can be advantageous as well. Chewing them can supply the biotin requirement your body needs for healthy hair. 

Let’s review what a Korean-based hair regime is and how you can implement it to enhance your hair’s health…

1st Step:  Make Use of Scalp Scaler

Koreans utilise a scalp scaler to eliminate oil, dead skin cells and other accumulated pollutants off their scalps. Scalp scalers are basically shampoo intended to cleanse your scalp. It is usually composed of salicylate and doesn’t foam when applied to the scalp.

It is advised to apply the scalp scaler not more than twice a week. When shampooing your hair, it is necessary to apply the product directly on the scalp, and then rinse it off within 10 minutes. If you suffer from dry hair and scalp, you should reduce the use of scalp scalers to once every two weeks.

2nd Step: Proceed with Shampooing Your Hair

To clean your hair and scalp it is necessary to apply shampoo. Thus, the Korean hair care routine includes the use of a gentle shampoo that targets your hair needs and its type. In addition to washing your scalp and hair without affecting your scalp’s pH, your shampoo should nourish them as well. 

Like Ayurvedic shampooing techniques, Koreans too focus more on massaging their scalps and hair in the course of hair washing. Ensure that you use a gentle shampoo. It will remove any dirt while not stripping hair of its natural oils and affecting the natural pH levels of your hair. Using shampoos free of sulphates and parabens can be helpful over here.

3rd Step: Massage Your Scalp

Koreans regularly make use of specially-designed scalp massagers or brushes to boost the circulation of blood to the scalp’s tissues and, in turn, this assists in stimulating hair growth. After your hair has been dried correctly once you have shampooed, take a scalp massager and use it in circular motions to gently stimulate the scalp follicles.

Hence, use a silicone bristle to massage your hair and scalp softly. This can allow the nutrients to get into your hair in a proper way. It would also encourage healthy hair growth and make hair stronger and voluminous.

4th Step: Use a Conditioner

As with the other hair-care rituals, Koreans also use conditioners after washing their hair. It is suggested to dry your hair a little before you apply the conditioner to the hair shaft. Apply it to all hair lengths, and let it sit for about 2 hours before washing your hair. It is possible to use a natural conditioner to nourish your hair naturally and avoid any build-up that may be forming in your hair.

5th Step: Apply a Hair Mask

Hair masks are an integral part of the K-hair care regime. They provide deep nourishment and also condition your hair. They make use of oils like argan, coconut oil, as well as castor oil and other ingredients that act as moisturisers in their hair masks to combat frizziness, split ends as well as dry hair. 

It is important to apply a natural hair mask, with the addition of carrier oils at least every week. The most popular ingredients found in Korean homemade hair masks include mayonnaise, rice, bananas, coconut, honey, strawberries, yoghurt, and avocado.

6th Step: Rinse Your Hair Using Apple Cider Vinegarhair gummies

Rinsing your hair with vinegar is an essential procedure in the Korean regimen for hair maintenance. This is a great way to retain the scalp’s pH. You need to prepare a diluted glass of apple cider vinegar by pouring 2 cups of water and applying it to your hair and scalp. 

Give it 5 minutes to dry before giving an additional rinse using cold or lukewarm water. This hair rinse is basically a way to cleanse your scalp and helps prevent the accumulation of itchiness, dirt, and dryness.

7th Step: Do Scalp Scrubbing

Koreans refresh their scalps by regularly scrubbing their scalp. It can help cleanse your scalp tissues deeply and get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated within your hair follicles. This also aids to increase the circulation of oxygen to your scalp. 

It even moisturises the dry scalp. Therefore, it is suggested to apply a herbal or mild scalp scrub every week following a shampoo. Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it.

8th Step: Apply Hair Toner

Yes, your hair deserves a toner as well! The Korean routine for maintaining your hair is to use a hair toner which cleanses the scalp and is anti-inflammatory which eventually strengthens your hair. It also creates an outer layer of protection which keeps harmful substances out of your hair, and shields hair from damage. After showering, clean your scalp and hair using a towel. Further, apply the toner with a gentle stroke onto your hair and scalp.

9th Step: Put Some Hair Serum

A scalp serum can help nourish the hair follicles in a deep way and encourage hair growth. The scalp serum is, however, used as a layer of protection on the hair shaft to protect it from radiation, heat, and pollutants. It also helps to bind your cuticles, thereby giving a shiny and smooth appearance to your hair. Apply the serum to your hair following dry hair after washing it.

10th Step: Overnight Treatment for Hair Repair

A Korean hair regimen also includes some extra care for your beautiful locks. This treatment is done overnight and involves the application of hair care products that go beyond and help repair and condition damaged hair. They can help repair the damage caused to your hair that is caused by a variety of factors including the effects of heat or chlorine, harsh chemicals etc.


Practising the above-defined 10 steps in your hair care regime can present you with a beautiful result in your hair growth. Now, after you have gone through the post, you would understand that Koreans show a lot of focus on their scalp when it comes to hair health. Therefore, you can start following this K-hair care routine super soon to get the results sooner.
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