The 10 Best Search Engine Optimization Courses in Kolkata

The 10 Best Search Engine Optimization Courses in Kolkata
The 10 Best Search Engine Optimization Courses in Kolkata

Do you want to carve out a niche for yourself as a digital marketer in today’s quickly changing digital world? This is your portal to the digital world, Kolkata. Digital marketing has now exceeded traditional marketing in terms of customer service, contentment, and keeping connected for future offers and updates, all through the use of technology.

Digital marketing provides a lot more than traditional marketing methods and is widely regarded as the most powerful marketing instrument available to any marketer.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top and most well ranked Search Engine Optimization Courses in Kolkata, complete with curriculum, pricing, duration, instructors, and more.

To discover more about the scope of digital marketing and digital marketing jobs in India.

New Kolkata has established itself as an entrepreneurial hub, resulting in a surge in demand for trustworthy SEO firms and specialists in the city.

The graphic below depicts what LinkedIn has to offer in terms of SEO jobs in Kolkata, and the results are refreshed every few minutes.

Transform yourself towards the global scale and worldwide market by learning Top 10 SEO Courses in Kolkata, and push your business to new heights.

Let’s go exploring!

Kolkata’s Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Courses

1. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing is a well-known SEO training centre that offers students actual digital marketing skills. It has benefited a large number of students in breaking into the digital marketing business.

Academy Of Digital Marketing aims to give excellent online digital marketing and SEO training, and it has produced a number of students who are great assets to the digital marketing industry.

Institute, an industry-leading expert with a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing, will be your instructor at Academy Of Digital Marketing. DigiAd Solution Pvt. Ltd. Digital, his digital marketing agency, has a sister company called Academy Of Digital Marketing.

Students at Academy Of Digital Marketing benefit from agency-based learning, which gives them a great learning experience that will help them in their Digital Marketing profession in a variety of ways.

Academy Of Digital Marketing collaborates with more than 300 national and international placement firms. This allows students to attend interviews at a variety of national and international firms, allowing them to gain valuable experience and gain exposure to the global economy. After all, everyone needs the right guidance and the right platform to follow, and Academy Of Digital Marketing makes sure that its students have both. In Kolkata, Academy Of Digital Marketing offers a 360-degree digital marketing education.

Those who are already employed in the industry might expect a 100 percent wage boost as a result of taking this course, which is incredible.

The fact that this training is open to everyone, including entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, homemakers, and others, is one of the more amusing aspects about it. As this course proves, learning has no age limit.


Web Training Academy, a well-known digital marketing and SEO training institution in Kolkata, is a well-known digital marketing and SEO training school in Kolkata. The company was created when digital marketing and internet technologies were still in their early stages of development. The Digital Marketing Institute has been dedicated to offering high-quality marketing training since its inception.

The goal is to deliver high-quality, practical education that is based on real-world projects. In Kolkata, we provide specialised skill-based practical digital marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, social media marketing, and site design programmes.

These digital marketing courses can be used by students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs to understand and apply principles in real-world SEO circumstances.

3. Training Institute for Experts

Expert Training Institute is a multi-channel platform that provides a variety of digital marketing, SEO, and other services. Expert Training Institute is a complete institution that provides a full-fledged live training classroom to aspirants, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs.

In marketing colleges, students learn how to reach their target demographic and market with the lowest possible acquisition costs. The Institute is also in the same building, with high-tech equipment and qualified trainers that specialise in teaching new-age skills to individuals and organisations.

4. upGrading

UpGrad was founded in 2015 with the purpose of globalising education and offering professionals with upskilling digital marketing and SEO courses in Kolkata. They provide courses in a wide range of subjects, including digital marketing.

They develop courses either independently or in collaboration with other universities. UpGrad is a massive platform with a wide range of courses geared primarily towards data technology and coding job aspirations.

It is one of the most popular SEO training institutes in Kolkata.


In Kolkata, APTRON Kolkata provides comprehensive IT and SEO training. With 215+ technology courses including hardware, software, application development, website design, networking, and database management, it is one of Kolkata’s top 10 IT training institutes.

Participants who take training courses in Kolkata that include job placement assistance are more likely to obtain work with global firms.

It offers more than 300 IT and non-IT training and certification courses, including THE finest SEO school in Kolkata.

6. Courses in Kolkata

Eduburg India Pvt. Ltd. has a sister company called In early 2008, Kolkatacourses began delivering SEO training to businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.

As an efficient SEO course in Kolkata, delivers great, hands-on instruction in a wide range of professional courses, including ethical hacking, digital marketing, website design, and website building.

7. SEO Promotion

PromozSEO is a thorough online SEO training programme in India that teaches you how to execute true, white-hat SEO, whether you’re a student, a working professional, or an entrepreneur with your own firm. Their step-by-step training classes will teach you how to plan, strategize, and implement a variety of SEO strategies for your own or your clients’ websites.

8. Kolkata Institute of Computer Courses

DICC is a recognised SEO and internet marketing training institute in Kolkata where you can learn how to optimise your website for search engines (SEO). Their SEO training sessions in Kolkata can help students, corporate clients, start-up firms, and entrepreneurs.

Their SEO course is designed to cover every aspect of modern search engine optimization and offers a variety of customization options based on the needs and aims of each individual and customer.

9. SKY InfoTech

Sky Infotech offers an advanced SEO course that keeps up with the latest industry trends and standards, allowing students to better prepare for the job market. They are one of the best and most result-oriented SEO training institutes, with their headquarters in Kolkata NCR. Their training programmes are conducted by industry specialists with over 15 years of experience, and they offer advanced SEO courses in Kolkata with live projects, as well as 100% job assistance and placement assistance.

For course information, highlights, faculty information, and other fees and length questions, please contact the individuals listed below.

10. Kolkata School of Digital Marketing

The Kolkata School of Digital Marketing offers a low-cost SEO training programme in Kolkata. Their four-month SEO courses are guided by industry experts who work on real-world projects. They concentrate on providing the best SEO training in Kolkata.

Their courses cover topics such as SEO fundamentals, keyword research, on-page optimization tactics, off-page optimization link building, technical optimization, report monitoring and analysis, and more.

With the ongoing advancement of technology, there is a greater sense of urgency to understand SEO. Given the significant impact that digital has on people’s lives, it appears that the need for SEO courses will not abate anytime soon. These best SEO training institutions in Kolkata provide students with exceptional learning opportunities, allowing them to put their newfound knowledge to immediate use. They learn how to adopt digital marketing techniques using SEOs which also assist them improve their business online.

Let us know if we missed any good SEO courses in Kolkata in the comments section below.


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