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AB testing

A/B testing basically compares two versions of the same web pages. To discover which one leads to more conversions, when it is shown to various visitor groups simultaneously. Let’s learn more about the numerous a/b testing tools that are available. So, without wasting a single minute, let’s jump to the below written segments. 

Top 8 Free A/B Testing Tools  

There are uncountable a/b tools for business, some are free, while others are paid. However, some of the highly used free a/b testing tools are explained below. 


One of the greatest and most cost-free website creation tools is Petri Wix. Petri Wix uses Petri as its testing platform. It includes toggles for feature toggles and A/B testing throughout the whole product experimentation lifecycle. 

Petri makes it simple to gather user behavior data, construct filters to choose which user group to include in your experiment, and use feature toggles to manage internal implementation specifics and gradually roll out features.


You can utilize your own data to execute experiments across the web, mobile, and desktop with the help of the enterprise-grade, real-time Wasabi A/B Testing Service project, which is 100% API-driven. 

It has a lot of features, is quick, simple to use, and has only a few instruments. Wasabi is a platform for testing Intuit products like QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint.com, and more.


Experience optimizers can speed up the development cycle of their company with the A/B testing and optimization platform Genetify. It is built on an easy-to-implement open-source JavaScript framework for A/B testing.


With the help of the split testing framework Django-lean, you may create tests in JavaScript, Python, or Django template code. It also provides administrative views for you to use when examining the test results.

Google Optimize and Google Analytics

For experienced optimizers who are just beginning their experimentation adventure, Google Optimize is especially advised. This tool, which is a Google product, enables you to design and test various website versions and determine which one performs best.

User Flow Testing Tools

Because it’s backed by Google Analytics, you also benefit from having a powerful research tool at your disposal. You may conduct straightforward A/B testing, split URL tests, and multivariate tests with Google Optimize. But if you want to run more intricate tests, it’s best to upgrade to Optimize 360, which has much more robust testing features and services.

Five Second Test 

With the help of this tool, you can test any aspect of a website, including the copy, logo, wireframe, graphic design, and app design, and receive insightful quantitative and qualitative visitor feedback. 

This information may also be used to improve the look and feel of your page and to steer your business metrics in the desired direction.


Vanity is a Rails development framework that is experiment-driven and datastore-independent. It’s a useful free A/B testing tool for businesses that use Redis as their message broker, cache, and database. 

Vanity chooses two options for an experiment and computes a z-score to determine the likelihood that one variation would outperform the other. Additionally, it shows you the likelihood of the ideal moment to halt the experiment and make conclusions. 


A feature management tool called Unleash offers a summary of all features in all of your applications and services. The platform provides precise user targeting and equips engineering teams to execute A/B tests using feature toggles.

Unleash can be used to specify the guidelines for your studies, but it lacks several essential resources for managing A/B tests from beginning to end. To view the results of your experiment, you must connect it to an analytics tool like Google Analytics or Mixpanel.

Benefits Of Using A/B Testing Tools

Although there are a lot of factors which say that using a/b testing tools. However, a few of the chief merits are listed below. 

Here they are!!

Higher Conversion Rates

Businesses can find out through AB testing what kind of content encourages website visitors to make purchases. It’s an effective marketing strategy for learning more about your target market and how they like to be reached.

Website a/b testing tools is a potent tool that businesses can use to test out various user experience components, understand what works best, and make changes that produce favorable outcomes. To determine which one the consumer prefers, a website might, for instance, modify the phrasing on a sign-up button from “sign up immediately” to “sign up now!” and then compare which one receives more clicks.

More Active User Engagement

Using a/b testing tools is a clever strategy to enhance your website’s content and boost interaction. A/B testing assists you in making changes to your content that increase engagement when you evaluate the findings of a test and use them to guide your future selections. You may test the color of a button on your website or mobile application, for instance. 

The color that generates the most clicks can then be observed. It’s amazing how much of an impact a simple modification can have on engagement. Once the A/B test has been completed, you may determine which variation performs better and preserve it.

Many situations allow for the usage of a/b testing tools. This tool can be used by product developers and designers to improve user experiences by changing particular page elements to produce a new design variation. 

The best a/b testing tool is necessary for user engagement, onboarding, modals, and in-product experiences, but it is only successful when objectives are established beforehand and hypotheses are tested.

Decreases in bounce rates

What to optimize can be determined using analytics. They assist you in locating high traffic regions of your website or app as well as pages with low conversion rates or high drop-off rates that can be improved, allowing you to test out fresh page improvement concepts.

User Flow Tools

The goal is to keep people on your website as long as you can. Change up the copy, pictures, and blog post headlines to achieve this. You can lower bounce rates and maintain visitors for longer by testing what works best.

Reduced Risks

You can lower risks by using A/B tests. Furthermore, you can run an A/B test to observe how a new feature or element on your site affects your system and how users respond to it if you’re unsure of how it will perform. If your A/B test reveals that the code has a significant negative effect, you can simply roll it back by utilizing a feature flag.

Quality Content

Any experience may be improved over time with a/b testing tools, whether the goal is to increase conversion rates or provide a single solution. Companies now employ A/B testing as a low-risk, high-reward strategy. You can boost your return on investment and get the most out of your production testing with its assistance.

A/B testing is essentially a sort of testing that compares two variations of a same web page to see which one generates more conversions when presented to different groups of visitors at once. Furthermore, there are various a/b testing tools, let’s get some information about them.


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