Termites, Their Types And Signs Of Their Presence


Termites can cause damage to the structural wood of your house as well as in areas around your windows and doors. Serious Termite Infestations can even lead to damage inside the walls of your home and to the wood furniture inside. Termite can cause more damage extensively than other household pests. They directly attack the structural integrity of your property. You can see that they are experts at chewing through wooden structures and flooring and even paper wallpapers. And, the most strange thing is that they damage without you ever even noticing. You can not see them directly damaging things, you will notice Termites And Unexpected Problems when they have done big damage to your home.

Major Two Type Of Termites

Mainly, there are two types of termite: subterranean and dry wood termite. Australian people have to deal with both of them. Both of them are considered destructive pests and need to be treated by a Certified Termite Pest Control Geelong Company. By hiring experts, you can get rid of Termite And Unexpected Problems. Here are some details about Subterranean and Drywood termites.

  1. Subterranean termites: Subterranean termites are the type of termites considered the most common type of household termites/ They build their shelter underground and their underground tunnel is very small but there is a big colony to live in. Their mud tubes provide moisture while they are at the work of feeding on wood in your house. With a Termite Inspection, you can notice that there could be a big tunnel even more than 100 feet long. Termites are always working pests and their activities can be seen with bare eyes.
  2. Drywood termites: Drywood Termites are harder to detect with bare eyes as they have a different type of biology. They can invade your property without coming in contact with the soil. This type of Termite Infestation is capable of damaging household wooden things such as wooden beds, cupboards, couches and other wooden furniture in your house. Usually, termite like to feed on wood, so they are always working without even knowing you. You need to hire only Professional Termite Controllers to get rid of the problem.

Basic Signs of termites

Termites are very expert at damaging things once they invade your house. They work silently and this is very possible that you would not notice until it’s too late. Still, there are a few ways to keep your eye on termite activities. You can notice the following to detect and unexpected problems:

  • Wood damage: This is a very common sign to detect the Termite Infestation in your home as they like to feed on wood from the inside out. So, if you notice or hear any hollow sound from the wooden doors or any other wooden structure. A hollow sound coming from the wooden structure is one of the termite signs to hire Termite Control Services. 
  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites require moisture to survive so they continuously travel to get their food source and build mud tunnels tubes. A basement or crawl space can be considered a suitable place where Subterranean Termites Infestation can be seen. 
  • Frass: Drywood termites leave a fine wood powder behind while they’re eating through wood.
  • Swarmers: In springs, you can notice young females and winged termites but at times they can be misunderstood as flying ants. So, if you notice an ant-like thing with or without wings on the surfaced item where a swarm is occurring, it may be a sign of termite infestation in your home.

If you see any given above sign of termite, then you are having termites, consider it’s time to hire Professional Termite Inspection Melbourne. Professionals will make your home safe from termite attacks and damage. 

Are termites dangerous or Not?

Some people are in the dilemma of whether termite are dangerous or not. One thing is that termites are negatively affecting your health and the other thing is that they can wreak major devastation on your property.

The report of the National Pest Management Association says termite infestations have cost more than $3 Billion to Australians in one year. And, most home insurance policies don’t cover termite damage. It is because termite infestation can create major property structural damage, this would be an expense of big bucks. So, always make sure that you are getting professional help when you notice any sign. Professionals use the best techniques to control. This will save you from Termites And Unexpected Problems.

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