Ten Reasons to Get a Water Cooler Dispenser for Home

Water Cooler Dispensers for Home

From expensive bottled water to high utility bills, the cost of getting fresh water to your home can be increased. But the cost of bottled water isn’t the only reason you should get a water dispenser for home. There are plenty of benefits to getting a dispenser as well. Here are ten reasons you should get a water cooler dispenser for home.

Save Money on Bottled Beverages, Water Cooler Dispensers for Home

Many people who don’t have a water cooler dispenser for home will spend money on bottled water. If you have a family of 4, that could mean spending over $60 per month just on bottled water. When you invest in a water dispenser, you can save money because it will cost less than $5 to get a gallon of your favorite cold or hot drink brewed right to your home.

Curb Plastic Water Bottles with Our Water Cooler Dispenser for Home

If you buy bottled water, you know how expensive and wasteful it can be. If you buy bottled water, you know it’s costly and wasteful. What about when you drink it? Those plastic bottles don’t break down and are not biodegradable, so they sit in landfills. By getting a dispenser at home, you would reduce waste and save money.

You can have peace of mind knowing where your water Comes From with our water cooler dispenser for home.

You probably don’t know where your tap water is supplied. But with a water dispenser, you will always know your water source. Water dispensers are designed to filter the chlorine and heavy metals. If you have a water dispenser, you don’t have to worry about what may be in your tap water.

Eco-Friendly Hydration with Our Water Cooler Dispenser for Home

Water dispensers are environmentally friendly because they reduce the need for bottled water. Bottled water is a waste of resources, as well as money. The price of bottled water and the plastic used is significant for both manufacturers and consumers. Bottled water production is also wasteful and damaging to the environment because 40 percent of it leaks before it reaches consumers. And on average, 50 million barrels of oil are used each year to produce bottled water bottles.

Dispensers are also better for the environment because they use less energy than boiling a pot of water on your stove or using an electric kettle. Water dispensers use about 30 percent less energy than other methods for making fresh water at home, which means you can save some money by getting one. One of the most obvious reasons to get a water dispenser is that they save money. You no longer have to buy expensive bottled water or pay high utility bills for water. The average person spends over $300 per year on bottled water.

A good rule of thumb is to drink 10-12 cups of water a day, and you would need 12 cups x 365 days a year to make this happen = 3,650 cups per year. You will spend $3,660 on getting fresh water to your home annually if you don’t invest in a water dispenser and drink tap water. But with a dispenser at home, you can buy a gallon jug from the grocery store and refill it as much as you want – at an affordable price!

You Should Get a Dispenser to Save Money

The cost of bottled water is expensive, but it’s not the only reason you should get a dispenser. The high price of getting water to your home isn’t cheap either, or water dispensers can also save you money in that department. You won’t have to pay for bottled water or go through the hassle of buying and bringing it home. Buy a large container of water from the store, fill up your dispenser reservoir and enjoy fresh, clean water whenever you need it!

We give you unmatched filtration by using a unique blend of industrial-grade filtration materials and plant-based carbons that are considered superior ingredient infiltration. Coconut shell carbons are then thermally activated to create a micropore structure that we can compress into uniform blocks to ensure exceptional filtration potential.

Each of our filters can go through 350 gallons of water and give you the best of pure water at a button. The new hydration age gives you complete control over your water temperature controls and variations. Get instant hot, cold, ambient, and sparkling water at the touch of a button. We give you more with every glass while also being a healthy, sustainable solution.

Filtration that you can rely upon without cause for concern about an array of pollutants. Our ultimate filters remove upwards of 80 different contaminants in tap water that can lead to long-term ailments. The leading filtration technology in our water cooler dispenser for home gives you that peace of mind you deserve in healthier hydration for your entire family. Each top filter can also help remove the need for 2,800 bottles from being tossed into landfills across the USA.

Millions of Americans are exposed to dangerous contaminants in regular tap water. Exposure to pollutants is among the leading cause of concern. It ensures that the young and elderly are not prone to health conditions that lead to developmental issues. Take the first step in hydration that matters. A touch screen display gives you complete control while monitoring your co2 levels and filter status to ensure that you are ahead of any future upkeep.

Get hydrated all year round, ready for all your favorite brews, stews, mocktails, and cocktails available whenever you desire. We prioritize customer experience and ease of use with a promise to give you a long-lasting solution for daily hydration.

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