Telemedicine Services- An Ultimate Guide That You Need to Know Everything


Telemedicine is a magnificent phrase that is quite familiar to both doctors and patients. During this serious Covid19 crisis, it allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance by using telecommunication technology. Telemedicine Services- the approach has been through a striking evolution in the last decade and it is becoming an increasingly eminent part of the health care infrastructure.

Telemedicine Services and its Beneficial Factors:

Telemedicine improves the user-friendliness to health care facilities for the patient living in remote areas and allows doctors to reach out to patients and expand their services beyond their own clinic. It reduces travelling time for both patient and doctor. Along with the reduction in travel time it also decreases the stress related to traveling. It improves continuity of patient care as the patient and family members may be actively involved during a consultation.

Remote Interaction Instead of Visiting:

During this pandemic situation, it is really difficult to go out and take appointments from health care professionals. If the doctor is listed with a telemedicine service, patients can ask for check-ups online instead of visiting them. It can take about 3-5 minutes as the mobile app is very easy to use, enabling the doctor to respond 24×7.

Time Optimization- Cost Effective:

It can enormously benefit both doctors and patients as it makes the doctor-patient communication more convenient. Asklepia Helath- a unique mobile app connects patients with doctors as early as possible and a dedicated team is always working for it. Not only that for missed/rescheduled appointments, patients can ask for e-visits to make the most of their valuable time. It also enables patients to connect more flexibly with doctors, saving time and money.

Compliance with Appointments:

Patients missing out on their appointments may disturb doctor’s time and disrupt the smooth flow of their schedule as well. It can also result in non-compliance with appointments and follow-ups particularly for treatment schedules, which could be a health hazard for the patients.

Improved Documentation:

Off-hour visits are sometimes not recognized which can be risky for the doctor for future medical references. Telemedia services resolve the problem by recording and monitoring all virtual visits and providing references when required.

Mode of Operation:

The patient has to upload general health assessments data recorded on a regular or irregular basis (depending on the health concern) on a web-portal through an app on their computer or smart phones. The web portal is managed by the team of Asklepia Health that has a network of doctors and health care experts who can access the uploaded data. The doctors then diagnose the patient and if required they help to monitor their health status. This type of health monitoring is very effective for the chronically ill and the geriatric population who have to frequently go for checkups. Some conditions like dementia and congestive heart failures require continuous surveillance, the app have a solution for that as well, in the form of round-the clock surveillance services.

A Summary Of The Services Is Provided Below:

  1. Provision of Instructions
    2. Answering Of Health Related Queries
    3. Monitoring the Vital Signals
    4. Video Consultation

Nowadays, E-health services are also utilized by the doctors on a massive scale. This fact is backed by the numerous surveys which indicate the popularity of these services.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions:

  1. Efficiency in services
    2. Simplicity (The simplicity of these cloud-based services makes them increasingly user friendly so that the elderly can use them with great ease)
    3. Cost minimization
    4. Geographic limitations can be addressed easily as the person does not need to visit physically to a doctor.
    5. Round the clock service
    6. It reduces the unnecessary hospital admissions.

Nevertheless, Telemedicine Services offer unique potential for delivering faster, better, less expensive and more convenient care. The providers have made important contributions towards the improved health conditions of people globally and will surely continue to do so with each passing day. This service is very helpful for the patients who are aged. The easy to use process of the app makes this service very user-friendly. As the service evolves and expands, it provides huge opportunities for the health care profession, particularly in its ability to reach and improve the health of patients who might otherwise not have access to care.

About Us:

Asklepia Health is an upcoming app is offering several unique features like telemedicine services, general health assessments and many more. Due to Covid-19 situation, this app is now accepted by both the doctors and patients as it is very time saving and user friendly.


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