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tec certification

TEC certification is a mandatory document for those wanting to promote the import of telecom products in India. The document is given after the telecommunication engineering centre (TEC) completes testing the product that’s supposed to be imported in India.

If you’re an importer who wants to know about the TEC certificate process, this blog has simplified the process. Read to comprehend the steps to apply for TEC certification online.

When it comes to telecom equipments, India’s rising population has created for them an increasing market. However, the government can’t sit idle by as many countries still think of our countrymen as novices.

The misconceptions these countries have has caused several faulty products to come into the country. In response the government came up with a strategic idea to test each and every telecom product that’s imported in India. The result of that idea was TEC approval certificate.

One thing that you need to know about the ETA certificate is that everybody doesn’t need it. If you’re a wireless product manufacturer who is producing products within the country, you don’t need to obtain the license.
Secondly, if you’re manufacturing or importing products that are working in frequency that the government has already approved of, you’ll fall in the list that enjoys equipment type approval exemption.

Now that you know why you need to have this license, let’s discuss how to obtain it. before that lets know what is tec certification?

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, ETA certificate is what the wireless equipment importer must obtain to import wireless products in India.
The Department of Telecommunication, through the WPC or Wireless Planning Commission provides the ETA or WPC certificate for import.

What is TEC certification?

TEC certification is the authorization given to the importers of telecom importers to import the said products. It’s only given after the products are tested as per the MCTCE of Mandatory Testing of Telecommunication Equipment.

TEC Certification process

The process of TEC Certification India entails the steps given below:

  1. Go to the TEC approval portal.
  2. Click on Register as a new user.
  3. When you’re prompted, upload the documents:
    1. Authorized Indian representative letter of authorization
    2. Indian OEM letter of authorization.
  4. Wait for a few days as those documents are assessed.
  5. You’ll receive the login credentials for the website if the registration was a success.
  6. Login to the portal
  7. File the application of TEC approval.
  8. Upload the documents required
  9. Pay the requisite application fee.
  10. Download the copy of the application you’ve filled.
  11. Take a print out of the application, bundle it with the hard copies of the uploaded documents and send it to the TEC along with the equipment’s specimen.
  12. Wait as product is tested
  13. You’ll obtain the TEC Approval Certificate if everything is found to be as per the requirements.

How to get TEC certificate?

“If you want TEC certification, apply online” – that’s the general statement given by most consultants. However, the process to acquire certificate in actuality isn’t that cut and dry. While online element is present in the process, it’s just a small part of it. Here is the complete detail of the steps of TEC certification in India:

  1. Creating a user profile of the TEC portal: The Telecommunication Engineering Centre has established the TEC portal. Those who wish to get TEC certificate can apply through this portal. However, in order to get the right to file the application, they first have to get a profile created. To do so, they have to submit authorization letter that they have signed to authorize the Indian representative and the Indian OEM.
  2. After the profile is created the application is filed: It’s the step that DOT has tried to make as easy as possible. However, TEC consultants still recommend that cross checking the details during this process is essential before submitting the application. While filing the application, the applicant will encounter prompts to upload the required documents.
  3. After online application submission, the offline process initiates: Filing the online application is only the first half of the process. The second half consists of taking the printout of the filed application. Attaching to it the hard copies of the uploaded documents. Then, both the document and the application is submitted via post to the Telecommunication Engineering Centre’s office.
  4. Assessment of the application: The telecommunication engineering centre, through it’s in house lab, will run tests on the telecom equipment. If the equipment shows no fault and works within the specific parameters set by the central government, TEC certification number is issued to the applicant.                                                              Other Related Content: What exactly is infrastructure as a service

Documents one needs to apply for TEC Certification Registration

The following documents are needed to obtain the certificate:

  1. Letter of authorization
  2. MOA
  3. AOA
  4. Address proof of the place the equipment is manufactured
  5. Trademark registration certificate
  6. Bill of all the materials
  7. Original Test Reports
  8. Authority Letter


With these steps to apply for TEC certification online, you can get the right to import telecom equipment in India in no time.

To import any telecom equipment in India, it has to work at a frequency that the government allows. For that to happen, that equipment has to go through a radio frequency testing. And the one that delivers that test won’t be an independent association.

The government, through its process to issue WPC certificate – full form Wireless Planning Commission Certificate – conducts that testing. Only after analyzing the product and realizing that it works within the allowed frequency, it allows the telecom equipment to pass.


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