Tantrik Remedies To Remove Black Magic

Tantrik Remedies To Remove Black Magic

Have you ever felt that someone has done something to you or you have fallen under some kind of black magic. Often we search a lot to find home remedies to remove black magic or home remedies to remove black magic to remove any magic done at home or on ourselves. After performing the black magic removal mantra shared here, we can cut any black magic.

Hindu prayers to remove

We see such remedies which are according to our religion, so how to remove black magic in Hinduism can help you a lot. This remedy related to Hinduism. There are also some Hindu prayers to remove black magic by which you can reduce the effect of black magic. Today’s time is such that anyone makes anything happen because of mutual hatred, due to which we can fall ill or its bad effect can seen on our house and other members.

You can do these steps to get rid of it. In such a situation, we can easily overcome these problems ourselves by taking easy tricks that remove some such negative energy. Let’s know more about it.

black magic removal mantra

To remove black magic, there are many remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab to remove black magic and any kind of paranormal activity. In this book, many such home remedies given to get rid of paranormal problems like black magic, vashikaran, black witchcraft or kiya kiya or magic spells, which you can do at your level without any outsiders. The problem can also be solve by a black magic specialist.

People like black magician or cult member do such things for money which is none other than your enemy or your close member who is not happy with your progress. Some of these esoteric mantras like Maran, Uchchatan and Vidveshan mantras are extremely dangerous and can harm you physically and mentally.

There are many such paranormal remedies to solve these, using which you can destroy, expel or reverse the effects of any harmful black magic. One of its special features is that in this you do not have to follow any kind of caution or special instructions. This remedy is very easy and you can also use it to remove art magic easily.

The trick to remove the effect of black magic

This is a very easy way to remove the effect of black magic, it is a paranormal remedy which works as an effective trick to remove the effect of any kind of black magic. It is very easy to do this trick of black magic removal mantra in Hindi, you just have to follow the guide given below. You have to complete these lal kitab remedies remove black magic with the given method.

  1. It is right to do this trick in the evening on Saturday.
  2. Go to a nearby river or canal.
  3. Take betel leaves, cloves, 7 types of sweets, 52 glass bangles and kumkum.
  4. Take oil lamps, one with 2 lights and the other with 4 lights.
  5. Take 7 types of sweets and apply kumkum tilak on them.
  6. Now light both the lamps and let it burn on the banks of the river and let the rest of the things flow in the moving river.
  7. Whenever you come back home you don’t have to look back.
  8. After this experiment, whatever black magic or any kind done on your house, it will be remove.

What is the reason for not looking back?

This question must have come in your mind that whenever we do any trick or experiment, especially the trick related to the crossroads or the experiment done by going to a deserted place, after the completion of the action, we do not have to look back, this often heard. Which is consider an important part of these experiments, why so?

Usually, we place our faith in such tricks or actions. While using all these actions, we assume that they will work 100%. One reason for this is that in this action we fulfill the summon paranormal power. These supernatural powers are not connect in any way, but our faith gives them power.

This is the reason that looking back means we do not trust these powers, it is believed that. Apart from this, when we see that the enjoyment we have kept is the same, then there is doubt in the mind whether there is really anyone or not, due to which we are not able to maintain our faith. If you do tricks like black magic removal mantra, then you should follow this point because this is the reason why most of the tricks done by most of the people fail.

home remedies to remove black magic

This is a simple tantrik gharelu upay to revrse black magic. This simple and homely method to return the enemy’s work 100% works. If you have read our previous post What happens to the Tantra action of the Moon, then you must have understood that this type of action used to remove the effect of exorcising harmful voodoo spell. Even if you are a beginner exerciser, you can easily do it.

To do this home remedy, you need Bibwa seeds i.e. Bhilwa seeds. It is a seed as big as a peanut, which is used in Ayurveda, but it has its own importance in the world of Tantra. Its scientific name is samecarpus anacardium. To do this tantric experiment, you only need these seeds and nothing else.

All you have to do is to keep these 7 and 21 seeds in the courtyard of your house whenever there is a new moon and then break them by hitting it with a heavy object such as a stone. While doing this, your complete focus should be on the person whom you may suspect to have done some black magic or voodoo spell along with it.

By breaking these seeds, it works to break any kind of black magic done on you and done. Due to its easy use, it is also easy to do and there is no chance of any side effect.

mantra totka to remove black magic

This mantra of Hanuman ji is mostly used for any kind of removal, protection, reverse black magic effect. Most people use it to cut the effect of black magic voodoo spell of enemy, exorcist or tantric-mantric. We use Hanuman Deh Suraksha Kavach Mantra to remove fear or to get out of the clutches of supernatural power. This experiment is also easy and you can do it. The method given below, read carefully

This mantra is a proven mantra, due to which there is no need for any legislation or experiment to awaken it. All you have to do is take a copper urn. And any such vessel in which your right hand fingers can be immerse. After this chant this Hanuman mantra to remove black magic effect 21 times without stopping. After doing this, the effect of your mantra animates the water and you can use it.

Harimkart Mahamarkatay Parayantra Fear, Paramantra Fear Paratantra Fear Parvidya Chheday Chheday ||

After the chanting of this mantra, when the water is charged with the mantra. Then the seeker should sprinkle this water in the house. If a person is suffering from black magic. Then you should give him water, if the affected person refuses to drink it. Then mix this water in his food and drink and give it to him. By doing this, the effect of any kind of black magic or done on that person will be remove.

In today’s time, we should know some such things which can be of great use in our daily life. It has often been seen that after the attack of supernatural power. We go to many people so that a solution can be found. But instead of profit, we robbed. If we know about the powerful totka to remove black magic or voodoo spell. Then it is possible that we can do it sitting at home and cut it. Tantric remedies such as black magic removal mantra totka are simple and can done easily. Many remedies have been told about it in Indrajal and Lal Kitab book.

Someone has done some kind of black magic on your house, your member or on you. Then you can easily reverse it through the above mentioned remedy. To answer any question in this post, you can comment. As well as do not forget to tell us how you liked the post. Don’t forget to share it if you like it.

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