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Turkish airlines business class

Since 1933 when it started its operations, Turkish Airlines has been an outstanding performer in the global aviation industry. It started with just five conventionally-crafted planes and around 30 employees, but today, it is counted among the world’s largest airlines in all terms. It is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey- a country situated in the Middle East. Turkish Airlines is eminent for its overall airline services, but what makes it stand out is its Business Class services. Curious to know what it exactly feels like flying Turkish Airline Business Class? Let us take you on an awesome tour of the Business Class of Turkish Airlines. 

Turkish Airlines Cabin Classes

Flights operated by Turkish Airlines only have two cabin classes; Economy and Business Class. Since Business Class is the lone high-tier service Turkish Airlines has to offer its passengers, the airline is fully dedicated to maintaining and keeping upgrading the quality standards, comfort level, and travel experience of the same. And this is the chief reason the airline has won dozens of awards and accolades in the past two decades. It was named the “Best Airline in Europe” multiple times by Skytrax. Apart from this, the airline also belted “World’s Best Business Class Lounge,” “Best Airline in Southern Europe,” and “World’s Best Business Class Lounge Dining” awards many times which define its quality and excellence. 

Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish Airlines Business Class is a real luxury. If you don’t know what exactly luxury is and what it feels like, get a business-class ticket from Turkish Airlines now. You will understand what luxury actually means while flying with a business-class ticket on a Turkish Airlines flight. 

Turkish Airlines Business Class Seating is Maximum Comfort

What does maximum comfort mean to you? Sitting or lying on plush seats and fluffy beds wearing silk? Or home-like facilities? Whatever it means to you, you are 100 percent going to get much more than what you expect. Seats in Turkish Business Class are lie-flat and can be readily transformed into fully-flat beds in no time. These types of seats allow you to get what your body and mood ask for. 

Features of Turkish Airlines Business Class Seating

Turkish Airlines provides many different features along with ultra-comfy seating. These are designed to provide passengers the maximum comfort and the ultimate air travel experience. The features include: 

  • In-Chair Massage-

This is an innovative in-built feature that comes with Turkish Airlines Business Class seating. Whenever you feel tired or need some relaxation, you can get an instant message. All you need to do is to use the touchpad control panel installed somewhere on the armrest of your seat and activate the in-chair massage feature. Your tiredness will melt away in no time. 

  • Sleep in the Utmost Comfort with Complimentary Pillows, Blanket, and Kit-

Business Class passengers get a kit comprising the accessories like lip balm, earplugs, socks, eye masks, face wash, and moisturizer cream. You can use these items to go fresh in the bed. Complimentary blankets and pillows are also provided that allow you to sleep in the utmost comfort.

  • Screen off Feature and Reading Lamp-

Want to read your favorite author but do not want too much light? Use the “Screen Off” feature to turn the light off in your private area and turn on the reading “Reading Lamp.” 

  • USB Plugs and Laptop Power-

Some important office tasks are pending but don’t have enough power in your laptop? Do not worry! Since the business class seating comprises high-end USB plugs and laptop power, you won’t run out of your laptop power. You can complete your work comfortably and without any external interruption. 

  • A Rotatable Cocktail Table-

To facilitate your cocktail or mocktail time on the flights, Turkish Airlines provides a small rotatable cocktail table. You can use that whenever you feel like having some drinks. 

  • Multiple Entertainment Options of Your Interest-

Turkish Airlines Business Class seating also includes personalized entertainment with a wide TV screen and complimentary headphones by Denon. You can enjoy various movies, shows, and web series of your interest.

Turkish Airline Business Class Dining Experience

The inflight catering of Turkish Airlines is handled and managed by DO & CO- an Austrian catering company that is mainly active in airline catering and international events catering. Expect the finest, freshest, and most hygienic dishes featuring a variety of flavors. You will get whatever you choose from the menu card in no time. The inflight cabin crew team of the airline will serve you the food in the most friendly and welcoming way. 

Award-Winning Dishes-

Turkish Airlines has a wide selection of dishes prepared with aromatic ingredients to offer its Business Class passengers. Enjoy a range of award-winning dishes on your trip with Turkish Airlines.

Expert Flying Chefs-

Chefs employed by DO & CO are certified and have years of experience in airline catering. You will 100 percent get the highest quality of meals on demand. 

Turkish Flavors and the Flavors that Suit Your Tongue-

There is no dearth of Turkish flavors in Turkish Airlines dining. If you admire Turkish foods, your journey is definitely going to be memorable. The airline’s dining also includes the popular flavors of the country where the flight is flying to. So, every single passenger on the flight can get some quality food of their own taste.

Turkish Airline Business Class Comfort Kits

Turkish Airlines Business Class Passengers can avail themselves of the comfort kits provided by the airline. The kit for females is provided by Coccinelle while the men’s kit is the contribution of Hackett. These comfort kits comprise all the essentials required for keeping yourselves refreshed, relaxed, and in your own comfort zone. A lip balm, eye masks, ear plugs, and moisturizer cream are common in both kits. 

Turkish Airlines’ Lounge Business

Lounge Business is a premier lounge service by Turkish Airlines that can be accessed by only Turkish Business Class Travelers. This extraordinary premier lounge service includes a variety of luxury amenities and services, including luxury dining, a private shower, massage service, indoor entertainment, and a lot more. Passengers holding a Turkish Airlines Business Class ticket can make the most of these amazing lounge services. 

To enjoy the ultimate Lounge Business experience, catch your business-class flight from Istanbul International Airport. This airport is the primary hub of the airline.

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Turkish Airlines Business Class Privileges

Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers can avail of business-class privileges provided by Turkish Airlines. The privileges include:

Preferential Check-In

Turkish Airlines has dedicated check-in counters for its business-class passengers at many airports. If you hold a business-class ticket, you do not necessarily need to stand in the queue and wait for your turn. You can get through those dedicated check-in counters. 

Extra Baggage Allowance-

Business-class passengers are allowed to carry some extra kgs in their bags. Read the airline baggage policy for business-class passengers before packing your bags. Business-class travelers can also receive their bags first after landing at the airport. 

Extra Miles with Miles & Smiles-

Miles & Smiles is a frequent flier program of Turkish Airlines designed to reward their loyal passengers. If you are a part of this program, you can earn extra miles and points by flying Turkish Airlines Business Class.


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