Take The Righteous Action to remove QuickBooks Error PS038

QuickBooks Error PS038
QuickBooks Error PS038

You need to keep maintaining or updating your vital data and paycheck file called payroll. How do you do that? By updating your payroll regularly. But what if the update of the payroll denies to open or download? What if you fail to run your payroll, either? This kind of problem shows up when you encounter an error called QuickBooks Error PS038. The description of the error code mentions “Online to Send”. It implies that paychecks got stuck online and remain unsent. That is all that the article is going to discuss with its reader. It will share why the error shows up, and what are the ways or tools that can be employed to ensure the safe working of payroll and its update download.

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The reasons for the collapse in payroll update that you must be aware of

Prior to performing troubleshooting steps, it is essential for you to know the factors that cause the error. If you don’t know what went wrong with QuickBooks or payroll, you can end up wasting too much time and can even get the troubleshooting wrong. So let us count on the factors that stand responsible:

  1. The version of QuickBooks that you are using right now has become outdated. This outdated version can lead the error to grow.
  2. Some unidentified common errors occur in QuickBooks; these errors can be fatal and can damage the data files, leading to the error PS038.
  3. The payroll tax table is not up to date, creating resistance for the payroll to get sent.
  4. If your company files have lost their data integrity and become damaged, the error would appear.

These were the most probable reasons that led to the error. Renew and repair these fields and get the PSxxx series errors eliminated. Now allows us to lay the troubleshooting methods out to you.

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What to change the payroll status to “sent”?

PS038 is one of the errors from the series of PSxxx. They occur when payroll updates are being downloaded in QuickBooks Desktop. So, you need to execute the troubleshooting steps keeping this and the above causes in mind. Hence, further, we will discuss how users can get their payroll sent without an error.

Step 1: Download and install the most advanced version of QuickBooks

It is progressive and more productive to work in a safe and updated environment on QuickBooks. Timely updates become crucial to get new features added.

  1. Close QuickBooks and the company files.
  2. Now go to the Windows Start menu.
  3. Find QuickBooks Desktop, then right-tap the icon. Now choose Run as administrator.
  4. When the No Company Open screen is on, click the Help menu. Now choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Can you see the Options tab? Go to it and opt for Mark All; save by clicking Save.
  6. From the Update, Now tab, choose the Reset Update from checkboxes.
  7. Tap Get Updates.
  8. After completing the update, shut the QuickBooks Desktop, then reopen it.
  9. Click Yes for installing the update.

When you have installed the updated file on your system, you become prepared for sending your Payroll again i.e., step 2.

Step 3: Resend Payroll Data

Try sending your Payroll Data again depending on your payroll service:

  1. From the Employees menu, first, opt for My Payroll Service, then for Send Usage Data or
  2. under the Employees menu, opt for Send Payroll Data

If you succeed to send it irreproachably, then re-update your payroll. If the error message doesn’t pull back, advance to Step 2.

Step 4: Note the Stuck Checks, Choose the Filter, And Verify

Put your finger on the stuck paychecks that are yet to be sent online. Don’t edit or delete any of them; just note down the oldest and newest stuck paychecks by clicking on the Find window’s “Number of matches”, for reference purposes.
Identify the stuck paychecks:

  1. Click on Edit choice, pick on Find.
  2. Choose the Advanced tab.
  3. Now in the Choose Filter field, from the Filter list, hit Detail Level.
  4. Click Summary Only.
  5. From the Filters in the Choose Filter section list, make a tap on Online Status.
  6. From the drop-down, choose Online to Send.
  7. In order to view the unsent paychecks to Intuit, select Find.
  8. Do run a verify data; it shall exhibit the stuck paychecks in the results.

After the completion of step 2, follow step 3 for repair.

Step 5: Run Verify and Rebuild Data

To verify the number of paychecks stuck, the user will need to run a Verify data then Rebebuild Data to repair or send those paychecks. See how to do it:

  1. Back up your QuickBooks company file.
  2. Then run Verify data by closing all the windows, then selecting File. Then select Utilities.
  3. Choose to hit Verify Data.
  4. If it indicates the unsent paychecks, then do run a Rebuild Data by clicking File, then Utilities, and then Rebuild Data.
  5. After the completion of this rebuild data process, it should display that the paychecks have been fixed.

You must now have sent your paycheck or payroll successfully; if you still have the error showing up, then you should check your Paycheck Details.

With all that, we have reached the conclusion of our article. Initially, the content put forth in the article talked about the fundamental elements and facts of QuickBooks Error PS038. Then it acquainted the readers with the factors that are to be blamed for the rise of error. Finally, there was comprehensive guidance given to terminate the error. If you still couldn’t transfer your payroll or update them, reach out to enthusiastic and amicable professionals of the QuickBooks Support Team for meticulous support, guidance and response at Our Toll  free number.

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