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Developing Critical and Creative Thinking with Online Learning

Introduction Today the world is changing rapidly, and it demands new approaches to learning. Jobs and skills that are relevant today may be obsolete in...

How is Virtual Schooling Beneficial for Preschoolers?

We all hear the tales of our first school day as the most anticipated and significant memories of our life. Preschool is a crucial...

Revolutionizing Online Classes with 21K Online School

We’ve all been pretty used to online learning till now. The shutdown of physical schools also made us accept the concept of online schooling....

What Will Schools Look Like in 2050?

Considering the pace of technological advancement, it won’t be surprising if, by 2050, at least 90 percent of the student population is pursuing online...

Top 12 E-Learning Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

It's no secret that E-Learning has been rising and has become one of the most popular learning methods in recent years. And it looks...

The Rise of Online Learning: Future of Education Is Here

The internet has revolutionized the way we live, work and play. It is one of the latest areas to be impacted by this technology...

How Online Schools Can Replace Edtechs: What Experts Say

The big edtechs in India have primarily focused on providing supplementary education. That is trying to replace the coaching classes rather than acting as...

What Is A Virtual Classroom and How Does It Work?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought in a new way of doing things. From work from home culture to carrying out a child’s education at home,...

Innovation Skills for the Future of Schooling

The Fourth Industrial Revolution reveals that 'half of today's work activities will be automated by 2055'. To meet the demands of the future, we need...

What are the most common myths about online schools?

Online schools are a new type of schooling that enables you to learn without any geographical barrier from the cosy nook of your house at...