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What makes Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent?

In this technology-intensive world, Artificial Intelligence is the one technology dominating our lives more and more. Why Is AI the latest technology buzzword? Ever browsed Netflix?...

How to Apply Data Science in SEO

Data science is a huge field with many different applications. In this blog post, we will focus on how to apply data science in...

6 Real-World Problems that can be Solved by Machine Learning

Applications of Machine learning are many, including external (client-centric) applications such as product recommendation, customer service, and demand forecasts, and internally to help businesses...

In Robotics, AI is embodied with Deep Learning and Machine Learning

The generation has been improving with the short passage of time in few years. Meanwhile, it has furnished a few very cutting-edge variations of...

Five AI technologies that you need to know

Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it feasible for machines to research from experience, modify to new inputs and carry out human-like obligations. Most AI...

What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do?

The job of a Machine Learning Engineer job is basically a mix of two major professions: Data Scientists and Software Engineers. A Data Scientist's primary...

Artificial Intelligence: The Risks in AI Revolution

Miss-classification is the biggest risk posed by AI. The Risks in AI Revolution may be classifying a friendly aircraft as hostile, to blocking your...