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Homeschooling in India Success Stories: Juggling Hobbies

21K School has been a beacon of doing homeschooling right. With over 6000 students enrolled from 54 nations across the world, the success has...

Online Schooling: The Good, The Better, and The Best

Online schooling is the new form of schooling, wherein the student studies through the internet using virtual online platforms. Students use home computers and...

10 Things Parents Need To Know About Homeschooling

Homeschooling is growing in popularity worldwide, and India is no exception.  And it's no wonder why! More and more parents are choosing to homeschool their children...

How Does Technology Enhance The Learning Experience Of Students?

With the introduction of the Internet and computers, a wide range of educational applications has become available which enables students to learn various concepts...

5 Tips To Develop A Child’s Problem-Solving And Analytical Skills

Introduction As a parent, you always want your child to succeed in life. The key to success in life is to develop child's problem-solving and...

Developing Critical and Creative Thinking with Online Learning

Introduction Today the world is changing rapidly, and it demands new approaches to learning. Jobs and skills that are relevant today may be obsolete in...

The Importance Of Fostering Digital Literacy In K-12 Education

We must start digital literacy programs as early as kindergarten in this digital age. This early introduction to the digital world prepares young kids...

5 Interactive and Fun Homeschooling Activities

Since the global Coronavirus pandemic, the "New Normal" tagline has become very popular. As a result of the epidemic, every sector, including education, has...

What Does it mean by Homeschooling in India?

What Does Homeschooling Mean In India today? After the pandemic, the education system changed in India. It became mandatory for kids to adapt to the...

How is Virtual Schooling Beneficial for Preschoolers?

We all hear the tales of our first school day as the most anticipated and significant memories of our life. Preschool is a crucial...