Tackle QuickBooks Update Error 1328 With These Hacks!

QuickBooks Update Error 1328
QuickBooks Update Error 1328

The moment you get stuck with the QuickBooks update error 1328, the following alert warning message comes along, “Error 1328. Error updating file C:\Config.Msi\PTI9C6.tmp. System error -1072807676”. Now, you must be wondering when and why the issue triggers? Well, it can encounter at any time while installing, updating, fixing, or even uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop. So, to make it easy for you to understand, we have enlisted the most apparent factors of the error. Not only that, but in addition, we have also focused on different troubleshooting methods. Once you go through the reasons section, do not forget to check out the fixing processes.

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Primary Reasons That Provoke the Error Code 1328 in QuickBooks Desktop

The reasons for incurring the mentioned issue are vast. However, there are certain causes that are most likely to affect the issue. As a result, in this section, we are going to look into the most usual factors affecting the problem-

  1. One of the major probable causes might be the damaged or corrupt installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Another reason includes the corrupted config.msi file. Apart from this, it is also possible that the file might have been corrupted as well.
  3. Last but not least, you might face the problem if there has been an incomplete installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.

As you are aware of the common factors that give rise to the glitch, read further to learn the easiest yet most effective processes of debugging it. After reading the next part, you will be familiar with four solutions to deal with the error.

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Is there Any Way Through Which I Can Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Installation Error Message 1328?

If you have been struggling to find an ideal method for fixing the error, then refer to the solutions we have provided below. All these processes have been performed by our technical experts. Make sure you go through each step accurately-

SOLUTION 1: Make Usage of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool From the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. Do not run the company file or QuickBooks while using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Make sure to quit it and then proceed towards further steps.
  2. Open the internet browser on your desktop to go to Intuit’s official website.
  3. From there, verify the current version of the Tool Hub application and then download it.
  4. Choose a convenient location to save the downloaded file.
  5. In the next step, start installing the file.
  6. Run the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file and move ahead by following the on-screen displayed instructions.
  7. Now, agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. To complete the installation, hit the ‘Finish’ button.
  9. Next, start the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then move to the ‘Installation Issues’ section.
  10. Initiate the scan process by tapping on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool button.
  11. After the problem gets fixed, re-launch the computer system and try to open your QuickBooks program.

SOLUTION 2: Apply the Clean Install Procedure For Re-Installing the QuickBooks Desktop

  1. First of all, for the deletion process, click on the ‘Start’ button of Windows and choose the Control Panel.
  2. Next, tap on any one option- ‘Programs and Features’ or ‘Uninstall a Program’.
  3. When the list of installed applications appears on your screen, opt for the QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. To delete it, hit ‘Remove’ followed by the ‘Uninstall/Change’ option.
  5. Tap on the ‘Next’ button and then again install it.
  6. From Intuit’s website, download the same version of QuickBooks you uninstalled just now.
  7. After that, save the ‘QuickBooks.exe’ file to a favorable location and then go through the instructions prompted on the screen.
  8. Select the ‘Next’ button and then provide the required info of your QB.
  9. In the further step, you must select an install type that is suitable for your version of QB.
  10. Now, tap ‘Next’ and then ‘Install’.
  11. Finally, after the installation process, run the program to activate it.

SOLUTION 3: Update the Name of the Damaged Config.msi File

  1. Initiate the process by hitting the ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard, and then you will see a list of programs.
  2. From there, choose ‘Computer’ and then ‘Local Disk (C:)’.
  3. Now, you are required to tap ‘Organize’ and then hit ‘Folder and Search Options’.
  4. Shift to the ‘View’ tab and deselect the ‘Hide Protected Operating System Files’ checkbox.
  5. To save the changes, click on the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’.
  6. On the same window, move the cursor on the search bar and then search the ‘Config.msi’ file.
  7. Once found, right-click on the file and tap on the ‘Rename’ option.
  8. Include ‘.old’ at the end of the file name and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  9. In the end, try to install, uninstall, update, or repair the QB software to check if the issue has been rectified or not.

SOLUTION 4: Fix the Damaged QuickBooks Installation to Eliminate the Error

  1. In the beginning, you are required to access the Control Panel window from the ‘Start’ section of the Windows desktop.
  2. Now, opt for the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option and then look for the QuickBooks Desktop in the list.
  3. Once you find it, choose it.
  4. To fix the application, tap on the ‘Repair’ button.
  5. Further, go ahead by performing the instructions popping up on the screen.

As we come to a conclusion, we suppose that this entire content has guided you well in comprehending the concept of QuickBooks update error 1328. You must be able to rectify the issue successfully if you follow each step precisely. Our regular QuickBooks users have claimed all these solutions to be the best and most efficient. However, at times, some other minor glitches come across and interrupt while using these debugging methods. At that time, we highly recommend you to get in touch with one of the pro advisors for quick guidance by dialing our Toll-Free Number. Our team will stay in constant touch with you till you completely fix the issue.

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