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Smoothies restore the body back to the factory setting. Making smoothies, protein shakes for breakfast is an easy way to start off your day with fruits, vegetables, and loads of energy. But with a supplement blender that is not up to the requirement, you might be left with chunks of banana, mangoes, or blueberries that your tastebuds might not approve of and make your mood off.

Because there is nothing like starting the day with a healthy and delicious breakfast smoothie. Dwight David Howard, an American professional basketballer, has a lot to say about the training and how supplements are good for health. He said – as far juicing goes, he has done it for a couple of years; it is great to detox the body. Doing the supplements, smoothies, and getting many fruits and veggies in the form of shakes gives you just more energy. You will feel the results after a couple weeks of doing it. Be consistent, and you will see the difference.

After reading this, you are more wondering to start your day with a smoothie from now on. But is there a good blender on your kitchen countertop to make it possible? No, buy a supplement blender that can crush ice into a smooth slush, cut frozen fruit and blend it into a smooth thick liquid. To find the best smoothie supplement blender for yourself is not challenging. Here are a few supplement blenders that you can choose from for making smoothies.

Recommended Supplements Blenders for Smoothies


Vitamix – Best Supplement Blender Overall

Ferrari of blenders – Vitamix is the most popular supplements blender among kitchen experts. People love Vitamix supplement blender because of its ability to whip air in tonics, coconut milk and gives it a fluffy mouthfeel texture that no other blender can replace.   It has an advanced module setting, so you can throw all your ingredient in, turn it on, and walk away. It can easily whirl up chunks of all fruits, vegetables, and anything else that would leave chunks in the supplement blender.

Vitamix is a bit pricey, but it is worth investing in. It is one of those appliances that you will love for years.

Magic Bullet Blender – Less Expensive on your Pocket!

If you are looking for something a bit budget-friendly and take little space of your kitchen counter, go for a personal bullet-style supplement blender. The supplement blender consists of a small container, high speeds blades, and much more. It is best because it is affordable, so compact size, and easy to clean but has a great whirling ability.

Personal Supplement Blender

If you are looking for a handy, convenient blender, then go for a personal blender to make tasteful smoothies and supplements that you can easily take with you to the gym. There is no extra use of glasses as you just have to put all the ingredients in the supplement blender and blend it, and your work-out smoothie is ready.

What to Look for in a Supplement Blenders


Blender Type

There are three types of supplement blenders; countertop, high performance, and single-serve. Countertop blenders have a large pitcher mounted on a motor and perform various functions such as mix, crush blend and make a puree. A high-performance blender usually has a strong motor, and it can be all from grinder to food processor. Last but not least, single-serve can work as your supplement blender. The pitcher is smaller in a small water cup and fits for your protein shakes and smoothies. Using this, you can easily blend fruits and vegetables.


One time investment in top-notch appliances pays off in terms of durability and longevity. When choosing a supplement blender, look for two factors; blades and pitcher material. You should always consider blades in stainless material. And for pitchers, opt for BPA free plastic or glass material. Because glass does not absorb odor and not faded away like plastic material.

Motor Size

The motor size is an important factor to look for in a supplement blender. It indicates the amount and type of food it can process at a time. The stronger and high the working capability of the motor, the better will be the results. Lowered powered motor can have challenges while crushing ice and harder ingredient. They won’t work in the long term and mostly come up with fewer price tags.

Bottom Line

A great supplement blender is an essential and perfect addition to any kitchen, but it is more helpful for those who enjoy smoothies, and protein shakes after hitting the gym. Also, a top-notch supplement blender is a great investment in both health especially, if you use it for smoothies and protein shakes. A great supplement allows you to be creative and try new smoothies and supplement every day and satisfy your taste buds. Because it is not just a matter of buying kitchen essentials, but you are buying a supplement blender to make smoothies and improve your health.


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