Supplanting wet signatures with electronic marks


Why are wet marks being supplanted by electronic marks? Depending only on wet marks is expensive. Sitting tight for consented to arrangements and finished agreements take time and cash. Innovation is extending our approaches to marking, and electronic marks are making quicker and more straightforward ways of carrying on with work when contrasted with the more conventional structure.

This post diagrams what is implied by the expression “wet mark” and the drawbacks of gathering them. We additionally talk about when electronic marks can supplant wet marks and the upsides of doing as such.

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What is a wet mark?

When you hear “signature”, what comes into view?

You are reasonable thinking about a wet mark. For a really long time, it has been the most acknowledged type of demonstrating the legitimate legitimacy of archives.

Putting your name to paper with an ink pen, denoting a basic X, involving name seals or stamps all do the trick in making this kind of mark. It is alluded to as a Digital Signature as the ink or wax utilized necessities time to dry subsequent to denoting the archive.

In any case, the idea of how we sign is developing. The creation and utilization of electronic marks are uncovering the inconveniences of gathering wet marks.

What are the drawbacks of gathering wet marks?

Albeit the demonstration of marking an actual report is prompt, there are a few disservices during the time spent gathering wet marks for the two organizations and their clients.


Making, sending, marking, and returning a paper report can be slow-paced. Underwriters might experience postpones returning arrangements because of issues with conveyance or messenger administrations. Workdays and occasion timetables can likewise obstruct the time taken to finish the cycle.


The expense of office supplies and hardware adds up. Wet marks require printers and scanners and a steady stock of ink, toner, and paper.

Delays in getting marked contacts can likewise be destructive to organizations. Looking out for the arrival of paper-based arrangements can bring about the deficiency of other possible income.

Moreover, delays in shutting business arrangements can give clients an additional chance to investigate different offers – to your detriment.


There are incontrollable obstructions that can cause a burden in gathering wet marks. Will the endorser approach a printer? Will they have issues returning the sent report? For organizations, recording and putting away paper-based marks is likewise awkward. Returned arrangements should be checked, documented, and put away. The aggregation of actual reports requires space and a recording framework – particularly for the future recovery of marked archives.

Ecological effect

Many organizations are promising to turn out to be naturally mindful and decrease paper utilization – an inconceivable reality while depending on the assortment of wet marks. The creation of paper requires huge amounts of water and furthermore adds to deforestation.

The transportation of archives and individuals likewise negatively affects the climate. Wet mark archives depend on postal administrations or dispatch administrations to be sent and returned. There is likewise the topic of moving individuals to and from areas to sign actual reports.

When would an electronic mark be able to supplant a wet mark?

Electronic marks take into account computerized reports to be marked lawfully – without the requirement for a paper-based, transcribed mark. They are supports in advanced structure and are supplanting wet marks in a wide scope of conditions.

Similar to wet marks, electronic marks: confirm the personality of an individual, establish evidence of assent, legally binding status, and are supporting the data contained in a record.

A few normal instances of electronic marks include:-

  • Composing your name into an electronic record, like an email.
  • Transferring a filtered paper signature.
  • Drawing your mark on a screen.
  • Clicking a button on a site to affirm a request.

A few regulations have been made worldwide as of late that legitimize the utilization of electronic marks, conceding them similar legitimate impact and weight as wet marks.

In the European Union, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) lays out the legitimateness of electronic marks. It has been in power beginning around 2016 and states:-

The eIDAS Regulation is appropriate in all parts of states and perceives three kinds of electronic marks. They are Simple electronic marks, Advanced electronic marks, and Qualified electronic marks.

To manage the kinds of electronic marks and electronic marking strategies, the European Union requires trust specialist co-ops.

As a certified trust specialist co-op, Signaturit furnishes clients with master exhortation and got electronic mark programming best matched to your necessities.

Electronic marks can supplant wet marks in most cases. By the by, wet marks are mentioned on events to make records lawfully restricting. Instances of such conceivable outcomes incorporate court orders, separate from procedures, appropriations agreements, or wills.

What are the benefits of utilizing electronic marks over wet marks?

As we recently illustrated, depending on the assortment of wet marks can bring about a few weaknesses. Then again, there are various advantages in taking on the utilization of electronic marks, which include:-


Record completion time is a lot quicker with electronic marks. They are sent, marked, and returned in a question of a couple of snaps. Hanging tight for paper arrangements in the post turns into a relic of past times. Electronic marks likewise essentially lessen the time spent occupied with managerial assignments while gathering wet marks.

Financially savvy

At the point when electronic marks supplant wet marks, it decreases regulatory costs.

The interaction brings about less utilization of paper and ink and fewer expenses in keeping up with and fixing printers. Moreover, less cash is spent on the material to record and keep documentation in a precise way.


Electronic marks cut out the commonplace authoritative undertakings associated with gathering wet marks. Making, sending, following, and chronicling archives are rearranged. Further to this, the phases of the agreement the executives are likewise rearranged and mechanized.

Representatives additionally benefit from decreased time spent on printing, examining, and sending paper records considering more opportunities for esteem added assignments in the work environment.


In contrast with wet marks, electronic marks give better lawful inclusion on agreements. Electronic proof takes into consideration the complete detectability of the marking system, allows the ID of the endorser, and ensures the respectability of the report.

Harmless to the ecosystem

Electronic marks take into consideration signature cycles to become sans paper. In one year, clients utilizing the electronic mark arrangement presented by Signaturit dispensed with a paper-based organization, saving 43 million pages of paper and 2,000 trees.


The constant digitization of our reality is a reality, and innovation is widening our vision of how we sign lawfully restricting records. Supplanting wet marks with electronic marks gives a quicker, more straightforward, securer, and more savvy approach to marking.

Organizations have confronted difficulties following the Covid-19 pandemic and the peculiarities of remote working. New changes in plans of action should be protected and straightforward, presently like never before.

As a believed specialist organization, Signaturit works with the progress from customary pen-on-paper marked archives to electronic marks. Our administrations ensure the security of electronic marks, guaranteeing that they are not difficult to use for the two organizations and their clients.



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