Super stix vape and cigarette use: long-term effects, benefits and risks.


Smoking has long term health effects. It not only influences your physical health but also affects you mentally. One single cigarette contains over 7000 chemicals, all of which are extremely hazardous to human health. So, it is better to go for its better alternatives like Super stix vape or nicotine inhalers etc.

Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and badly destroys the functioning of your brain. It also affects the white blood cells of your body and ceases blood flow. Moreover, secondhand smoke (exhaled by the smoker) affects the lives of people around you, especially infants and children.

Elux legend pro rechargeable vaping, in contrast, is less harmful than smoking as it contains less toxic ingredients. Unlike a cigarette, a Super stix vape device does not contain tobacco or any other harmful substance. Vape devices carry e-liquids that are not so obnoxious for human consumption. (Disposable vapes are convenient to use and easy to maintain and give you an incredible vaping experience)

Long Term Health Effects of Smoking:

It has been seen that smokers never take smoking warnings serious, and they continue smoking for the rest of their lives. It is still unknown why smokers do not consider smoking bad. Smoking is a poison that makes you sick over time.

Have you ever seen someone who never had a headache and suddenly encountered cancer at some point in their life. This usually happens with people who start smoking at an early age and can’t restrain themselves from it. (Switch to Aroma king disposable 3500 like elf bar to weave off your smoking habits)

Smoking is like that poison which gradually shows its results. First, it makes you intolerable towards people and then pushes you into the darkroom of depression, and then the time comes when your life becomes miserable.

Mental Effects of Smoking:

Many people smoke cigarettes to overcome their anxiety and depression, but smoking never helps you combat your anxiety. Instead, it adds more to it. Smoking turns you into a more regressive and depressive person. Moreover, it makes you emotionally weak and badly affects your life.

Nicotine and carbon mono-oxide reaches your brain within 10 minutes of your first puff. It combines with the blood of your body and starts releasing toxic chemicals. When reaching different organs of your body, the chemicals start manipulating them and slows down your whole body’s functioning.

Here is Why you Should Switch to Vapes:

Switching to Vapes will effectively help you weave off your smoking habits. Moreover, it makes your life less toxic and helps you improve your mental health. Many health agencies encourage vapes becuase they are similar to cigarettes but are less likely to cause you any damage.

A simple disposable vape device or a rechargeable vape is generally made of four components: a battery, a coil, E-liquids, and a mouthpiece. Every vaping device has these components, and every device functions differently.

Vaping Benefits Over Smoking:

Vaping might imitate cigarette smoking, but it is actually different. The smoke of cigarettes and the vapours of vapes are not the same. Cigarette smoke contains carbon mono-oxide and tar, which badly affects your lungs and blood vessels. In comparison, vape clouds contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavour and nicotine (optional), which are 95% less harmful than cigarette smoke.

Just like cigarette brands, there are various brands of vapes, and you can get your preferred vape device from those brands. From a simple disposable vape device to a classic and modern automatic vape, you will get every vape easily.

What’s the Verdict?

There is no doubt that vapes are much safer than cigarettes when it comes to comparison. They are less toxic than cigarettes and successfully help you combat your smoking habits. So, if any of your friends are smoking and you want to help them in their smoking cessation, give them a disposable vape.


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