Suicidal feelings and thoughts how to overcome this condition

Suicidal feelings and thoughts how to overcome this condition

Usually we can achieve anything through our emotion but what if our emotion becomes so weak that we are compelled to commit suicide? If such thoughts are coming into your mind, then it means that there are some such emotions and thoughts in your mind which are becoming overwhelming and permanent. When your emotion turns into pain, then Suicidal Feeling starts bothering you. It becomes very important for us to know how to make life normal again by overcoming suicidal thoughts and feelings.

We talked about the reason behind committing suicide in our previous article. Today we are living a lifestyle with so much pressure that it known when pressure and stress turn into suicidal thoughts and feelings. Everyone has pressure in life but we overcome it up to a limit.

After crossing the limit, these emotional changes turn into such a feeling which makes us feel that life has become meaningless. Slowly our Confidence starts going down and only one thought remains in our mind, now our life has no importance, only by eliminating it, all the problems can be overcome.

The reason for such thoughts coming to your mind is not your mental imbalance but your increased pain due to which you are not able to protect yourself. Let us know about this in more detail and about the steps to be taken for prevention.

What are Suicidal feelings and thoughts?

It does not matter how much pain is inside you because in today’s life everyone is going through this kind of feeling. There have been many such turns in our life and will come when we have come to us with suicidal thoughts. Having such thoughts is not a sign of our character defect, crazy, weak, or flawed, but it shows that the emotion has gone beyond our ability to bear the pressure.

Some time and the support of loved ones can help you to control your emotions, due to which you can be saved from suicidal feelings. Most of the people think of ending their life when they get frustrat from all sides and they have no other way. The reason for this is to filled with depression and despair from all sides.

If you think that no one will care if you leave, then you are wrong. Somebody needs you too and there are many places and work where you can bring change, so first of all start giving importance to yourself. Always remember that

  • Your emotions are never permanent / fixed. Give yourself as much time as possible before doing anything.
  • Your absence will have a profound effect on the lives of your close friends.
  • There are many things and opportunities that you can still get.
  • There are many sights, sounds, and experiences that are yet to be achieve in life.
  • The ability to enjoy your pleasurable emotions and to experience distressing emotions both has the same ability.

Why do I feel suicidal?

There is a lot of emotional pain that causes thoughts of suicide. The thoughts that come inside every person and the ways to avoid them differ from person to person. Well, there are some common reasons that lead to experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings.

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Why is suicide the last option left?

If you are not getting any other solution other than suicide, it does not mean that there is no other solution. The reason for this is that you are so worried that you do not see any other solution. Sometimes intense emotional pain increases so much that it affects your ability to think.

When your ability to think is affect, then you are neither able to think properly nor can you take the help of those people who can help and support you. Therapists, counselors, friends, or loved ones can help you avoid your suicidal feeling, so if they want to help you, then let them do so.

A suicidal crisis is almost always temporary

We feel that pain and unhappiness are never going to end but in reality, it is only for some time. Solutions can be found, feelings can be changed and unexpected positive events can come anytime. Committing suicide is the permanent solution to all our temporary problems.

Give yourself time so that you can do the necessary things right and remove the pain. Your given time can help in removing all your suicidal feelings and thoughts.

There is definitely a solution to every problem here

Many times we feel that our problem has increased so much that now we have become hopeless. You should know that even for those problems in which we give up hope, there is definitely some solution. If there is a need to give some time to us so that we can see and understand it.

We can correct many types of mental health conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder by making changes in our lifestyle therapy, and medication.

If you have tried for this before, then you will have to try different approaches until the right solution is found. We try many times but the result does not come out as desired, so do not give up hope for this, rather keep on changing your methods so that the right solution comes out and the result is your desired.

If you come to know how to face the problem of Suicidal feeling, then you can avoid it by taking the steps and actions to be share below.

Once the problem is detected, start working on these actions immediately

There are 5 such actions that you can do during this time.

Do not do anything immediately, but try to give yourself as much time as you can: No matter how much trouble you are in, but try to maintain as much distance as possible between your thought and action. Avoid working on an action as much as possible. Remember Thoughts and actions are two different situations.

Never let suicidal thoughts become reality. There is no deadline for this and no one can force you. As much as possible, maintain the distance between both suicidal thoughts and suicidal action.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Most people believe that intoxication makes us forget the gum. But the reality is that if you are full of stress and has given up hope, then using drugs and alcohol makes your inner Suicidal feelings and thoughts even stronger. Avoid using it whenever you are in a stressful situation.

Make your home safe

Remove yourself from such things which can harm you. If you cannot remove these things from home, then go to such a place or among people where you can feel safe.

Do not keep such feeling limited to yourself only

If you notice, then the first step of coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is not to keep such thoughts suppressed inside you. Share your thoughts with the people on whom you trust, due to which thoughts of committing suicide are coming in you or you have no other option than this.

Sharing your emotion and feeling with friends creates solutions for you that you yourself cannot think of.

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Take hope

people DO get through this: Never give up hope because those people who have kept their hopes up to survive, whose minds were filled with negative and hopeless thoughts like yours.

Reaching good times with the help of your expectations can prove to be the right opportunity for you. It doesn’t matter how full of self-loathing, hopelessness, or isolation you are, your hope will be to find a solution to every problem for you.

Give yourself as much time as possible and don’t try to do everything right by yourself. Take the help of friends so that you get support and you can get out of Suicidal feeling and thoughts as soon as possible.

How to get help from others

In this type of situation, there are many people around us who can help us. If you have promised yourself that you will stay for at least 1 week, and then find someone whom you trust the most. Tell him all the things of your heart and take his opinion about what you should do at this time.

How do tell to someone about your suicidal feelings

In fact, it is not so easy, even you have thought that who you trust and whom to tell, despite this it is not so easy to share your suicidal thoughts with others. In such a situation, tell them exactly what is going on in your mind and what kind of suicide plan you are doing.

If you are not able to tell anyone, then you can also give it to the person close to you by writing on a paper. And If you want, you can convey your heart to others through email message or any other medium. Or If the first person whom you are trying to tell does not understand your point, then do not take tension and try to tell someone else.

How to cope with suicidal thoughts

Always keep in mind that suicidal thoughts and feelings are a never-ending condition. But that does not mean that it is a permanent condition. We can improve ourselves, even though there are some things which we can get out of it if we keep in mind.

If suicidal feelings and thoughts are coming into your mind, then take care of the following things

  • Tell a person about your mind every day and try to tell them all this together. You can ask any of your close friends to spend time with you.
  • Make such a plan that can help in getting out of the suicidal crisis. In this you can save the number of your close friend whom you can call first during emergency.
  • Fix your schedule so that your time is as busy as possible and you get the least amount of time. Thoughts of committing suicide bother you only when you are alone. The more you are busy with yourself and others, the more your mind will be engage in external things.
  • Try to spend a small part of your day like 30 minutes with nature. This helps you to a great extent in avoiding Suicidal feeling.
  • Take some time out every day for exercise. Develop both body and mind through exercise so that you can strengthen yourself.
  • Focus more on the things that make you happy.
  • Always remember your personal goals and work on them. It can be anything like walking somewhere, reading a book or doing anything different that you want to do.
  • What to Avoid During Suicidal Feelings and Thoughts
  • If your mental condition is weak and such thoughts are dominating you again and again, then you have to avoid doing some things like
  • Avoid being alone because when you are alone then this feeling tries to dominate more.
  • If you are going through this kind of situation, then avoid any kind of intoxication.
  • Do not do such activities that lead you to depression like listening to sad music. Looking at the photos behind, reading old letters or remembering the mistakes made in your past.
  • Thinking about suicide and other negative thoughts Many times it happens. That we isolate ourselves and whenever the mind is sad. Then we keep repeating negative thoughts again and again, due to which the mind becomes sad.
  • In such a situation, try to distract yourself as much as possible from such suicidal thoughts so. That this thinking cannot dominate you for some time.

Recovering from suicidal thoughts

  • The thought of committing suicide again and again reflects the hidden pain inside. You which is equivalent to a traumatizing experience to experience. If you surrounded by this kind of situation again and again. Then in such a situation you should take care of some things. So that you can come out of the condition of Suicidal feelings and thoughts.
  • Although it takes time to recover from this, but if you have found someone who understands you, then you get a lot of help. There are some things that you can take care of to get out of it. You just have to keep in mind 5 steps to recovery like
  • Finding out the reason due to which a situation like Suicidal feeling is being create. What is the reason for the Suicidal thoughts coming in your mind? Any kind of loss, repeated spread in life or excessive stress, what is the reason. That you are being force to take such a decision.
  • Start taking care of yourself. It will sound strange to hear but if you start giving time to yourself then no one can stop you from being happy. We all do in today’s lifestyle but are not able to take out even a little time for ourselves. Due to which this situation is getting create.
  • Strengthen the support network around you as much as possible so. That you always get their support and soon you can get out of the state of Suicidal feeling. The more the environment around you is positive, the more you will be able to make yourself strong.
  • Develop new activities and interests: We make ourselves boring by always adopting a kind of routine and schedule. Get out of it and do a new activity after a time. So that you keep getting the sense of meaning and purpose and you are motivate to take yourself further.
  • Deal with stress in a healthy way we have to learn how to deal with stress. In Stress Management, we have told about it in great detail. This gives you the right knowledge about how to react during your stress and how to get out of it.

If you follow them step by step, then soon you recover yourself from Suicidal feelings and thoughts.

How to deal with Suicidal feelings and thoughts in a healthy way final word

If you are going through a state of depression and want to come out of it. Then a variety of activities such as exercising, meditating, sensory strategies to relax, practicing simple breathing exercises. And challenging self-defeating thoughts can help you in this. These are all such exercises which motivate you from within and save you from every such condition which depresses you. Marriage related problem like love problem solution, husband wife problem solution, divorce problem solution for this you can consult our World famous astrologer or you can contact on our page dainikastrologyservices.


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