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abaya dubai

The most popular Eid Al Fitr abaya designs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Want to know what styles of abaya Dubai the stylish women of the UAE will wear to Iftar, Suhour, and other events during Ramadan? Even though the classic black style will always be in style, you can expect to see more trendy options in just a few weeks.


The BRIDE team made it their mission to collect the modest fashion trends that are making waves online and on the streets in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East. If you’re looking for the perfect abaya, you might want to add one of these styles to your collection.

Check out these beautiful abaya styles that you’re sure to see in the Dubai, UAE


It’s not new for abayas to be decorated. We’ve seen a lot of designs with crystals, beads, and even valuable stones set in them. But in 2019, abayas with pearl trim are all the rage. Since Gucci and Prada put pearls on their handbags, shoes, and other accessories, it’s no surprise that pearl-studded abayas are also very popular.

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Velvet Abaya

The velvet abaya was popular in the fall and winter, but as summer approaches, more women will be looking for lighter-colored summer abayas. Apart from the expected black, many # abayallovers’ Instagram and Pinterest feeds are dominated by the colour blush.Abayas in different shades of light pink are very feminine and can be worn to many different Ramadan events.

Dubai’s Fashion

This is the abaya that Dubai’s fashion leaders can’t live without, because the fringe trend is perfect for people who want to make a big fashion statement. Most of the time, feathers and loose threads are used to make fringes that are attached to the abaya’s sleeves, edges, or, like a cape, the back.


Abayas that have belts are convenient for many women. This gives a little more shape than ones without belts, and they usually let you move around more. The colour or material of the dress can change the size and thickness of the belt.


Who doesn’t love pockets? This part of the abaya is not only trendy but also very useful. You can put your phone or sunglasses in these pockets so you don’t lose them in the rush to the Iftar buffet spread.


In the last few years, Dolce & Gabbana’s collection of flashy printed abayas has made a lasting impression. But in 2019, bold, colourful prints will still be popular, but minimalist, geometric, and modern prints are becoming more popular.

Traditional Things

If you like traditional things, these non-traditional abayas may look strange at first. But a lot of young women love the unique shapes, which are usually either simple or big. They come in cuts, colours, and fabrics that you might not expect.

How to Choose the Best Style of Abaya for You

Like any other basic piece of clothing, abayas go in and out of style. Of course, if you want an elegant and timeless design, you’ll never go out of style with that.

Whether you buy an abaya online or in a Dubai mall, don’t forget that the best style for you is the one that makes you feel beautiful inside and out!

People often think that only risqué fashion can start a trend. The C catalogue of modest clothing, which is breaking new ground in terms of elegance and grace, shows that there is more to style than just showing skin.

So many women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and cultures choose modest clothes like abayas and kaftans today because they promise to be modern and stylish. If it’s done well, a long dress can be the most eye-catching thing in your closet.

It gives you the best in modern, modest clothes. Our beautiful abayas and kaftans stand out from the over-the-top designs in the bazaar. They are a celebration of clothing that is delicate, subtle, and tasteful.

Because being humble is always in style. You are always in style.

Here’s how is changing the game with fits that set trends and original designs that help you stand out from the crowd.

Options for every event The modern woman walks boldly forward, fighting for her rightful place and equal status in every area of life. It Thwby has different abaya designs for work to help boost that confidence.

From everyday clothes to clothes for special occasions, we have a lot of options.

You’ll wear our classic-fit crepe and Nada abayas every day because they make you look more graceful in a subtle way. On the other hand, our collections of wedding and evening abayas, which come in rich colours and have shiny details, will make your celebrations more glamorous. If you want to go to Mecca for umrah, our simple style will work for you there as well.

Elegant designs

Elegant designs We believe in the power of fusion. Through our large collections of abayas and kaftans, we aim to create fashion that is always a mix of the old and the new. Because of this core value, we are able to make timeless pieces that our customers love.

Butterfly sleeves

For example, some of our abayas are beautiful because they have large butterfly sleeves or pleated sleeves with golden details. Our abayas also have artistic royal cuts and princess cuts that give them a smart fit. Think about clothes with cloche and floral patterns that are different from traditional plain gowns.

Unique Personality

The colour that defines each abaya in our catalogue gives it a unique personality as well. We have abayas in one colour, a mix of colours, and printed gowns. Want to buy winter clothes? You can also get warm abayas made of tweed. There are so many different fabrics to choose from, from simple crepes to luxurious velvets, that it will be hard to decide. Really, there is something for everyone.

Attention details

Attention details We pay attention to every little thing. When our clients come back to us, they always have good things to say, especially about how we tailor each product they order to their own tastes and preferences. If you choose, we will make sure you are happy with our service.


One small thing is where the buttons are on the abayas. We know that each client will have different needs in this way, so we give you the option to tell us exactly where you want your buttons to go.

We know that each client will have different needs in this way, so we give you the option to tell us exactly where you want your buttons to go. Make sure something is good.

We will add details to classic abaya designs that make them look more interesting. Abayas can look plain, but they can also have crystals, hand embroidery, and lace added to them to make them more interesting. Several abayas are made with trendy satin borders or leather details on the inside. Most women’s clothes don’t have pockets, but we made sure that some of our abayas did!

Consumer Overview

Last but not least, we care most about our clients, so when you talk, we really listen. As part of our customer-friendly business plan, we carefully consider all of your needs for the products you order from us. We’re here for you, from making sure your measurements are correct to making sure you’re happy with your package. We want your time with us to be the best fashion moment of your life. Come, let’s be trendsetters together!


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