Stunning Wallpaper Designs For Every Room In Your Home

Stunning Wallpaper Designs For Every Room In Your Home

From minimalistic sage to eye-popping yellow, wallpaper design for home wall are slowly making their place in the Indian market. Read on to know which design is best suited for which room in your home.

Wallpaper design for home is an aesthetic exercise that has the power to make or break your room. As you move around from room to room in your home, wallpapers act as an element to timelessly render a thoughtful space extraordinary.

Drawing the eye to elegant textures, subtle energy and urbane glam, each design conjures up a different vibe.

A decision that Indian homeowners must make is to understand how to use background design for home wall. Unlike in the West where wallpapers are a common scenario, Indian homeowners are slightly apprehensive about the trend.

Truth be told, wallpapers play a starring role in adding both dimension and drama to a room.

Uplifting dark stairways to transforming living rooms, each space has the potential to exude a stately charm, depending solely on your decision. A trend that is here to stay, selecting wallpaper in Canada designs for different rooms in the home is no easy task.

If you want to make an informed decision, we’ve got you covered. Here is a collection of some stunning 3D wallpaper design for home that are quicker and cheaper than paint.

Wallpaper Design For Master Bedroom

This master bedroom background design for home features soft colours and subtle prints to create the illusion of a more spacious room. Diffused prints scattered across a wall can make a compact room seem larger than it is.

The accent wall plays with a matte sage wallpaper and dull gold prints. It complements the light grey hues of the room, without being too overwhelming for a space that is built for relaxation. Bedroom wallpapers are often the trickiest to choose, for the reason that they instantly change the room’s vibe.

So, if you are looking for airy, open energy in the room, stick to neutral shades that match your furniture.

Stunning Wallpaper Designs For Every Room In Your Home

Wallpapers are great at hiding flaws, and a wall behind the TV unit is perfect for a bedroom. It draws the eye to the intricate design rather than the wires and cables that often stick out

Wallpaper Design For Living Room

When it comes to living room wallpaper design for home, you need to create a focal wall that effectively sets the tone for the area. This marble textured wallpaper design emanates a sophisticated vibe by being the perfect backdrop for accent decorative.

A chic, polished, stylish living room like this makes the room aesthetically appealing to host guests. Complementing the luxurious marble wallpaper design are velvet drapes that fall gracefully from the ceiling to the floor.

Wallpaper Design For Dining Room

Wallpapers do so much more than add aesthetic appeal to a room. This delicate floral wallpaper design segregates the dining space from an open living area without any physical obstruction. With plenty of natural light flowing in, the wallpaper reflects it throughout the room instead of absorbing it.

An already bright and quirky dining area can be toned down with a muted wallpaper design that elevates other statement furniture in the room.

Wallpaper Design For Study Room

Designed for a compact modern home is this calming wallpaper that has multifaceted features. With the study and pooja room as one, the tile textured wallpaper design brings a soothing vibe to this functional space.

The role of a room plays a key factor in determining the colour and texture of the wallpaper design. A study area requires concentration and positive chi to radiate throughout the room, making dark wallpaper designs a big no.

Wallpaper Design For Entryway

Who said foyers have to be boring? One of the integral parts of a home is the entrance, and it must strike a solid impression.

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A wallpaper like this one — graphic cream and blue — along with yellow ceiling lights sets a warm and inviting tone for the guests. This modern foyer area is covered with an enchanting yet very minimalistic wallpaper design.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

  1. Monochromatic Forest

Bring a whole new meaning to “sleep like a log” with forest themed background. Above all, opt for a monochromatic pattern to keep a restful and relaxing vibe to the room.  

  1.  Paradise At Home

Ready for a vacation? Bring a touch of your favorite getaway to your bedroom with tropical print wallpaper. As a result, you’ll feel like you’re lounging at your own personal retreat in no time.
  1. Subtle Prints

Not all background ideas need to be bold and in your face. Especially for the bedroom, consider soft patterns in calming tones. Too much visual stimulation could make it hard to fall asleep.

  1. Add Charm to the Ceilings

Remember how the Renaissance had extravagant ceilings? Take inspiration from history and give it a modern twist by incorporating tropical accents on the fifth wall. 

  1.  Masculine Appeal

Feminine florals and bold designs aren’t for everyone. Bring a masculine vibe into your bedroom design with dark background ideas in colors like charcoal, navy blue, or forest green, for example.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

  1. Accentened Bathtub Nook

    Surround your soaking tub with your favorite patterned background. Think banana leaf and palm fronds for a relaxing tropical vibe or perhaps a textured grasscloth wallpaper for an air of spa-like sophistication.

  2.  Floral Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Repetitive bathroom background ideas in a floral theme bring rhythm and movement to the room. Just by creating a feature wall with such wallpapers, you can achieve rich and zen-like vibes in the bathroom. 

  1.  Half-Wall Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Draw the eyes up and install wallpapers at higher levels to create a visually heightening effect. For instance, you can lay wall panels or tiles near the floor and stick the wallpaper on the upper half of the wall. 

  1. Dark and Dramatic Bathroom Wallpaper

Don’t shy away from going dark, especially if your lavatory already has great natural light. Add contrast to the space with stark white finishings for a classic black and white look.

Dining & Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

  1.  Banana Leaf Wallpaper Feature

Banana leaf print has become a favorite among designer wallpapers and the kitchen embraces this trend easily. Choose a wall or space large enough to allow the entire print to be showcased.

  1. Bold Backsplash Wallpapers

Move over tiles. A bold patterned background can certainly make a backsplash pop. However, just be sure to select a performance wallpaper that can withstand the elements from cooking and washing up. 

A Zesty Affair with Fruits and Flowers

Modern kitchen background ideas with fruity patterns offer an enticing look to the kitchen. Moreover, incorporating large scale prints will give your kitchen design an upbeat look.

  1. Botanical Wallpaper Ideas

Including botanical background in your kitchen, like a breakfast nook, for example, is a creative way to enhance the spirit of the space. Over-sized botanical prints help in bringing the outdoors inside, thus providing a lot of warmth and positivity. 

  1. Spice up Unexpected Spaces

Hands down, this is one of the most innovative kitchen background ideas. Be imaginative and think of avant-garde ways to upgrade your kitchen décor. Be it unappealing appliances or a boring island, for instance, you can jazz up almost any nook using stellar wallpapers to get a modern look. 


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